My Ideas for New Add Ons for Zelda Breath of the Wild

I have to admit I started playing the newish Zelda game only a few months ago, so I'm still new to the game. I have a few ideas that I think would add even more hours of game play (besides the expansion packs) here's my list!

My idea for new add ons for Zelda Breath of the Wild


What I've noticed in the first few weeks of playing is that there is a lot of wood you can collect but can't do much with (besides giving it to Bolsons construction to build your house and to use in Terry Town and also to start fires.) We should be able to use the wood we collect to build our own shops, houses, inns, etc. and/or sell them to traveling merchants in the game at a price.


The shops and traveling merchants are quite useful in Breath of the Wild especially if you need certain armor sets or materials that are hard to come by. There seems to be plenty of open space for more shops! I believe that if Terry Town can be built from the ground up anything can!


In this Zelda game they have gone above and beyond to create a huge open world game which I think is absolutely amazing! A lot of people play from all over the world. So, because its an open world game thought it would make it even cooler if we could interact with different people from around the world who play the game! How? By letting people create their own character in the game! Youd have more interactions, more game play, enemies would be easier to beat in teams, etc.


One thing that I think would be really cool if it were at all possible is to create our own shops and/or towns in Breath of the Wild. Not just the regular shops that sell arrows, food or armor sets but shops of our own where we can sell real goods like you would on etsy or eBay! You would start from the ground up (similar to Terry Town) where you collect your wood and build your shop and/or town. Make it your own! Make it as big or as little as you want! I think shops like these would be awesome because most people shop online anyway! And as far as payment goes you could choose to pay with rupies, PayPal, Bitcoin, etc.


The very detailed map in Breath of the Wild is amazing! But while playing the game I have noticed that there's still room to expand. While visiting the beaches I've noticed that there's just a big open sea and that you are cute off after a certain point. But what if they expanded that and made more towns or even beaches!

Well these are all the ideas I have now. Some of these ideas may seem to far fetched but with todays technology i think anything is posible! Please tell me what you think of these ideas and if you would like to see these or not. I know I sure would!


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  • I never heard of that game before.


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