Nile Explained: A Musical Analysis

No not that nile i'm talking about, i mean the band.

the technical death metal band and this mytake i will analyzing some of their musical aesthetics and musicianship.


First of all Nile tune to Drop A , which is a seven string tuning and is just B standard with the lowest string downtuned a whole step to A.

So that is B, E, A, D, F#, B

Nile Explained: A Musical Analysis

Key, tonality and scales

Nile Explained: A Musical Analysis

Nile favor the key of A minor mostly, because of their tuning it is easily accessible.

Nile tend to write or based most of their riffs and solos around the harmonic minor and diminished scales.

although sometimes they go into the Hungarian minor (double harmonic minor scale) as well,

Riffs, Solos and Harmonies and Songwriting

Nile Riffs tend to be very heavy and full of barre power chords and palm muting and tremolo picking,

Nile love also octave chords to and stacks of fifths.

Riffs tend to have epic thrashy riffs full of trills,hammer-ons and pull offs and palm muting and tremolo picking, then they have slower, more doomy riffs with sliding power chords and chromatic patterns.

Nile like to pulse on the eight beat.

Riffs are harmonised in perfect fifths, solos are usually long and use tapping,legato phrasing and sweep picking.

Just look at this video to get a in depth explanation

nile love using thier own chord called the nile chord which is

B - --- 12

F#- - - 12

D- - - -9

A - - - 7

E - - - 7

A - - -7


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  • Fuck yeah man!

    I saw these guys live in St Petersburg back in April 2016. *throws some horns*

    Their drummer is amazing.


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