10 Upcoming Movies with So-So Trailers


#1 Ok so i held out on watching the Jurassic World 2 trailer, but today i gave in. Omg I can't believe they're really gonna go all #OperationSaveKillerDinos. Like wtf you're gonna risk your life by returning to this island that's about to blow because you wanna save some dinos who may/may not eat you before/during/after the mission. Smh. Im def gonna still watch the film but im just so disappointed with this weakazz wacko storyline.

#2 I can't recall if i read Mortal Engines when i was younger, but the trailer gave me absolutely nothing to work with. I loved Robert Sheehan in Mortal Instruments and considered watchin this unrelated film just to so i could see his sexy self. However this movie has gone all #AttackOfCitiesOnWheels Smh. I can't with this one either and prob won't go see it in theatres.

#3 I did not like the first Purge film but the 2nd was AWESOME and the 3rd was ok. So the fact that they made a 4th one, a prequel, called The First Purge, and the synopsis says it all started on an island, gave me hope. I was hoping they went all Survivor Series or at least #BattleRoyalePurgeNite on us, but nope. Instead we’re back in what looks like the same city, but with a larger black cast. Thanks for the diversity but it just honestly looks like a repeat of Purge 2 and 3. Smh. Im disappointed and debating if i’ll go see it in theaters. I admit though, this one gives me Saw vibes, and that turns me on 😛

#4 Venom just kept on feeding the audience the most boring trailers EVER. There has had to be about 5 different versions now. And like are you freakin kiddin me!!?? None would never show venom in its true form. All we kept seeing was sexy Tom Hardy. He's just not believable as a reporter like Topher Grace was in Spiderman 3. I do admit though, Topher was too goofy to take seriously as Venom. Yea, I loved Tom in Mad Max, Wuthering Heights, and This Means War, but in Venom he just looks like an escapee from the nuthouse. Ironically, i think that makes Tom a great Venom. Still not a believable reporter though. But finally here's a good trailer where we see #HardToBeHardy turn into venom and kick some asssssssss

#5 Hotel Transylvania 1 and 2 were hilarious! So i expect nothing less from Hotel Transylvania 3. But I see they've taken the hotel theme to a cruise ship. I mean it still looks interesting but Im not sure if it’ll hold up to its predecessors. And this new femme fatale “villain” just isn't doing it for me.

#6 Incredibles 2 is a film we have waited FOR FREAKIN EVER FOR. But Will they be able to do like Jurassic World and follow greatly after even so many years? I honestly haven't seen the extended trailer for it yet but from the little i have seen, i just hope it won't disappoint.

#7 I won't say much about Deadpool 2 because i know over half of G@G will eat me alive. But i’ll just leave it at this... I wouldn't pay to see it. Also the trailer seems to lack the good soundtrack from part 1. Maybe the movie will be good, but i’ll pass on it just like I did Avengers Infinity War. I saw part 1 in theaters and i just couldn’t take all his cussing. So waiting for it on Cable TV, HBO or as a library rental sounds good to me...

#8 The Meg has to be the dumbest title ever. They really needed something catchier title or even simple like MEGALADON-DUN-DUNNN. “The Meg” just sounds like “The Duff” and makes you wonder wtf this movie about. I love Jason Statham but couldnt have ever imagined him battling a shark. Well hey, at least its not the Rock. That dude is in EVERYTHING these days. he's super cocky now and i just prefer his Walking Tall days. Anyways, Im ready for this ‘Jaws’ meets ‘Deep Blue Sea’ film but the trailer really wasn't the best. I admit The Shallows was a good movie so hopefully this one doesn't disappoint either. Like i said, Im a sucker for shark movies so I will def have a seat in theatres.

#9 So the producer of Stranger Things brings us The Darkest Minds. It honestly looks like someone swiped Rue from Hunger Games, changed her nickname to full name “Ruby”, then threw her into this cheap production of Xmen: New Mutants. I would honestly give it a try when it hits tv, but im not paying to see it in theatres based off this trailer.

#10 I guess I spoke too soon because The Rock is back saving the world as usual. This time, his family is trapped in a burning skyscraper and he has to try to save them... but the twist... he only has one leg. The other is made of metal or something, and this trailer wants us to believe that his metal leg will fall off and that he won't be able to save his family. Smh, the storylines these days. I enjoyed Rampage and San Andreas bt i prob won't pay to see Skyscraper and its super creative title

And dont even get me started on Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish in Night School. He moved several steps up with Ride Along and Think Like a Man, but he went back down to cheap Soul Plane and Scary Movie 4 days with this one. I mean, at least all those films were funny. Tiffany Haddish isn't even funny. I used to watch her compete on Funniest Wins and she was awful. She’s like the black Amy Schumer but a little less racist. Neither of those girls can act nor should they be deemed comedians. I’ll wait for Night School to air on BET or Comedy Central cause its definitely not worth paying for.

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  • Jurassic Park: Fallen World-... Maybe.. I probably won't see this in Theaters since Jurassic World was fine.. Kinda fun but forgettable..
    Mortal Engine-... Well Desi... It's a teaser.. Not a full trailer.. LOL.. But it looks... Interestin better than the first one already.. Especially wit Peter Jackson involved in some way.. OMG The first one sucked.. Only savin grace it had was the pretty protagonist..
    The First Purge- Never seen the first 2.. Probably won't watch this one.
    Venom- That was a good trailer.. Probably won't see it in theater but I wanna watch it.. Love Venoms look.. And I think Tom makes a decent reporter.. Although I see what you sayin..
    Hotel Transylvania 3.. I only saw the first one.. Thought it was decent.. Probably won't see this one
    Incredibles 2-... Loved the first one.. This trailer looks better than the teaser.. It's lookin good so far..
    Deadpool 2- I liked the first one.. Didn't exactly live up to the hype of bein hilarious but I liked the action and it was pretty funny.. This second one looks good.. But I'm not too interested in it to be honest. Although Domino is fioonnee and she is from my show Atlanta..
    The Meg- Doesn't really interest me.. But it looks interestin enough.
    The Darkest Minds- Does seem like a X-Men ripoff.. But I love superpowers, and this did interest me until they brought the teenage romance angle in. Then it had to be wit another "White" guy.. Not that I don't mind it it's just that I thought some change up would have been nice.. Like why not a "Black"/"Black" romance in these movies for once.. XD..
    Skyscraper... Uuuuhh.. The Rock is not that great of an actor that it compels me to see these types of movies wit him.. They are tryna make him relatable wit the family thing, and have us see him as the underdog wit the one leg gimmick, but I bet they gon find a one to make him "superhuman" in some way.. Although in some movies he has been normal..
    And I agree witchu on Tiffany Haddish.. I mean she is kinda cute to me, but she do too much.. I guess she is the "Ghetto" token representation in Hollywood.. At least Kevin Hart is funny in some way.. But Tiffany do too much for me..

    • Mortal Engines is the first lol what u mean? Ots not related to Mortal Instruments. And of course Darkest Minds is an interracial romance. That girl only dates white guys in real life. She even friendzoned Jaden smith but thats kinda understandable cause he be dressin gay lmao

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    • Yea but she's half white herself so im not surprised. Usually mixed people go for one of their parents race

    • Yeah, but I mean usually "mixed" girls ("Black"/"White") identify wit "Black" culture more, and the way she talked I would have thought she related to brothas more.. But I guess not.. LMAO.. I mean I should have known wit the way she talked that she was raised around a more affluent place.. XD

  • Very nice trailers dear Desi, well as for my ranking, here it goes:
    #1 Jurassic Park
    #2 incredible 2
    #3 Hotel Transylvania 3
    #4 Venom
    #5 Deadpool 2
    #6 Mortal Engines
    #7 The First Purge
    #8 The Meg
    #9 The Darkest Minds
    #10 Skyscraper
    Definitely a big YES for Jurassic park and Marvel movies.
    The others are not bad, but worth giving a try.
    If I want to go to the movies, it is going to be for Jurassic Park as matter of fact, for the rest, would rather rent the movie and enjoy it home on my bed :-)


Most Helpful Girls

  • Totally agree on quite a few of these, especially Jurassic World and Venom, I didn't understand how movies that will probably be so action packed... had such lack luster trailers.(but Venom's voice is great, and Tom is <3 mmmm)

    Skyscraper, I mean, I think the rock is a solid guy, but I have no hope for this movie, though I found the first 2/3 of the trailer interesting.

    Not interested in the mutant movie either, I don't know, just seems like another teen survival thing..

    The Meg doesn't make ANY sense, why would a creature that size go after humans, our size, we aren't worth the energy. It should be eating large sea creatures like whales, dolphins, other sharks, and other huge fish.. but us? whaaaa

    Lololol the Deadpool one is better towards the 2nd half, I liked the Domino lady once she started kicking butt and her 'power' is interesting

    XD I found the Incredibles one really good, hilarious voice acting from Samuel L Jackson and another great piece from his wife XD

    aww I've never seen hotel transy. so that was cute :) but did you notice they used the green blob throwing up twice, weird :)

    not into the Purge franchise, so, not into this new one.

    Howl's moving castle attacks XD is not promising from the trailer

    • Lmao at the Meg and haha even u said Howls moving castle 😂🙈

    • thank you for mho! lol XD isn't it what that house thing looked like XD lowkey ruining my childhood

  • The venom trailer was ok, the hotel transalvenia 1 and 2 were hillarious but I don't think this will be amazing. I loved the previous Jurrasic World movie but I don't think this would be brilliant. Just pointing out this is my opinion and I could be wrong with these movies.


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  • movies with so-so trailers set the expectations lower for the viewers. That makes it easier to wow them with the content of the movie.

  • I can't wait for Deadpool 2 personally. I agree that Jurassic world two sounds rather dumb. Venom also has a stupid trailer. Incredibles 2 I plan on seeing even though I think its way too late. The other movies I've never heard of and I haven't even seen Hotel Transylvania 1 or 2

    • Venoms trailer above actually was good. Just not the trailers they show on tv and in theatres

  • I am so psyked for both Venom and Mortal Engines. I'm also psyked for The Incredibles 2, but the trailers could have been better, but since Brad Bird is returning, i'll see it. He is resposible for my two favorite animated movies of all time.

    • Mortal Engines just looks disappointing based off the trailer but yea im ready for Venom. I don't know if i’ll have money to go see Incredibles so i may have to wait for dvd

    • Well, it's just a teaser trailer. It's just to let you know what's coming. Hopefully the main trailer can change your mind. Everyone's minds changed when the main trailer for Han Solo came.

  • Skyscraper could be my thing Desi... a disaster movie is what it sounds like and those are among my favourites :D

  • Honestly I don't watch movies that much but I'm a Geologist, so I would like to watch Jurassic World 2 :)

  • The incredibles better be good as long as it has taken

  • "8 The Meg has to be the dumbest title ever. They really needed something catchier title or even simple like MEGALADON-DUN-DUNNN"
    Its based off of a book called Meg, a novel of deep terror and the book KICKED ASS

    • Yeah th3 book kicked SOOO much ass, hr also has one with the loch Ness monster where the protagonist ends up sword fighting the monste4 who happens to be a prehistoric Eel, why? Because sword fighting Giant dinosaur Eels is fucking awesome

    • Dod u get to see the giant eel deleted scene from 2005 king kong

  • deadpool looks okay but i gotta say most new movies are really shit as of late

  • Mortal engines, Hotel Transylvania 3, Incredibles 2 and Deadpool 2 seem completely okay

  • Good list. I will certainly watch some of these.

  • Amazing

  • where is Antman 2 ?

  • deadpool.. maybe


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