5 Of The Weirdest/Darkest Songs On My Playlist


5 Of The Weirdest/Darkest Songs On My Playlist


My sister recently challenged me to show the weirdest/darkest songs on my playlist to some of my friends lol. I have friends but I'd rather just GAG because I mean, that's easier. So don't kill me, sorry if you hate the songs haha.

As always enjoy or no, both are welcomed.

1. Darkstar, Empress Of- Reformer

2. Toni Romiti- OMG

3. Sevdaliza- Human

4. Glass Animals- Toes

5. ABRA- Diamonds & Gold

5 Of The Weirdest/Darkest Songs On My Playlist
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  • Anonymous
    Uuuuh I sampled the ""human" song, and judging with that, it does have a bit of a dark tone but not really. Repeating "I am human" several times doesn't really do it for me. Want something REALLY dark? There's these I can think of. And many more. Look up the lyrics of each, and you'll find that I think they go quiiite a bit further than the vids you posted. I think those vids need work on the lyrics as it's too much metaphor that's not straight forward so the meaning is lost a bit. If they made lyrics a bit more straight forward and not so quiet and limited, I'd have more respect. Keep in mind too, NONE of these required fanservice to gain popularity. Cause unless you have a REALLY good reason for stripping women, then the assumption is that it's there to trick idiotic guys to buy it out of sexual appeal. None will give a shit about the dark tones and treat it like porn. So again, not impressed and I think "dark" the wrong description.

    also, WHY didn't this masterpiece make the list?
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    • Anonymous

      I've heard some of these and liked the songs but I mean I didn't want to put SUPER dark songs on here because, lol I'm not trying to freak everyone out severely. I just choose some that are dark enough, but still cool to listen to.

    • Anonymous

      Oh really? Cool. Which ones you know? I'm trying REALLY hard not to come off as mean, rude, snobby, etc, but for people that have been fans of legit dark in your face blunt lyric kinda music since middle school, it's a bit insulting to use OUR kinda tone on what is just slightly different pop without ANY credit. Re-looking at what you have, I kinda see them as too light and dense to be considered "dark" at all. The voices are often light sounding and gentle, there's nothing there to mess with the psyche or scare anyone a bit. I don't really see much difference between these and today's hit song. The songs you have while maybe looking a bit more gothic than an average pop vid, seem focused on the artist's looks to gain any attraction whatsoever to the videos. It just seems... self centered. Like the artist is saying "look at me! LOOK AT ME! I am SPECIAL! I AM SO DARK LOOKING! OOOH! I'M SOOO MYSTERIOOOUUUS! Ones I posted mentions suicide, rape, questioning of life. We ALL relate to it

    • Anonymous

      Well to be fair, I said some of the darkest songs on MY playlist. Me and you differ, I knew all of these except the very last one. Also, I don't consider Hopsin dark. Especially not his one about questioning God. It's kind of just a path a lot of people go down and it is more liberating in my opinion. And the only artist who may be doing what you said is Toni, the girl who made that song OMG. Sevadliza makes all her songs like this. ABRA, her name is literally called "The Dark Wave Dutchess." Glass Animals TOES is based off a story where a doctor was doing experiments on people and sewing together animals and humans and making them monsters. And that's me putting it lightly. These songs are "dark" they just aren't your kind. and that's me trying REALLY hard to be nice. Jk lol, but I found that line interesting. It's like saying no offense after you say something offensive.

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  • howlyz
    I like number four the most, it is a great song really in my opinion. If you want something dark and weird you can always listen to this and hope you enjoy, it's meant to be weird, ok
    • howlyz

      skip to "34:30 Rattlesnake - Caravan of Thieves" and continue listening, it is also musically much better in my opinion

    • Anonymous

      Hey, it reminds me of this music I listen to. It always reminds me of gypsies if that makes sense? I really like this song. I have some songs like this haha

    • Anonymous

      Honestly, I listen to everything under the sun so it was hard to choose five for this. Five that were acceptable yet new sounds sort of.

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  • Jjpayne
    Most of the songs are pretty chill and relaxed, although I just listened for vocals and music I could not hear the lyrics too well...
  • Kaneki05
    I Like them but these been dark this is like child play to me
    • I said the same thing. I wake up to Deicide alarms like it's nothing, yet it'd terrify any neighbor in this building as if some sort of nightmare from hell. So these videos being "dark"? Please. Gotta describe them better. Be honest. They are basically Kesha or Lady Gaga if one of them got a bit depressed or went through a goth phase. And that's not even insulting considering both of those artists I actually have some respect for. could've said trash like Ariana Grande, or more so, Meghan Trainer and Iggy Azeala.

  • Secretgardenblood
    Good take
  • lpoots
    saw glass animale at all points east v