Top 5 Romance Book Series You Won't Be Able To Put Down!

1.) Bridgertons Series.

Author : Julia Quinn

Top 5 Romance Book Series You Won't Be Able To Put Down!

Quote From Book #1, The Duke And I

'When you smile it takes up half your face.' 'Simon!' she exclaimed. 'That sounds horrible.' 'It's enchanting.' 'Distorted.' 'Desirable.'

2.) Tangled Series.

Author : Emma Chase

Quote From Book #1, Tangled

It makes me want to kiss her and strangle her at the same time. I've never been into S&M. But I'm beginning to see it's benefits.

3.) Neighbor From Hell Series.

Author : R.L. Mathewson

Quote From Book #1, Playing For Keeps

I'm tired and bitchy and all I want is some sleep so cuddle your ass up with me or so help me I will kill you.

4.) Marriage To A Billionaire Series.

Author : Jennifer Probst

Quote From Book #1, The Marriage Bargain

Hell, at this rate she'd end up in the mental institution by the end of the year. Cause : Celibacy.

5.) Knights Of The Board. Room Series.

Author : Joey W. Hill

Quote From Book #5, Hostile Takeover

Little things matter far more than big ones. We can remember them longer. We can't control the big things. If you think about what's happened in the past, it will be the small moments that come to the forefront, not the big transitions. The big things were just history. The small moments are yours. The books those monks printed are still preserved centuries after they were gone. Little things matter.


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