Why Record Players and Record Are Absurd and Ridiculous!


This seems like a ridiculous topic but this absolutely drives me crazy!

Why record players and record are absurd and ridiculous!

I am someone who owns a record player. I am 16 years old and record players are extremely popular amongst many millenials nowadays. The records being played can range from The Beatles to Wings to Sex Pistols to Lynard Skynard to Kendrick Lamar to The Gorillaz and much much more....

The problem I have with record players and millenials is purely the use of them! I realized how over the top it is to buy a record player and the over priced albums just to, what, be cool? It's actually so lame. Why pay more for an album to be on vinyl when all you're getting is bad quality sound and the opportunity to listen to it at home?!

I love Kendrick Lamar but I have his albums on my phone. I can listen to him everywhere and anywhere without having to carry a record player and extension cord. While some love the older sound from a record player, most people buy newer models that literally have no vintage sound. Not to forget, technology is so phenomenal nowadays the vinyl sound can be easily heard from your phone's audio options.


Why Record Players and Record Are Absurd and Ridiculous!
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  • Curmudgeon
    How funny the nostalgia for "vinyl". When the came out in the mid 1980's, compact discs were all the rage, as were stereo systems that would make a cassette copy for the car.

    In those days, people at first shied away from car CD players, because in many not so nice places people would break into cars just to steal the CD's, a quick smash and grab, as opposed to the more laborious task of ripping out the car stereo.
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    • Curmudgeon

      And now, you can hardly give many discs away. A lot can happen in 3 decades.

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  • Anonymous
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  • Roxxy99
    Bad sound quality? I think they sound fantastic on a good sound system with a decent turntable and quality cartridge. Vinyl is the only lossless format and sounds very natural and organic. Digital music sounds compressed and harsh in comparison. There is a definite difference to discerning ears. Also, vinyl needs to be kept clean and pristine to sound good. I find that most people who get into the hobby for the “coolness factor” don’t know how to properly care for them.
  • Shaft50
    Damn, I feel old... I still have a record player from when I was younger, including the records... my selection isn't cool or anything... Dean Martin, Englebert Humperdink... even Looney Toons Christmas...
  • Lance1965
    Buy a top notch turn-table and you will hear the best sound possible. Crappy record player = crappy sound quality. Records are too expensive though.
  • LawShark
    You're ridiculous
    • And you're 35.

    • LawShark

      Yep, 35, rich and handsome.

    • So, you're old and have money? Being handsome is up for debate since it's just your word and you might not actually be handsome.

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  • Josht13
    people pay for music?
  • Anonymous
    40 years ago every pickup truck in a school's parking lot had a rifle in the window and there were no school shootings. what changed?
    • Anonymous

      sorry posted this under wrong article