East Asians Aren't Trying to Look White! (Rant)

East Asians Aren't Trying to Look White! (Rant)

hey everyone,

So I believe many non-asians have this belief that Asians; typically east-asians, aspire to look Caucasian. As an Asian person myself, I'd like to disagree on that statement. To start off, east asia consists of China, Korea and Japan.

Everything is just a matter of preferences; and it just so happens that Asians and westerners have different trends (and it seems to be difficult for them to accept it?). I don't know, I'm sick of Asians always getting mocked, you feel me?

Their trend: to look like a doll (in selfies).

Which is why you'd normally see them EXTREMELY pale, with enlarged eyes and a small nose and chin (this is normally enhanced with filters/effects - they don't look so doll-like in real life). It has nothing to do with wanting to be another race, because dolls always had enlarged eyes, small nose and small mouths. And yes, I get that most dolls were based off white faces, but if the chinese really wanted to look white wouldn't they just try to get the look straight from whites?

Their trend: to look youthful.

This is why you'd see them with very dewy, clear, bright and fair skin. Most of them are already very fair (in fact most east Asians are lol). Their makeup is pretty natural and young looking. I find it funny when people make fun of Korea because they make plastic surgery a norm. However I checked and it seems that there are more Americans than Koreans that had something done? And yea they do double eyelid surgery because they want to get the energetic look (tho I think monolids are v cute). If they really wanted to look western wouldn't they get a bigger lid instead?? Most of them opt for simple lower lids.

East Asians Aren't Trying to Look White! (Rant)

They don't even look western???

Their trend: extremely diverse.

You can't really group Japan into a single category because they are the most creative ones here - they fully express themselves with unique clothing and makeup. So I'll just talk about anime. People claim that japan based their characters off of white people and I'm here to say it's completely false. "They have blonde hair." is literally one of their proving points.. well, anime has green, purple, pink, red, blue and all sorts of coloured hair? "They have big eyes," so do black people and many others. "They have small noses," all anime characters have small noses.

However, if a manga was based in an Asian city for example Tokyo, the westerner in the show (if any) would be seen with a large nose and more structured face because that's how it normally is. If it's based in like england or something all characters would have the typical nose shape. As for the skin colour, I'm pretty sure it's based off of their own east Asian colour lol...not to mention there are black/brown people in anime. Grey and all sorts of other colours as well because anime is just another way to express their creativity.

Also way back in time east Asians already had been applying white powder (the rich) all over their faces as a sign of their social status because being tanned = poor due to labour work and such.

Yes, some Asians do want to be white, but some white people wanna be white as well.

And I'm done lol this is more of a rant because I'm annoyed with people constantly bashing Asian people and thinking it's okay (some people aren't happy if we get just a little bit of success. Short story: some white girl on instagram got mad at BTS for being popular because..they ain't white..)

So if you've read till here, thank you 馃槆

East Asians Aren't Trying to Look White! (Rant)
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  • curiousnorway
    Both Asians and Africans today, and Europeans in the past wanted to look fair because of the social class. It has nothing to do with race. Fair skin meant you spent much time indoor and was wealthy. Being tan however symbolized being outside in the sun working in the fields and being very poor. To show off wealth and status to other people, the rich ones wanted to look as light skinned as possible.

    If they really wanted to look Nordic, then they would try to change their hair and eye color in addition to change their facial features, which is usually not the case. Nowadays many Europeans and Americans are tanning because the societies thinks it mean they're healthy, lives an active life and can afford vacations in tropic climates.

    In the past in Elizabeth 1's era the English royal thought looking white was a good thing to distinguish themselves from their enemy Spain. Therefor the ideal beauty was red or blonde hair, pale skin and blue/green/gray eyes. Spanish people also wanted to look fair skinned because of the wealthy people staying indoor reason. But they didn't try to look white like the English. Asians didn't attempt it either. On the paintings you can see both Spaniards and Asians kept their brown eyes and black hair. Spaniards in Elizabeth's time didn't want to look like their enemy either. Many Asians and South-European were proud of being brown and look the way they looks, they just wanted the indoor-wealthy look.

    Nice MyTake by the way. You should just add that reason since it's the main one. ^



    She don't try to look white. She just want to rock the "Spanish indoor look" to show off her wealth.
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    I don't think they're trying to be white. They're just going with whatever's "In style". That white powder thing has nothing to do with trying to be white. Japan has been white-faced before the first white guy arrived lol.

    If you were dark skin it meant you work in the sun = poor social class
    If you were white as snow, It therefore means you're the opposite = high class
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    • Anonymous


    • ENTP_EMO

      hahahhaahahahhaahahahahahaha :D Oh i see what i did there

    • ENTP_EMO

      I read your mytake as "East Asians are trying to look white" Sigh

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  • BaileyisDarcy
    Its not wanting to look white to me.

    Australia doesn't have a chinatown or two in every major city because we want to be china, its there because there's a chinese influence in the food we eat.

    If you watch those fashion in different countries videos you can see the closer each gets to the 20th century the more westernised their clothing and hair gets. Its not trying to be white, its a direct effect of the widespread influence that the western world has over all the countries. Except north korea.

    Thats all it is.

    Like how, again in Australia, there were bar fights over whether or not Trump should be elected in America. We're not trying to be America thats just how much influence the place has over us.

    And thats all it is.
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    • Anonymous

      i agree

  • bubble_tea
    The history of why Koreans started getting eyelid surgery is pretty dark though.. and it wasn't about looking pretty.

    Also, most are not naturally very fair, but living without sunlight hitting your skin for so many years will do that to you, and whitening injections and pills.
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      recently a chinese guy from nanjing told me that chinese hate traditional korean face because the eyes "look like being pulled up" and "like fox" and when i said i think millions have that kind of eyes in china he said it's not common in china...

    • Anonymous

      really? my parents and i are super fair. wait actually for me it's only my face because i don't apply sunscreen on my body. mind telling me the history of the eyelid surgery?

    • bubble_tea

      @COCOCHANEL I don't know what the traditional Korean face looks like, and I don't know what the Chinese think. If you mean the monolid eyes, I've heard it's only common in North China, and by North, they mean more Northern than Beijing.

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  • cherryphi82
    When I walk into an Asian market, the one thing that's always baffled me is the skin bleaching/skin brightening creams. I can say why Asians or anyone for that matter want to play off a look that contrasts extremely pale skin with dark hair/eyes, but it's still suspicious. Why? Because I've never seen a East Asian woman in particular, tan. From the sun. Or express desire to be tan. Which would be a natural occurrence in Asians if they'd let it. Except for the Ganguro, and that's a subculture that appropriates heavily from African American rap culture. It's really a parody of itself. I have heard Asian women express their distaste for other, darker Asians (Indonesians, Vietnamese, Filipinos) and an equally vocal distaste for tanning. I'm not saying Asians want to BE white, but there's an element of colorism involved in these expressions that make me uncomfortable and make East Asians look at the very least elitist. Most people who are not white don't want to look exactly like white people, but they want to look less ethnic or more "gently" ethnic than what they already have. Compare Beyonce to Maya Angelou. Nobody wants to look like Angelou, but they all want to look like Beyonce. And I'm sure Beyonce has had Rhinoplasty. Asians also get surgery to make their nose bridges higher. Not beaky, but higher, and straighter, which is definitely a more Western looking feature. Double-eyelid, straight/high/thin/non-flat noses, and light/pale/rosy skin are ALL features of White people, if you like it or not, and to an extent, that's what most surgeries adjust towards. It's about what standard you measure by, not the exact replica.
    • *I can see

    • exactly, you really explained this perfectly. It is a colourist society who are appalled by dark skin and usual Asian features (flat nose, monolid etc.) and instead aspire for white features.

    • Omega_brie

      That's an extremely eurocentric, and just objectively false way to frame this issue.

      The only feature you mentioned that makes any sense there is pale skin. High noses are not a white feature (Arabs, Indians, East Africans), nor are large eyes (literally the rest of the fucking world). Not to mention that high noses only came to Europe via Middle Eastern and Indoeuropean conquerors from the south and east, respectively.

      Just looking at your profile picture: your nasal bridge is very low and wide, your lower nose is wide, you have large lips, and you have prognathism. Objectively, your facial features are quite "African". Yet, you're still white, because the ONLY thing that defines whiteness is pigmentation. You have green eyes, pink skin, and light hair, so you're white, "Negroid" features be damned.

      East Asians may or may not have a desire to look more white, but your conflation of certain features that have nothing to do with Europe is intellectually bankrupt.

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  • ObscuredBeyond
    What Chinese can't understand about Americans is that trying to look like a doll is not what makes them attractive to us. Their willingness to work hard in white collar sectors makes them attractive. As does their emphasis on self-education. Also, those skinny bodies and slanted eyes and jet black hair. Men aren't ashamed to be men, and women aren't ashamed to be women. That's very appealing, when we have fruit loops in America who think female armpit hair and poor female hygiene and men with unkempt beards that smell like weed everywhere they go is some sort of symbol of progress.

    Koreans can't understand why American men are attracted to the Korean women who let their age show just a little bit. Here's a hint: we get wanting to appear youthful. But if you take it too far, your western admirer feels like a pedo, and gets grossed out and runs away for fear of being stigmatized as one. Which can be a social life death sentence in America.

    And traditional Americans have given up trying to make sense of Japanese pop culture. They just roll with it now. Because samurai wielding katanas on screen look cool, even if Hollywood actors use katanas all wrong. (I saw a video on YouTube from a swords expert claiming Deadpool should be using falchions rather than katanas, or at least shorten his katana handles and add a pummel or two.) Katanas look awesome onscreen, but are a very impractical sword in real life. Samurai would have been even more menacing in real life if they had medieval French blades. Eastern martial arts + western weaponry standards = nigh unbeatable.
  • Sesiero
    Ill agree with OP, but there are some key points to throw out.

    China: They do not quite fall in with the rest. However, pure white skin is a key social point that is expressed often. Untainted pure skin is seen as a sign of wealth at times.

    Korea: This one is a bit difficult to get into because it is south Korea specifically and its pretty drastic. Yes, plastic surgery is the key but it is two things specifically which is most popular to "fix". Fish eyes, and jaw lines. While western jawlines are more angular, they aim for a smooth/pointed jawline more often in surgery.

    Japan: While you pointed out the whitened skin which china has, there are a few more factors. While I won't get into the social freedom I will get into history a bit (not much) to explain a bit of anime. Most of us know by now how WWII went. Japan was in the Axis powers being one of the Tripartite. (Going to cut this short because im actually boring myself doing this) Most of the western steriotypes seen in Anime hail from germany. Following that, in order, would be Americans, Italians, and "Islanders" being the most seen. The tripartite being Germany, Italy, and Japan. America being a rather large part because of "modern" times. The military bases in Okinawa ( Yokosuka and Hiroshima to a lesser extent), and the rather large amount of Japanese tourism in Hawaii.

  • andreasderjuengere
    Agreed. Similar hereabouts. Many 'Westerners' have a quite self focussed view on things. The wish for a light coloured skin does not mean to try and look 'Western'. Often (here), a dark tan is perceived as 'lower classes', like people working on farms or construction sites. I cannot fully agree about this thinking, because the 'lower' guys make our food, where the 'higher' folks grab everyone's money from within their offices.
  • ronaldo75
    Oh yes they are... white worship is worst in Asia than anywhere else on EARTH.
    • Anonymous

      no... we really don't. i'm southeast Asian by the way (but im chinese). we love and respect east Asians a lot, it's the minority that goes for others like whites lol


      she's right man

  • taleswapper
    Okay... glad you got that off your chest. Hope it helped, really...
    I'm not Asian. In my neighborhood, there aren't many. From where I sit, it's a non-problem. I don't care if they're trying to look like Venetians, frankly; taste is taste. Don't get yourself all knotted up about a fashion thing; in a decade or three, it will be different. :)
  • Logorithim
    Plenty of us Caucasians like the (natural) appearance of East Asian women, thank you.
    • Anonymous

      and we really dont care

  • SaintJonesy
    Is race even classified the same way in Asia? It seems like it has less to do with superficial traits, and more based on where you're from, like pre-1700's Europe. For example the Teutonic Race was German and the Anglican Race was English.
    it's true, koreans don't want big double lid and it's the same in japan almost monolid/slight double lid is considered the cutest but some do big double lid here like ageha models
    East Asians Aren't Trying to Look White! (Rant)East Asians Aren't Trying to Look White! (Rant)
    • Anonymous

      lol obviously those are the extremes. the ones u'll see on the streets mostly don't look like that?


      yeah and they are emulating ayu


      also, about the chinese trend you mentioned, how popular is it? because that's been a trend in japan for at least 2 decades

  • smt133
    Oi, stop trying to culturally appropri... Just kidding.

    It's pretty racist to tell people they have to look/behave a certain way because of the country they were born in or the colour of their skin. But for some weird reason, some confused people seem to think the opposite.
  • F媒rdracaD贸cincel
    You know, I can buy your points for China and Korea. But your argument falls apart at Japan. You use anime and manga as the excuse while conveniently ignoring that anime/manga is the way it is BECAUSE of white features.
    • Anonymous

      it really isn't tho?

    • Complains that argument falls apart while supplyig their wn poorly constructed argument that isn't even put together with cellotape. its just waiting for a slight breeze.

    • How is it not?

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  • Salmon4056
    I believe in what you said. I don't see a whole race as trying to look like one other race. And I do love and am happy how japan makes diverse skin tonned characters in anime.
  • Yuki_JPN
    well this girl isn't korean

    i guess she's Japanese East Asians Aren't Trying to Look White! (Rant)
    • Anonymous

      oo i just got it off the net lol because i had to post a pic for this to be uploaded

    • Yuki_JPN

      I see馃榿

  • TayTay21
    Asians shouldn't be concerned about the west anyhow.
  • BS123456
    I can say what I've read is this. Korean women are attempting to whiten their skin while the Chinese women are working on their eye's as other's work on their nose and chin. East Asia consists of Vietnam, Khmer, Thai, Lous, Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan and so many others. As a caucasian man, really Mediterranean by heritage I can say there is nothing more stunningly beautiful than an Asian woman and I really wish this would stop. They are all so magnificent, as for my tastes I am not attracted to any other.
  • Schrodingerscat
    So white people who ran are trying to be Latinos, Middle Easterners or South Asians? Lol.

    But you gotta admit, there's some heavy colorism going on behind the rising sales of skin bleaching and white powders.

    I also read an article somewhere where it said how differently white people are treated in Asia. You also must recall that Chinese washing machine commercial.

    So East Asians (or all Asians for that matter) may not try to look like white people, they shire want a lighter skin which is associated with higher status and beauty
  • ScaryCool
    I dont thinj they aspire to look white. Is this something that a lot of easy Asians hear? I never thought about that.

    I mean I'm sure maybe a select few may just like there are a select few of Caucasians that aspire to look Asian, but vast majority of both are just doing what they want.

    On a side note, I've been really liking Asian fitting/styles of clothing that I find online lol
    -Cheaper at times.
    -Fits me better as I'm a bit smaller framed. I'm not short but I like more fitted clothing at times.
    -Have some unique styles I've never seen.

    But I'm not doing it to try to be Asian, I just like it and feel it's best option for me. Only downside so far is the wait time on shipping 😅
  • Loveherbut
    i love u finally someone knows geography and call them east Asians <3
  • Steven71
    Why do people feel the need to be judgmental to the color of someones skin. Just accept them for who they are
  • LegateLanius
    Most of it had to do with tan being the laborers and lighter skin being a sign that you had enough wealth and power to not have to work outside.
  • ZeoCaliburn
    I've meet white chicks that try to be Asians.
    Ever heard of weeaboos?
  • John_Doesnt
    I love Korean and Japanese and Chinese girls. Much love to you!
  • Revolver_
    The more white you are == the more youthful you are
    • You racist

    • Revolver_

      @YouCantTouchThis I agree

    • It means you hate me because I'm black?

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  • lsaiah
    They are trying to be white. Especially the basic bitch ones.
  • dev765
    Hapa reddit disagrees with you.
    • Anonymous


  • You_Cant_See_Me
    What are you so worked up for?
    • Anonymous

      didn't i say it was a rant lmao

  • RichardBandit
    Lol Asians are obsessed with white people
    • Anonymous

      we really aren't lol

  • RedRobin
    Nice take
  • JimRSmith
    I wouldn't let it worry you...
  • Servus09
    Many Asians are whiter than Europeans.
  • jacquesvol
    Should they try to look white, in your opinion?
  • NerdInDenial
    We're just trying to stay young.
  • lazermazer
    Nice take.
  • YouCantTouchThis
    They are. Everyone wants to be white.
    • They wants to look light skinned because they associates fair with wealth and tan with poor. Wealthy people often spent much time indoors, while poor people were farmers working outside - in the sun.

  • zagor
    Sounds like a high school problem...
    • Anonymous

      i wish, but it isn't lol

  • 2opaz
    I think so
  • NovissimumVirorum
  • Nice222
    Good rant thanks.
    • Anonymous

      haha welcome

  • Anonymous
    They try to look Eurasian and they like White feature there's denying this. They want double eyes lids, in Korea they like what they call "Glamorous body" which is a White woman body (White models, skinny with some curves) and they like a high straight nose which is an European / White nose.
    Too the dolls they're trying to look like are White dolls.
    And I'm sorry but for me if a person is willing to pay to get European / White eyes and nose they're trying to look White or "Eurasian" like so much Asian like to put it.
    • Anonymous

      Too in anime the character look White. You can't deny this. Look at the character in Black butler, look at Ciel, Elizabeth, etc... Look at their facial features, they're British people and they look like a White British person.
      And now look at the Asian character of the anime "Lau". See how different they look?

      Look at Monster character (this is set in Germany), look at Nina do you think her face feature are "structured" or that she have a big nose?
      Look at Historia in Attack on Titan? At Sasha, do you think they have structured face feature?
      They look like your regular / common Anime character look like and they're White character.
      Look at Winry in FMA and look at Ino Yamanaka (Japanese name so I assume she's Japanese) they look the same, no big nose or "structured" face feature.

      Anime character have White face features and so look White.

      Now compare the White character of Black Butler to the other anime character, let's say

  • Anonymous
    Did someone say BTS was trying to look white?
  • Anonymous
    Okay thanks lol
  • Anonymous
    Nice but nobody cares. Asians are really childish looking despite of skin color. Latinas is where it's at ;)
  • Anonymous
    I thought I was included but I'm Southeast Asian haha

    Anyway, some are probably aiming for a Western look for example South Korea. They are really famous for plastic surgery and most of the people undergo surgeries for tall nose and double eyelids.

    And I agree that Japanese people are soooo creative! Just look at their commercials hehe
    • Anonymous

      im southeast Asian tooo

    • Anonymous

      Cool! :) Which part? :D

    • Anonymous

      singapore. u?

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  • Anonymous
    Racist post.
    • Anonymous

      and how is it racist lmao

  • Anonymous
    Interesting to read
    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous
    I'm part Chinese/Italian/English, I'm extremely pale, I have the thick italian eyebrows, lashes and lips, and I have chinese shaped eyes and nose. And I always get comments like this from guys:
    "wow, you're so pretty for a chinese girl!"
    Like firstly, I'm not actually chinese, and secondly, who says Asian girls aren't pretty?

  • Anonymous
    They are not trying to white.. They are always White only..
  • Anonymous
    having a fair skin is a common purpose among them
  • Anonymous
    Nice take