Waffles' Favorite TV and Movie Villain Quotes (Part One)

Waffles Favorite TV and Movie Villain Quotes, Part One

Now some of these are going to be clips and the clips I can't find will be images. They can be a protagonist but they have to be a villain protagonist

1. Boyd Crowder in Justified

Waffles' Favorite TV and Movie Villain Quotes (Part One)

There are two primary Protagonists in the Show Justified, one being the Old West Style Deputy U.S Marshal Raylan Givens and the Old West Style Outlaw Boyd Crowder. The former being a hero, the latter a villain. They both have absolutely amazing quotes and it was hard to decide on a Boyd Quote but this is my go to.

2. The Cigarette Smoking Man, AKA, the Cancer Man, AKA The Chainsmoking Son of a Bitch aka CGB Spender, in the

What makes this a great quote is not how it makes the Cigarette smoking man seem like some sort of invincible badass but how it and this whole episode manages to humanize and make you feel bad for a man who in the episode kills both John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr.

3. Al Capone in the Untouchables

I LOVE the sheer ruthlessness of how Robert De Niro played the famous Gangster, I love the energy he brought to the performance.

4. Neil McCauley in Heat

Again another De Niro character, this movie about the dueling protagonists Police Lt. Vincent Hanna played by Al Pacino and the Bank Robber Neil McCauley. The characters themselves turning out to be not too different from each other.

Waffles' Favorite TV and Movie Villain Quotes (Part One)
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