8 Things That Are Definitely Going to Happen in GOT Season 7 (Spoiler Alert!)

If you're a true GoT fan, you can't afford to miss this! Or maybe you should?
8 Things That Are Definitely Going to Happen in GOT Season 7 (Spoiler Alert!)


7 years, hundreds of deaths, bad politics, wildfire terrorism and countless sex scenes later, Winter is finally here. Only a true Game of Thrones fan knows the pain we've been through to see the long night arrive. And guess what? We are just 14 days away from the prophecy Ned Stark made in the first episode of Game of Thrones. *Gets goosebumps*.

Let's ask ourselves a question, shall we? What all can happen in the world of Game of Thrones? The answer is, Anything. That's right, anything can happen in the GoT universe. The author, George R.R. Martin established this point in the very first season when he killed Ned Stark and scarred us for life. After that, it was a slow realisation for us to expect nothing from the show and just watch it as it goes. But we're humans, right? We do have questions and expectations from the show, like-
8 Things That Are Definitely Going to Happen in GOT Season 7 (Spoiler Alert!)

Where is Gendry? Why doesn't Daenerys get some fire proof clothes? Who will sit on the Iron throne? and obviously the biggest question of them all: What did Podrick do with the prostitutes? I'm sure we'll get all the answers in due time.

The Trio- George R.R. Martin, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, has always kept us on the edge of our seats with unanswered questions, shocking plot twists and sudden deaths. And we don't know what to expect from the new season, or do we?

Yeah, I've done our research and I will do know what is coming in season 7 and here's how it goes-

(WARNING: The article is filled with spoilers from all seasons. Scroll down at your own risk.)

1. Arya comes home

Yes, it finally happens. Little Arya had to go through a lot to see her family in the previous seasons and she failed every time. But this time she'll definitely reunite with her family (well, whatever is left of it). Seems like Arya Stark is not going be a lone wolf anymore. Also, there's a good possibility that she'll also reunite with her direwolf, Nymeria, in this season.
8 Things That Are Definitely Going to Happen in GOT Season 7 (Spoiler Alert!)

2. Daenerys takes over Dragonstone

Danny a.k.a Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons (woah! that's a mouthful!) will finally set her feet on the Westeros grounds this season (not to count the time she was a toddler). Last we saw her, she was sailing towards Westeros with an enormous fleet. We're not sure what, if anything, happens on the way, but she reaches Dragonstone quite early in the season and sets a home base.
8 Things That Are Definitely Going to Happen in GOT Season 7 (Spoiler Alert!)

The show will only get darker as it progresses.

3. Bran Stark crosses The Wall

The second trailer of season 7 gave us a glimpse of Bran Stark who's now the three-eyed raven crossing the gate of the The Wall (Most likely, Castle Black) with Meera. We can assume that Bran is going back to Winterfell; that means there will be a Stark reunion. But GRRM isn't that kind, is he? This makes me think maybe Bran would cross the wall into Westeros but then go back again. Most of all, he isn't going to die anytime soon.

8 Things That Are Definitely Going to Happen in GOT Season 7 (Spoiler Alert!)

4. Jon Snow goes back to the North of the Wall

This is again something we could see in the trailer. Jon Snow most probably leaves Winterfell again and goes North of the Wall to find out more about the White Walkers. Seems like, later in the season, Jon Snow intends to get hold of a Wight (the reanimated corpses by White Walkers, also known as the army of the dead) and show it to the leaders in mainland Westeros to alert them about the upcoming danger. Why? Because he is looking forward to defeating the Night King, duh!

8 Things That Are Definitely Going to Happen in GOT Season 7 (Spoiler Alert!)

5. Cersei becomes the Mad Queen

This was expected from Cersei Lannister. Oh how much we love to hate her! After Cersei successfully killed half of the show's star cast in a single episode at one go, it was pretty evident that she's walking in the footsteps of the Mad King. From the love for wildfire to killing everyone she doesn't like, Cersei Lannister won't let the Westerosi forget the Mad King.

Adding up to this, Jaime Lannister might become the Valonqar (little brother) prophecised to kill Cersei. He's Cersei's younger twin and fulfils all the requirements to be the one who kills the Mad Queen. Jaime isn't a fan of Wildfire terrorism for sure. After all, that's why he killed the Mad King.
8 Things That Are Definitely Going to Happen in GOT Season 7 (Spoiler Alert!)

6. Gendry Returns!

Gendry, the bastard son of Robert Baratheon was last seen in Season 3 wherein Ser Davos helped him escape from Melissandre and Stannis. This created a trend of jokes as Gendry was never seen after that episode. He is the last living person with a Baratheon bloodline and that's what makes him a very important element in the series. The good thing is Gendry is back in season seven and he might also reunite with his long lost friend Arya Stark. Excited yet?

8 Things That Are Definitely Going to Happen in GOT Season 7 (Spoiler Alert!)

7. Ice meets Fire

In 'The Song of Ice and Fire' we haven't really seen the Ice meet the Fire. The wait, though, has come to an end now. In the new season, we will see Jon Snow meet Daenerys Targaryen. This is the scene we all wanted to see so badly. In season seven, Jon Snow will be seen visiting Daenerys in the Dragonstone before he leaves for the North of the Wall.

This also means the reunion of Jon Snow & Tyrion Lannister. We have seen Tyrion having Jon's back in his first few days at the Night's Watch. That indeed had an effect on Jon's survival in the Wall. Now we'll see those two share the screen after a long time.
8 Things That Are Definitely Going to Happen in GOT Season 7 (Spoiler Alert!)

8. Battle of the Bitches

This one is the most expected story element in the list, I suppose. Daenerys wants the Iron Throne and Cersei sits on it. Neither of the Queens is willing to give up and the fight is inevitable. The last scene from season six, that shows Daenerys sailing in the Greyjoy fleet towards Westeros with her army of the Unsullied, Dothraki and Dragons and Cersei Lannister acquiring the Iron Throne, makes the commencement of a battle pretty obvious. In season seven, we'll definitely see the forces collide in the sea. There's a good possibility of Euron Greyjoy making a bond with Cersei.

This battle is going to be badass!

There are a lot of predictions and fan theories going on around the seventh season of this epic series. Many are saying Tyrion is a secret Targaryen and many are predicting Bran might be the Lord of the Light. We never know where there's a plot twist waiting and that's what we believe is the beauty of the show. We might make predictions but you never know when they have planned a trap for us to fall.

Finally GoT Season 7 is here, excited yet?


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  • *spoiler alert*
    I'm so excited, the wall will *most likely* fall. Little finger will get his comeuppance. Nymeria, finally. The dragons will be fully unleashed.
    Season 7 (and later 8) are going to be mind blowing. :)

  • I am so excited my friends don't understand (thank goodness you do)


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  • Spoiler was in the picture, I'm only up to series 5!


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