Black Flag's Damaged Record

Black Flag's Damaged Record

Wassup music lovers of internet land, this little headbanger has come back with more to enjoy after a long wait. I do apologize if this take is a little shorter than others i've made. I'm still learning about this band myself. This is a take suggested by @DaddyRollingStone, many thanks to you man!

Ok so this time we are going in a different direction than the usual metal stuff you read from me. Black Flag is pure hardcore punk. Definitely not for people who can't handle craziness in music. This album, Damaged, is their debut studio album that was released in December 5th, 1981.

The cover is a picture of Henry Rollins (vocalist of the band) obviously punching into a mirror. The picture was originally created where someone already cracked the glass with a hammer, and the blood on Rollins' hand is really a mix of coffee and red ink. There are a few other variations of the album art, such as this one being in color, or simply a black album with a crack in it.

So really an album was going to be put out sooner than that date, but there was plenty of delay due to the changing of vocal lineups since their extended play Nervous Breakdown. At the time they had singers such as Keith Morris, Ron Reyes, and Dez Cadena. But on this particular, we got the guys Henry Rollins (vocalist as mentioned earlier), Greg Ginn (backing vocals, lead guitar), Dez Cadena (rhythm guitar, backing vocals), Chuck Dukowski (bass, backing vocals), and Robo (drums, backing vocals). There was also a guest perfomer, Steve "Mugger" Corbin (backing vocals). Looks like someone loves a whole lotta backing vocals :)

Before this full album was released, there were other little releases such as the "Jealous Again" EP, "Six Pack" EP and of course the "Louie Louie/Damaged I" single. "Jealous Again" actually is some of Reye's singing sessions.

As for Damaged, the track list is:

1. Rise Above

2. Spray Paint

3. Six Pack

4. What I See

5. TV Party

6. Thirsty And Miserable

7. Police Story

8. Gimme Gimme Gimme

9. Depression

10. Room 13

11. Damaged II

12. No More

13. Padded Cell

14. Life Of Pain

15. Damaged I

Ok, so clearly we got a lot of hardcore shit on this album. Not long after this got released it became more known as being "anti-parent" and later albums were issued with a sticker on it having to do with that. Rolling Stone had considered this album as the most important hardcore punk album ever released to the public. The songs on the album are pretty much a mix of violent sound and pissed off vocals, but mixed with a strange sense of humor. The kind of humor that can be heard from some albums of other punk, thrash, or punk/thrash crossover bands. "TV Party" is one of the songs that kinda gives off the sillier side of things, and was known as one of the funniest written. "Rise Above" gives off a sense of power. "Louie Louie" is actually a cover, originally done by Richard Berry, who was an R&B singer of the 50s. This was also a song covered by hundreds of other artists, including punk band Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, and Motorhead.

A cool addition that was done to all the songs was how the drummer wore bracelets on his left wrist when playing, and the rattle of them would be heard and recorded each time he hit the snare, especially with downbeats.

Some of these songs later on ended up on other albums and EPs, such as "Six Pack" that got released in 1981.

"TV Party" as well :)

Black Flag's Damaged Record

So with Damaged, I actually never heard the album till it was suggested by a fellow g@gger, so its not an album that I happen to have in my music collection. However, after listening to it, it is one I do want to add. Some songs I have heard before on a CD I do have called "Wasted... Again", which has songs like "Six Pack", "TV Party", "Gimme Gimme Gimme", and "Louie Louie". I ended up listening to Damaged on youtube. while doing work in my online school I had the album playing in the background and already "Rise Above" hooked me in. Something about it reminded me a lot of something from the band D.R.I. in a way.

So to me, this is definitely an album I suggest for those who are open to crazy punk rock and punk/thrash crossover type music. It satisfies the angry teen that resides within anyone. Probably some of my favorites from this album are "Rise Above", "Depression", "Room 13", and "Damaged II".

thanks for reading! up next I'm creating the take "my top best bassists in rock and metal". after it will be a few other takes about top musicians. And if you guys have any suggestions hit me up XD


Black Flag's Damaged Record
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  • Jaye234
    Great mytake! I always look forward to them.
    Damaged isn't a the style of metal I enjoy but as always keep up the good work!!
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    • thanks!! I got more coming very soon. it took forever with this just from life getting very busy

    • Jaye234

      Yep. Precisely why I never do mytakes lol

Most Helpful Guy

  • Nice222
    Cool album, I remember my friend having it and listening to it in school but I honestly forgot all about it. Thanks.
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  • lilaqua
    This song was honestly the weirdest listen when I first heard it, but I highly recommend.
  • Pamina
    This is their classic album, but personally I always prefered their later albums with Henry Rollins on vocals and with the music being more experimental.
  • Lance1965
    Great band and album. I think the My War album was their best though.
  • vald9inches
    Trust me you don't want to punch a hole in a mirror like that! lol
    • damage to the hand for sure lol

    • I don't know why but i could never stand the vocals of punk. i feel like i am drinking extreme diet soda and my body is screaming for the real thing!! Give me Metal or give me Death!!

    • I had blood squirting from my hand lmfao xD

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  • MsShahad
    They sound interesting, will definitely check them out
  • LegateLanius
    Whoop whoop! Punkadelic.
  • ThePundertaker
    Their stuff sounds cool