Plans for the Upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake: A check-List of Must Haves

Just a short list of some touch ups that Square Enix should take in consideration and include the DLC in moderation, guys! Nothing too extreme!

1: A steady plot

Something that screams, "originality" and doesn't come on too strong..

2: A captivating intro

This one speaks for itself, include lots of colors please.

3: Fleshed out characters

Think personality.

4: Heart tugging soundtracks

5: Less minigames, more action!

Because the action is what really makes it, right?

6: Put an end to the love triangle

Because they love teasing us.

7. The Tragedy

They need to make Cloud and Aerith's love strong as possible as it can be to make the pain of losing her even greater..

8. Tie up lose ends

Make it clear that Tifa is the better match, in the end.

9. Final Fight!

Cloud and Sephiroth need to have a stand-off that blows the others out of the water.

10. Science Project

Don't be afraid to experiment, Square!

11. Merch, merch, merch!

Because that's what we really want, right?

12. The Do's and Don't's

Try to make this as less cheesy as possible in terms of dialogue and story.

13. Backstories

Explain why the character acts like they do or what they have been through.

Ok, I think we're done here.. Unless I missed something.



Plans for the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake. A check-lists of must haves.


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  • Sorry friend, I Disagree on just about everything you have put here.
    I know it's a remake, but I don't believe they're changing everything about the game. I might be wrong but I think they're changing little about it and even if they do I think it could be a mistake to change it too much.

    FFVII is what it is because of things like making it your own descision if Tifa or Aerith or Yuffie or Reno is best for Cloud. Sometimes leaving things open is best. If for example you tie up Tifa is best for Cloud scenario then do you completely disregard the events of Advent Children?

    I do not want random new characters that will make no sense and probably have little to no relevance to improving the game.

    Essentially, it seems you want the characters of FFVII taken and put into a completely new game that kind of links things to the original game?

    There are tweeks that need to be made for sure , but if you play the games linked to FFVII you don't need most things explained or set out for you. I find more often than not when things are "tied up " for you they end up shit or disappointing. This is just me though. :)


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