I Don't Like Country Music but Miley Cyrus Touched a Chord on SNL Singing to Her New Husband

This is powerful, this is a true storytelling . She's overcomethe nonsense and become an adult mature singer.

Sure she may get divorced in 6 months... but this passion and openness is rare.

I can honestly feel the story of their relationship through this ballot. Taylor Swift can burn in the ashes because it takes real emotion to make music that touches people.

I really never ever liked anything to do with Miley until this SNL performance. She was a singer but she didn't have a voice. She's found it.

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  • Miley isn't a bad artist. Not my cup of tea though. I prefer Folk/Mountain music over Country Western and Pop-Country, like Alela Diane, Lindsay Lou and the Flatbellys, Jill Andrews, Emily Jane White, Sibylle Baier, and Lily & Madeleine. These artists don't have the range as Miley, but they have more soul in my opinion.

    • My only reason for making the post is she is picking up soul. She's had it but not in a good way. Now she almost pours all soul. She pours soul. It just is over precticed and she isn't in control.

      Free her from big label and I think you'll get the heartfelt message.

      She isn't Taylor Swift looking to win awards and charts.

      She's an easy person to hate given her past behavior of late.

      Red Harring she rocks

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  • I don't think she will proceed in this direction and ruin her career. That's why taylor left country. Not many people like it so there is no money in it. It's no big secret that Miley can sing. The song is ok for what it is. I just don't see her going that route. She has sang country before with Dolly. Jolene is one of her best known performances.


    • I can't up or down vote this. Country is an expanding market and things that don't sound country to me are being indentified as city nutty and sometimes I like them.

      Rock is all but dead to the mainstream audience.

      But the part I take issue with is Jolene. The White Stripes cover is my favourite though Miley did a very good job.

      I thinkif she covers it again after they break up it will be best because it will have life experience and true love lost.

      I'm not trying to sell her short, she's talented a sweet. Miley did all that crazy shit to get back at and piss off Liam. Don't agree but glad it worked.

      Taylor Swift is just garbage to be dealt with despite the good girl act, or what we made her do bad girl act.

      I like sincere when I see it, as do most.

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What Guys Said 9

  • The fact that you fell for a publicity stunt is just sad. Miley Cyrus is the exact opposite definition of class and style. She's an attention grabbing tramp with retarded political views.

    • I would normally agree with you. I'd agree with you on this with said person and like kind 99% of the time.

      But I know teenage girls and heartbreak. She turned into the headline grabbing slut exactly when they split. To in her eyes rub it in his face, they're back together and she's back to normal long hair and county.

      I'm not saying it's same and balanced but it is what some girls do. Amy Winehouse unfortunately did the same as path.

      She got her man back after Back to Black, which killed her in the end.

      She's a kid bro so cut her a break. She was born into the life which I always think is important to remember with kids. I'd hate to have my teenage and early 20's followed by camera.

    • She still makes her own choices. No one does it for her. Being young and stupid is not an excuse. And some people are just stupid, regardless of age.

  • Also not a country fan but I like this one more https://youtu.be/wOwblaKmyVw

    • ps: she has an amazing voice, a realli wide range, just wasted her talent on stuff that would sell better.. https://youtu.be/m2ua3O_fdCY

    • Yeah, Dolly Parton is her Godmother. In that same set they performed it together. Miley is a great singer and she sings this song spot on as Dolly Parton songs it which is impressive but not inspiring.

      She sang this so after her split from her now husband with Dolly.

      There's a trace of passion.

      I always felt this original release was way too upbeat for the words and meaning especially when Dolly explains the story behind it.

      In the video of Dolly performing it she's all smiles. This is better than that. I'm not blaming Dolly Parton for the times, she portrayed it as she had to but they are strong lyrics.

      My favourite performance by the White Stripes is them covering this song.

      It's like if you're writing these lyrics and living what Dolly Parton was experiencing... you don't say it it they way the White Stripes play it is EXACTLY how it would feel to write what she wrote.

      The Miley newly wed SNL is just so sincere her husband is in the wing where she is glancing.

  • That's funny. Haha. How quaint. Highlight on her NEW husband, who won't be NEW for very much longer. She doesn't mean it, it's just puppy love. Miley Cyrus is a spoiled brat. I thought SNL was good, but did they let her host? That's idiotic. I think Steve Martin was a good host, and he hosted a lot, but Miley Cyrus? What?

  • not a fan of her music at all but she stuck a chord with me swinging about on a chain in just her panties and bra ;)

  • A positive development or two. But overcoming years of being a pawn for maniacal depravity won't be easy. Some images will die hard, and she will always be tempted to go back.

    That being said, I agree that she's at least trying to make something decent of herself... after destroying everything decent about herself.

    Which is more than can be said of a lot of other acts. Charlotte Church? Once she went off the deep end... she never came back. She went from angel to toad faster than Miley, and... never bothered with cleaning herself up.

    As for Taylor... I have nothing to say.

  • Another change of image? pfff

    • This is actually a return to who she is and was before she and Liam broke up.

      She had that whole wild thing. And now she's back to her roots.

      I'm very quick to run away from and deplore pop icons because it isn't music and it isn't heart felt.

      I didn't like the Miley barely dressed and everything but I knew what it was about and why she was doing it.

    • If Miley is in a better place now I'm happy for her.

  • I would smash

  • I give it a year tops.

  • Very nice. You rarely see that kind of expression of love for a man from a woman.


What Girls Said 5

  • She has a husband?

  • Husband? I didn't know she got married.

  • I didn't know that she sang through her nose that much.

    • That's such a snarky comment. She's certainly trying a style that is new to her. But I don't care how perfect singing is of the emotion is there.

      Bob Dylan and Neil Young are certainly not the best sIngers.

      All that other bullshit, she was a mess. It wasn't authentic and it was sad to watch.

      This is who she actually is and she's happy. It's beautiful and heartwarming.

      I'm a sap, I rather see a girl fall in love and be lifted up as opposed to be dragged down like Amy Winehouse.

      This song is beautiful.

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    • It's not a contest, it's an opinion and if you want to have one learn to be okay with others. It liking it.

      You aren't being graded or judged.

      But you must have knowledge of singing to point out that someone is nasally when singing to their brand new spouse live.

      Miley Cyrus is a decent singer overall and usually not so nasal.

      But Bob [fucking] Dylan could only ever manage to sing through his nose, Kurt Cobain did often, Neil Young?

      I don't know why we expect women to be opera singers and men can just be bad.

      Why did your comment spark a response? Because she sounds okay to me and emotions mean more than technique in this instance.

      Dreseden Dolls, yeah yeah yeahs, Hole... there aren't a lot of successful acts with female leads that don't sing traditionally trained voices.

      This is why I take issue. Leave the girl alone and let her have her moment.

    • I didn't know I took away her moment on SNL by commenting here.. days after. I'm so sorry about that.

  • I felt like she was singing to her first husband Billy ray

    • That's her dad.

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    • @DeeperMeaning she's only 15 in these pics.

    • I don't see anything sexual with these pictures. I think you might not like her and are assuming the worst.

  • nice


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