Dear EA, Yes Gamers Do Like Single-Player Games Still

Dear EA, yes Gamers do like single-player games still

Recently its come to light that EA thinks that singleplayer games are dead with that and with Bethesda's Recent #saveplayer1 sale on steam I thought it was time to do this mytake.

Dear EA


Say what you want about Bethesda but they do make a lot of quality single player games and every time they do, they make absolute shitloads of money.

Take a look at this list

Skyrim has sold over 30 MILLION COPIES

That is more than any single EA multiplayer microtransaction fest has ever sold.

Now here's a funny cat skyrim meme

Dear EA, Yes Gamers Do Like Single-Player Games Still

But if people didn't want single player games.

Bethesda wouldn't haven't made shitloads of money off of each

The Elder Scrolls franchise

The Fallout franchise post 2



The Dishonored series

The Wolfenstein series

They all make absolute shitloads of money.

Its the same reason that Naughty Dog makes sony an assload of money off the uncharted series or the last of us.

Why the Batman Arkham Series made millions of people rush out to buy it.

Why Red Dead Redemption made a fuckload and so will its sequel.

Why the Far cry series is popular.


Dear EA, Yes Gamers Do Like Single-Player Games Still

Singleplayer games are here to stay and the fact is that any company who buys into this games as service, microtransaction loaded, shitfest as the future, is going to tank. Its the reason EA's stock dropped well over a billion dollars recently and is not recovering.



Dear EA, Yes Gamers Do Like Single-Player Games Still
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  • JudgmentDay
    I only play single player games myself. I haven't recalled the last time I bothered to play anything multiplayer or online games other playing chess online or some other board games that I could play for free. If it was a game designed primarily or solely around online multiplayer I generally wouldn't bother to touch it. There either be single player campaigns or at least moddable and shit before I'd reconsider. And I also fucking HATE microtransactions bullshit since I love the old days of free fan made maps, and other misc community made content that are FREE and SHARED in their game communities, NAMELY for games like DOOM with them WAD files.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • vishna
    I prefer single player to multi-player for so many reasons, mother-fucking comments being one haha.
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  • Valkyrie1
    Yes. I really do not like having to play multiplayer games. The only online multiplayer gane I play is Elder Scrolls online and that is only because it has lots of things I can do only. The multiplayer quest piss me off. Since its hard to find players online to work with.
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  • Jaximus-Lion
    I play a right amount of both (single and party) but giving up on single player games? Hell no , it's not gonna happen, many big companies do say a lot but nothing happens. They are trying to make players focus on something else instead of solving few problems (AHMMMBATTLE HMMAHMFRONT) it's not gonna happen.
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  • Aztecwarrior480
    Sorry for the very late opinion post but yeah, I couldn't agree with you more. Even Ubisoft, another company in the video game industry that is hated or disliked among gamers, still makes some quality single player games (Assassin's Creed Origin, and now the upcoming Beyond Good and Evil 2).
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  • Wolframium
    If I play something, I play alone. I want to rest from other people, not having to deal with them. Trolls, or just some dude-bro, who decide that ruining your game experience is the best thing to do ever.
    And being able to play even without internet…that's just a must. Just like being able to access all my files and computing power. Fuck cloud in general.
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    • zagor

      Yeah it really pisses me off when you buy a single player game - and it requires internet access to activate.

    • Wolframium

      @zagor Yeah, exactly. And not only that, but all kinds of things need internet connection for no reason. What if you don't have it? What if your internet is down, and you just want to do offline things, but you can't, because…you need connection.

  • TheRedLemon
    I played saints row 2 a year ago and fucking loved it so I don't know what they were on about but the sheer amount of bullshit coming out of them makes me think it`ll be another 50 years until i buy another one of their cashgrabs.
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  • Guanfei
    But EA doesn't care about what players wants. EA cares about what its bank account want.
    Multiplayers are good for an editor, because it require much less work, as you don't need a scenario, just maps and players, and then you can put tons of microtransactions and DLCs.
    It costs less, it makes more money.
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  • BronzedAdonis
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  • Zorax
    I play mostly fighting games, so... yes, I actually prefer single player games.
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  • Nivinxus
    Funny thing is that EA doesn't even do multiplayer games right. You could just tell by the longevity of some of its other titles like Battlefield 1 (honestly 3 and 4 did way better) and Star Wars BF2 being surrounded by controversy.

    However, if you look through EA's mindset, it makes sense why they went for multiplayer games, it's because it has better potential longevity and better avenues to obtain money than singleplayers which has limited areas for extra money. Not only that, some of their last titles for single-players were pretty underwhelming, Mass Effect: Andromeda (well aware they have multi-player but it was more singleplayer to me) was probably one of the biggest disappointments there.
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  • BeHappy1985
    NNNo we don't. 99,1% of single player games are borring as phuck.
  • SuccessfulHornDog
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