Roger Federer, the G. O. A. T. Back to Number 1!

I've been a fan of Federer since 2003 when I was 13 ^^ My hometown is Basel too :)

Roger Federer the G.O.A.T. back to number 1 !

I already heard about Federer on the news when he was like 19 and people said he was a huge talent but since Switzerland is a small country they often overhype things a lot. Some people who haven't done shit can be celebrities because there's not that much competition and the media will always be grateful for something to talk about. So I was a bit sceptical in the beginning and got a bit tired of people talking about Federer, I wanted him to prove it if he was that good.

I saw the Wimbledon Final live in 2003 and it was great. It seemed like a 5-6 hour game to me even though it was pretty short, because I was a kid and I never really experienced it before it was really dramatic and exciting. After that I was always a fan. He was just so good ! :) I would watch many games and my mom was always nervous but I believed in him so much because I had seen how good he was. Often when he was under pressure in a service game I would say now he's gonna hit an ace and he pretty much always did when I said it lol XD.

Roger Federer, the G. O. A. T. Back to Number 1!

I every fan around the world. It feels amazing that someone that who has his roots so close to me has achieved so much. I'm very grateful to be from Switzerland it's a great country and I love many things about it, most of all how well it's run, how it gives opportunity to everyone. There's many things to love but I always felt like Switzerland was kinda bad when it came to like charisma, entertainment etc. So it feels nice to have someone who really represents Switzerland well not just with his skill but also personality :).

For those who don't know he is now again in the final of the Australian Open (it will be played tomorrow) and the favorite to win. Although his opponent Marin Cilic shouldn't be underestimated you have to favor Roger Federer. If he wins it will be his 20th grand slam victory and he would be 155 points away from beeing number 1 in the world which is basically nothing. he could earn that in one small tournament and I think he will.

I've been hoping he'll get back there ever since the Australian Open last year. Some people said it was a miracle and a one time thing, but the way he was playing I knew he was back in great form and I hoped he could do it.

It was close last year. I thought he should have rested more before the U.S. open, maybe he got a bit greedy, but now he's in striking distance and I think he can do it ! It would be such an amazing accomplishment to be back at number 1 at his age! I mean how can you top that?

Winning majors is amazing but beeing the number 1 player in the world again(where he truly belongs) that would just be the best moment. I just grew up with the invincible Federer, the guy who was just too good for anybody. The guy who could always come up clutch no matter how bad the situation was. Then when he had his illness in 2008 I was confused because he seemed like he lost his edge. And after that there were some tough times as well. So seeing him doing so well again is just a special thing, and the number 1 ranking would be the crowning achievement of this renaissance. The fulfillment of destiny ^^.

He would extend the record of weeks at number 1 which would also be amazing. Sports are not that important in the end but I still just want it really badly :P. I was disapointed when it didn't happen last year after he had such an amazing season from the AO to Wimbledon everything was going perfectly. I thought it was so smart to leave out the clay season to rest the body and preparefor Wimbledon. Then there were a few setbacks but that's life :P.

If he got so close and did so well, but didn't get back to number 1 that would be kinda heartbreaking. But it seems like it will happen now, we can just hope :). I mean his career has been so amazing and he's done so much that he doesn't have to prove or achieve anything. I mean winning 2 (soon 3 or maybe even more :O) grand slams at his age is already something incredible. But now that he's so close I'm sure he himself also wants to get back to the top as well even if he might not say it ^^. But let's just enjoy the final and see what happens :).

Do you like Roger Federer, have you even heard of him or do you support someone else ? :)

Leave a comment.

Peace :P


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  • Great Take.
    I love Roger Federer. He is pure class. I really hopes he wins tomorrow. #GOAT

    • He did it ! :) I was a bit worried and frustrated when he suddenly couldn't serve anymore after beeing up 3-1 in the 4th and just lost it but, he came back composed in the 5th and closed it out well :) I would have been so upset if he somehow lost the game XDD.

      I was not too disapointed with the second set since it came down to like 1 point in the tie break that didn't go his way and that can happen but the 4th set if that would have been his undoing I would have been kinda disapointed because he was serving well before and then suddenly everything changed. Cilic was also trying his best and wanted giving it his all but Federer also dropped off.
      But it was kinda nice that it was at least contested, nobody was injured or whatever that has happened too often lately. It was not one of the mindblowing games but a pretty good final :)

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  • I love Federer.
    He is a very successful tennis player.
    But according to me Nadal is better than Federer.

  • He is a goat? 🐐

    • Yep :) The most talented goat ever ! :)

      It means Greatest of all time ;)

    • Successful goat!

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  • I enjoy watching tennis and remember that legendary wimbledon final with him and Nadal, You have to respect him for the work he's put in and done for the sport, I would like to see him at no.1 again but I would be completely fine if he didn't as you said he has nothing to prove and if ended his career today would be one of the greats.

  • Whattttt? Roger Federer is a goat? I always thought he was from Switzerland.

  • I'm a tennis fan, but not a fan of federer. I can respect what he's accomplished, but personally I feel he has an arrogance about him so I've never been a fan of him. I'm more of a Nadal guy.


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