Why I Still Like to Play FPS Games

The First Person Shooter(FPS) games have been my favorite genre since childhood. Online multiplayer FPS is a social activity, in that you are playing against real other people. Games like these are addictive and really fun to play. I like to aim at the target and kill the virtual opponent. People like to play this kind of games because they are competitive.

Why I Still Like to Play FPS Games

Here are a few reasons why I like FPS games.

.They are popular.

.They give me adrenaline rush.

.They have multiplayer option. I like to play with other people.

.I take out my frustration on the villains of the game by shooting them.

.I like guns.

.These games are challenging.

.It has online gameplay where I can meet groups of people with similar interest.

.The feeling of being a hero/soldier of the game who is saving the world.

.They have Cool graphics.

.Sometimes they have good storyline.

Why I Still Like to Play FPS Games

FPS is one of the most popular genre of games on every platform. As a result, first-person shooters have persisted as some of the top-selling titles in the gaming world. I hope the game developer companies continue to make good shooter games in future.

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