Waffles reviews, Tales of the Ketty Jay, Retribution Falls by Chris Wooding.

Waffles reviews, Tales of the Ketty Jay, Retribution Falls by Chris Wooding.

Do you like gunfights, enchanted swords, sky pirates with hidden hearts of gold, Steampunk, humor, a crew of criminals in a ship that live on the raggedy edge as heroes?

Let me simplify this, do you like Firefly

if your answer is,

Waffles reviews, Tales of the Ketty Jay, Retribution Falls by Chris Wooding.

Then the Tales of the Ketty Jay and thus its first book Retribution falls is for you.

Now in all seriousness this book series is best summed up as a steampunk fantasy version of Firefly.

The crew of the Ketty Jay are freebooters on their airship, small time mostly, so when they are set up as the fall guy in the crime of blowing up the son of a duke on their pirate raid. They are in serious trouble, Now the roguish good looking Captain of the Ketty Jay, Darian Frey is pissed, first he was set up, two, he's never killed in cold blood and someone set him up. He knows the ship shouldn't have exploded when he shot it and he's right. Darian Frey may be a pirate, thief, womanizer, gunfighter, and all around general criminal but he is not a cold blooded murderer. His only hope is to find out who set them up and possibly find the mythical pirate haven of retribution falls.

To round out the crew you have,

A drunken doctor who is a decent shot with a shotgun.

An outflier pilot who is the stupidest person but a damn good fighter pilot.

Another outflier pilot but this one is afraid of basically everything but flying a fighter

A navigator who is no longer fully human

A daemonist (wizard) who is on the run from the law for entirely separate reasons than the whole blowing up royalty thing.

A Mechanic and first mate who used to be a slave, and while he doesn't say much when he speaks everyone should listen.

A metal golem who comes with the Wizard.

One mean ass ships cat.

The ship is the Ketty Jay and her two outfliers (fighter planes docked on ship.)

The crew is motley, but they all have hidden depths and most have a heart of gold.

Retribution falls is good fun.


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  • Sounds goods and sounds good for a movie.


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  • It's sounds good. I'd like that book. It would also be good turned into a movie


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