The Greatest Girls of Rock: Meet the Most Amazing "Female" Blues and Rock Musicians of All Time!

Hold on to your 'mini-skirts' and experience Laurie's selection of the all-time best female musicians ever known to hit the stage in rock and blues.

Well known for their outstanding preforming charisma, song writing skills, vocal style and/or overall stage persona in the blues or rock music industry. These girls will take you places you have never been!

My musical journey will bring you back to the 60's and 70's and all the way up to today!


THEN PUT ON YOUR DANCING SHOES - LET'S ROCK & ROLL!The Greatest Girls of Rock: Meet the Most Amazing "Female" Blues and Rock Musicians of All Time!

We'll start out with a girl that started playing the guitar when she was 6...

Meet ORIANTHI in one of the most mind blowing rock performances you will ever see...and I'm not kidding! ...Although, only one of every one for her!

Now meet Susanna, Vicki, Debbi and Michael of The Bangles, AKA: "The Bangs".

Tell me if Sexy isn't the operative word for these four!

Notice too, that the crowd, comprised in large part of young girls, doesn't stop screaming through out their live song, "Be With You"...

Samantha Fish will thrill you and chill you...

Now check out the dynamic duo, Samantha Fish and Sadie Johnson, for a mind blowing blues jam treat extraordinaire!

And if anybody's got some Sympathy for the Devil, Samantha and her boys do!

I so love Carly and now you'll know why!

This list would not even be close to complete without Ana Popovic, live in Concert in 2012.

Here's Debbie Davies, Samantha Fish, Ana Popovic and Danielle Nicole blues jammin'

There's lot's more but I hope this rounded out a great day of blues and rock for you!


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  • Good choices. I love the Bangles and secretly (I guess now not so secretly now) have a ginormous crush on Susanna Hoffs. I was a bit surprised that Debbie Harry and Bonnie Raitt didnā€™t make your list, though.

    • Hi Ellie, There were several more I wanted on there but I didn't want it to be overwhelming so I may do more in the future, but you are right there are others and the 2 you mentioned are also at the top!.
      Another girl with outstanding taste!!! THANK YOU!

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