Why the New England Patriots are the Greatest American Football Team of All Time

I saw this video just now and it made me want to write this mytake :P This guy Nick Wright doesn't get it at all! I'm a Falcons fan by the way so I'm not really the person you'd expect to write this but I will anyway. I've never hated the Patriots since I started liking football. I don't see why I should. Because they're good?

Nick Wright in this video says he doesn't think the Patriots are good because they didn't seem convincing in their victories or he thought the Steelers played the better game etc. He thinks the Patriots are vexing because they always win but don't seem that good. And the best one was he thinks it's frustrating THAT THEY NEVER BEAT THEMSELVES.

What??? Sorry???

I can understand where he's coming from a bit. People wanna see great talent, amazing plays, passion, playing with heart, overcoming huge obstacles and odds to win etc. That's what gets them excited. But that's not the only thing that's important.

Should you really be frustrated with the Patriots because they don't beat themselves ? NO!!!

You should be frustrated with every other team in the league! The Patriots are really the only team that deserves the title "professional" football team. All the other teams are like amateurs. The Patriots always have low turnovers, not many penalties, they don't screw up clock management, they don't get caught off guard by the other team because they're always well prepared, instead they prey on the tendencies and weaknesses of the other team and get in their head.

There's a quote that is repeated a lot: "Before you can learn how to win a football game you have to learn how not to lose a football game" And the Patriots have mastered not losing more than any other team. They don't make it easy for you. Are they unbeatable? No, but you have to play well and actually beat them, and you can't make mistakes because they will take advantage.

People can call it frustrating all they want but I'd say they should call it something else: Greatness.

If you're so frustrated with it why don't other teams do better? BE BETTER. Why don't they become more disciplined? Stop giving other teams penalties, stop fumbling, prepare more, work harder, be better. It's not like the Patriots have been doing this since yesterday, they've been winning for a long time, why don't other teams adapt and do better themselves? Some football organisations are jokes, they can't do things right. This is your job, so put effort into it, try and be better.

There's players who dropped the ball before the goalline because they thought they were cool or something. Why are you doing that? You're getting paid to play this game and you act like a fucking Diva? This is not a red carpet, or a reality tv show or whatever, you're paid to do your job, so do it.

I have ADHD and I was very disorganised and I procrastinated and I didn't really have plans, I just kinda lived and did what I liked. I was good at learning and thinking so I did well in school without much effort and I thought that was good, I didn't see anything wrong until I got to university and I couldn't succeed because I just wasn't organised, I didn't learn regularly and read all the books we had to read etc.

After some wasted time and my life going downhill I saw things more clearly, I saw the things that were causing my probems and I started trying to get better at them. Be more organised, be more productive, try harder, try and improve your habits to live a better more fulfilling and healthier life, keep challenging yourself etc.

The Patriots are like the roman empire. They took over the world because they had the best infrastructure ever, it was so far ahead of their time. They had the best strategy and tactics in battle, they had the most professional and disciplined troops. Even if they were far outnumbered they would win battles. That's how they built an empire that lasted 1000 years, and after it fell, human civilisation took a step backwards, not forwards.

If the romans won a battle you could say, Oh they're so boring with their fighting style and their big shields and their formations, they have no individuality and heart. But nobody cares, they'd win the battle capture the soldiers they didn't kill, sell them as slaves and take over the land they conquered. That's what you got for losing to them, nobody cares if you think how they won was not exciting.

In the NFL, the worst teams get the highest draft picks and there's the salary cap that doesn't allow a team to pay the players more than a certain amount to make sure that the team with the most money doesn't just buy all the best players and win. I actually think this is a good system because it makes things more competitive. In Baseball the NY Yankees won a ton of championships just because they had so much money. Of course there were other factors but the playing field is not really even.

In Football, the worst teams actually get an advantage, but the Patriots still manage to be successful all the time. Because of the coaching, the discipline, the preparation, the hard work that they put in. Of course Tom Brady is a great player and that helps, but I think it's more the culture and the will to win that makes them great.

Having talent and playing to your strengths is easy, anybody can do that. But you won't make any progress like that. Your strengths got you where you are, if you keep relying on them keep doing the same thing you will stay in the same place. But if you see your weaknesses and start improving them and turning them into a strength, you will make huge progress. If you do that you can play out your strength even more because you can combine it with your newly aquired skills to do even greater things.

A lot of NFL teams just rely on the talent of their players and just go with that, try and make it work.

But discipline, preparation etc. These things are important. It's not easy to work on your weaknesses, otherwise it wouldn't be your weakness. If it came naturally to you then it would be your strength. But that's what separates the professionals from just the talented players.

Every great athlete, or someone who has success in other areas has to grind, maybe it's boring but you have to do it. Without the work, without improving your weaknesses and maintaining your strengths you're not going anywhere. To me it takes more passion to work hard on the things you're not really good at, beeing at it every day, putting in more than you're even required to and trying to be the best, than it does to be flashy, cause a scene on the sideline and get in the news or things like that.

If they don't have passion or heart, why are they working so hard to win? If the other teams were better and matched the Patriots in their discipline and preparation and strategy then the Patriots would have to improve, they would have to find new ways to win, they would have to play better, maybe show more genius, but until that happens they will keep taking advantage of the shortcomings of other teams and keep taking the wins even if "it doesn't look like they were that good or like they deserved it" "the other team looked like they played the better game"

It seems like Nick Wright doesn't understand life or professional sports at all, I don't know if he should even be on tv if he can't get that the Patriots ARE GREAT and they deserve every win they get. Tom Brady is having trouble at the end of the season because his body is aging. But instead of using that as some kind of argument why the Patriots aren't that good, he should be admired for playing at such a high level even though his body is not as capable of handling the stress of this sport. If you're frustrated with the Patriots winning, be better it's that simple really.


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  • The Patriots have the greatest football dynasty the world has ever seen. The patriots have the greatest quarterback the world has ever seen. The patriots have the greatest coaching staff the world has ever seen. That said, their last few games, although they won, they didn’t look that great.

    • Yet, the Patriots don't have the greatest number of Super Bowl titles nor the greatest number of wins all-time.

      Patriots all-time regular season record: 489-386-9

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    • @katiesmuff
      Alabama and the Patriots get bullshit calls from the referees nearly 3 times more than other teams do.

    • @Fauzillic_Bolt PATRIOTS DO IT AGAIN!!!

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  • This is a great post. I'm not a fan of the Patriots, but I do respect the hell out of them as an organization. And I don't resent them because they are great (which, I agree with you, they are). Your analysis of what makes them great is spot on. Yes, obviously a big part of their success is having had the greatest quarterback of all time for so long. But it goes further than Brady. Belicek is able to take players that would be marginal at best on other teams and make them extremely effective in his scheme. They don't overpay for diva talent but they get the most out of whom they draft and trade for. When you think about last year's Super Bowl, does anyone really think any other team would have come back after being down as much as the Patriots were? I don't think so. That was an incredible win, but then on the other hand that's the Patriots.

    • The Dolphins lead the all-time series against the patriots 54-51. plus, Tom Brady is 7-9 all-time in Miami.

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What Girls Said 3

  • I strongly dislike the Patriots, and I hope the Titans beat them this Saturday.

    • You can hope but I doubt it wil happen ^^

    • As I expected the Titans got outclassed in every way XDD Not really a surprise tbh ^^

  • My favorite team is who ever is playing against the Patriots. I looooove to watch them lose.

  • Meh, they are a decent football team whose time will come to an end at some point.


What Guys Said 18

  • They may be great but

    What is the "Greatest American Football Team of All Time" for someone who doesn't watch football?
    Same as a god to a nonbeliever.

    The NFL is loosing ground in the American culture. You may want to give fútbol a try.

    • I'm from Switzerland ^^ I grew up with football but amerian football is actually more interesting to me because of the competition for every yard, the complexity and strategy and the athleticism. I have a team in football (FC Basel) but I don't follow the sport closely.

    • I played football in high school and fútbol on the weekends. And believe me fútbol beats football in any way.
      Competition: soccer fans are the most dedicated fans of all sports just check out the premier league fans lol. The stadiums will always be almost full. Players will give it all on the field for their jersey. You will never see more emotions than a llegue final. The player say it all. The complexity and strategy in football is just a mess. So many players and routes it becomes confusing and you can't even much except guys pushing until the one who got the ball gets screen time. And athletism in football is good but gives the wrong image. See in fútbol you have to run sometimes 5K or more in a game. In football the most you do is push or tackle. Therefore half the team must be fat and musclely. This in America is a big issue. There is high school and college players which will purposely get fat just for the season.
      And don't even mention the football injuries lol.

    • In junior team one player got a broken leg, in our varsity team a friend of mine got a broken collarbone, then our best defender fall incorrectly and had a knee surgery, some other defender got a back injury, I busted two of my fingers they were black. And you can't imagine the dizzy you get after the games. I am pretty sure our WRs, QB and our Runningback would be full of minor concusions.

  • www.reactiongifs.com/.../standing-ovation.gif

    This is the BEST MY TAKE EVER WRITTEN 👏👏👏👏👏

    • Thank you :)

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    • One of those wins were in overtime. That means they virtually tied. Only because of arbitrary overtime rules where it's modified sudden death until a winner emerges in the playoffs did they get their chance. They should play a full overtime in the playoffs and don't play overtime at all in the regular season. Games tied after regulation should be tied games. Overtime generally produces fake winners. Football games is 60 minutes so no overtimes needed in regular season. Overtime winners are basically fake winners usually. Just luck.

      How would you feel if your team lost a coin toss and never got the ball and other team scored a touchdown?

  • I say yes they are. The massive attention to detail, "fundamental over flash", and the culture of "team over player", is absolutely godlike.

    • Yep a lot of people were hyping the Steelers and saying they would get to the Superbowl but I knew that they weren't in the same league. They have talent on offense but their team is a mess. They should bring back the old Steelers teams, that played defense I liked them a lot more.
      Steelers vs Cardinals was actually my first real memorable game that I watched. I watched 1 or 2 before that but I was still learning how everything worked. But that Superbowl was really amazing and becaue I was still new to football it was so exciting for me ^^

    • I checked out your profile, you're into fighting games? Which ones do you like and play? Do you play tournaments? I'm not really involvedbut I watch EVO and sometimes a few other tournaments ^^

    • As of right now I play:

      Street Fighter 5
      Marvell vs Capcom Infinite
      Tekken 7
      King of Fighters 14
      Mortal Kombat XL

      I went to EVO in 2016 and plan on going this year; I live in the USA in southern California so going to Vegas is only a few hours drive 👍

  • i think they are a great dynasty. i think that tom brady is one of the best if not the best QB all-time... and this team beat my philadelphia eagles in the 04 super bowl

    but i don't think the amount of cheating should be totally overlooked... including in 2004 when they were filming opponents practices to steal signals

    • Yes they were filming but every team did it and it so happened that the Patriots were the one team at the time caught doing it. The Broncos were caught doing it recently, every team does what they can to gain a competitive advantage.

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    • @NightOwl_23 i did see it. it said my eagles cheated because there were players using roids in the 80s. and they cheated because former QB jeff blake (who played for our team for about 4 games) said he deflated balls all the time (not whether it was below the required standards).

      that is my problem with the site. the eagles deflated balls because a player who said he deflated balls (not whether below the required standard was on our team for 6 games)? seems hard to say the eagles deflated balls or if the backup qb for a few games did it and he never said he did it on the eagles

    • again i respect the patriots greatly and even cheer for them at times when they aren't playing my team but i think their narrative should come with the added bit that they were twice penalized for cheating

  • Win, lose or tie, I'm a Dolphins fan til I die.

    Tom Brady is 7-9 all-time in Miami. Tom Brady has a losing record in Miami. Also, the Falcons lost to Miami this year.

    Steelers will win at the Patriots in the AFC Championship. Mark it.

    • The steelers won't win :P and it doesn't matter who you beat if you don't make the playoffs.

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    • @NightOwl_23
      But the Dolphins have a better win percentage all-time:

      Dolphins 445-351-4 55.875%
      Patriots 489-386-9 55.826%

      Dolphins lead all-time series 54-51

    • Patriots vs:
      Dolphins 51-54
      Jets 62-54-1
      Bills 71-43-1

      Uh-oh, y'all trail us in the all-time series.

  • Trey Parker and Matt Stone, Broncos Fans, explain the success of the New England Patriots, through their character "Erik Cartmenez":


  • I don't like the Patriots, but I'll have to admit, they ARE pretty good. I'm a Steelers fan, by the way.

  • No one more intolerable on this planet than a fan of a Boston sports team after a win.

  • There are a lot of great teams in the NFL right now. I don't think there are any super teams anymore, anyone can win. Probably the top 3 quarterbacks in the league are Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, and Drew Brees. Bellicheck is definitely one of the best coaches in the league. People can give the patriots shit for when they cheated, but if you look at all the teams, they have all cheated and been fined at one point or another. Patriots and Cowboy fans tend to get it the worse. Secondly, as far as deflate gate is concerned, I mean footballs can loose air pressure. They may or may not have done it intentionally. Either way, they are still winning, and I guarantee you that ball is inflated to standard specs now after that incident. You can't deny talent when it is right in front of you.

  • I love American sport. primarily baseball, going back to Pops Stargell and the 'We are Family' 'Bucko's'. Also hockey, oilers after Gretsky/Messier

    I have never got into American football until recently. I started watching it and loved Ryan Clarke's comments on Sportscenter. Even tweeted him and he retweeted me

    My spiel aside. The trend in World sports now is to school on the success of others. Many did during the Manchester United juggernaut under Fergie. Similarly here with the Patriots. Who are the masters of reinvention and consistent excellence.

    Many hate them b/c of envy. When they should use them as inspiration

  • You know what's cooler than The Patriots, bro?


  • Patriots all-time record in regular season, including this year: 489-386-9

    http:// www. jt-sw. com/football /pro/teams. nsf/histories/patriots/

  • i don't care how good they are i will never like them

  • Cam Newton owns Tom Brady

    Go Panthers

  • Yes, they are the Cheatiest. I agree with the OP. Good things come to those that cheat! Bellicheat. Deflategate. Spygate. Plus more, and some we have yet to find out about. Fuck the Pats!

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    • @NightOwl_23 Im not sick of them winning, I'm sick of them winning because of their cheating. Lol I think you missed my point. Either way, this discussion is going nowhere until I audit your defensive evidence. Enjoy the playoffs pal 👍

    • Thanks you too for whoever you decide to cheer for

  • They're the first completely transgender football team and that is something for everyone to be proud of.

  • They undoubtedly have been the best team of the last 2 decades, but they aren't the greatest team in pro football all time. That would be the Green Bay Packers. If we are talking all time, you'd have to put teams like the Steelers and Giants ahead of them. It's easy to have recency bias when it comes to the pats, but before Brady and Belichick they were mostly irrelevant. Sustained success happened for all these other franchises, we'll see what happens post-Brady and Belichick. If they continue to be great they'll certainly move up the ranks, if they don't they may just be an average franchise lucky enough to have one good run.

    • I guess I should have phrased it differently. I didn't really wanna talk about which franchise is the best ever, that's a different discussion. I don't really think it's worth talking about franchises since there's somany different teams and different eras. Maybe I shoud have said the greatest dynasty of all time or something. What I meant was the team in the last 17 years. With 1 coach, 1 cuture, 1 continuous thread that runs through all of it. WHat makes them the best that's what I wrote about ^^. Just because some people think they get lucky or easy wins, when they're just better at a lot of things that people don't pay as much attention too. And I don't think it has anything to do with luck ^^

    • Ah ok, you're argument makes more sense now. They've obviously done better than any other team over the last 2 decades and I agree with you that it has nothing to do with luck. They have one of the best QBs ever and one of the best coaches ever and they know what they're doing. No luck involved. Though I will bring up the 1960s Packers (Lombardi/Starr) won 5 championships in the span of 7 years and the 1970s Steelers (Noll/Bradshaw) won 4 in 6 years. These teams won more championships and were more dominant in a shorter amount of time, whereas these patriots have the titles more spread out but a longer overall stretch of being successful in terms of still making playoff appearances and winning division titles. I wasn't alive to see either of the Packers or Steelers dynasties so I don't have all the knowledge to compare, but no doubt these patriots are up there with those. Just depends if you want to look at pure dominance for a shorter period of time or good success over a longer one.

  • brady's not just a cheater in the game, he's a cheater in real life. he's cheated in both the game, and on gisele

    • Haters gonna hate. You hate us cause you ain’t us. Lol.

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    • oh, im sure they did somehow

    • they did last year, and im sure they did this year too. BRADY IS A CHEAT

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