Sierra Burgess Is A Loser : Movie Review


Well,hello everyone.

It's me again.

Sierra Burgess Is A Loser is a new Netflix Teen Movie.

Sierra Burgess Is A Loser : Movie Review

It's a movie basically about a girl who catfishes a guy by..."accident".... with a picture of a girl she really dislikes and ends up falling in love with the him and him with "her".

Link of the trailer :

Sierra is a smart student and basically your average "popular boy falls in love with a loser girl" high school movie protagonist, she is a bit over-weight,not really pretty and hopeless romantic.

*eye roll for originality*

Veronica is the classic mean girl of these kind of movies, she is a cheerleader, pretty and surprise surprise she has issues with her home and her mom is kinda pushing her being a bitch.

*eye roll again for originality*

Then we have the guy protagonist :

Jamey which is actually pretty original, considering most main characters in these kind of movies are either players....or at least decent smart.

He is a bit derpy, still a quarterback and popular though, cute and kinda easy to manipulate.

Like I said in the beggining the whole plot is about how Jamey after a bitchy joke,that Veronica made with her even more bitchy friends, messages Sierra thinking it's Veronica herself, and they start talking and flirting till one day he calles her "veronica".

*Let's make something clear to this point though, Sierra knew very well that Jamey thought he was talking to another girl and not her, however she wasn't sure about who.*

After Sierra realizes the situation, she has already fallen in love with Jamey and wants to tell the truth but she is is too afraid to tell him cause she is insecure about her looks... So she gets Veronica somehow blackmailed in order to help her manipulate Jamey.

I'm not going to spoil more though, let's get to my opinion on the movie.

Sierra Burgess Is A Loser : Movie Review

I honestly didn't like it, at all.

It was unoriginal and really bad for young people's brains because basically it pretty much gives false hopes to all these girls with big dreams.

It teaches that manipulating and lying to someone is sooo fun and can actually work well for you at the end...Yeah, no.

Also Sierra didn't deserve the ending she got cause she is a freaking psychopath, like, seriously.

She lied in order to get someone to like her, she manipulated him, she pretended to be unable to speak, she pretended to be someone else, she blackmailed and then exposed Veronica when she was nothing but good with her (after a specific time in the movie) and she reasoned that behaviour to..

Her insecurities.


Oh well, to end this,

My rating would be a 4/10.

You can go watch it, it's a decent chick lit, however don't have really high expectations on it.

That's it for today babydolls.

Till next time, stay sassy.

- AngelicEmpress

Sierra Burgess Is A Loser : Movie Review
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Schrodingerscat
    I watched it for Centineo.

    It is okay, it has interesting premise but then Sierra behaves so out of character towards the end, when she humiliates Veronica. At that point I actually disliked her. Even worse, she says to Dan ,"you don't even like her!". Wow. I could maybe forgive catfishing but this was too much. When movie begins, Sierra comes off as intelligent, witty and highly confident of herself. She doesn't even let Veronica's mean comments get her. Suddenly this.

    When movie began and she was strutting around, comfortable in her skin, I was like wow. That's nice. But then it all faltered.

    I would have liked it much more if she owned up to her faults for real , like catfishing, humiliating Veronica etc and tell Jamey it all by herself than having Veronica talk to him.
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  • Selina_Kyle_
    I had never heard of it, but now I have an idea and I trust ur opinions a lot.
    Thank u, I'll probably not watch.
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Most Helpful Guys

  • ATuairiscean
    I was interested when I saw some clips from the other day but in retrospect it does seem to be giving a Cyrano De Bergerac twist to a high school romance "Breakfast Club" with a modern twist of catfishing. Without seeing it, I can imagine that maybe watching I would start rooting for Veronika and Jamey to fall for each other for real or for the European twist Veronika would fall for Sierra rather than the Hollywood cliche (Sierra and Jamey, yah so happy rah rah rah) - Nice review
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  • Dingsbums
    I guess reading the review was more fun than watching the movie
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  • princessfromjupiter
    I didn't like it either and the ending was so fucked up!
    (I also genuinely don't recall them mention the name of that black guy who was supposedly her bff and had her back through it all? Seriously, what was his name?)
    It's a shame because I genuinely looked forward to this movie but ended up being disappointed by it in the end, but oh well, Noah Centineo was still a darling 😌
  • jenxxl
    if Sierra was a guy and he did half the things she did including kissing him without his consent then the movie would have been viewed as an offense, the movie definitely exposes the double standards when it comes to how sexual harassment is viewed in men and women. i think it was creepy, i only soldiered on till the end for Noah. of course the fat girl had to be type casted as the ugly one like always
  • 1truekhaleesi
    I haven't watched the movie and I refuse to watch it. I could tell just from the preview that it was one of those movies and you perfectly said what I want to say. Sierra seems so manipulative and that's very off putting and I haven't even watched the movie. I'd rather be friends with Veronica.
  • lumos
    I actually liked the movie, because I didn't have very high expectations for it. Sure, it wasn't exactly the most original (or realistic) movie. And I was pretty disappointed in how far Sierra went with the catfishing, I was really hoping she'd do a much better job at redeeming herself. But it did make me feel nostalgic and it was a harmless "waste" of my time. I quite like shutting my brain off with movies like this one, where it's meant to be just silly entertainment.
  • Hurlyburly
    How exactly did Sierra blackmailed Veronica? Didn't she just helped her with learning? o_o Have I missed something?
    But yes, the exposing part is really offputting. Until then I found the friendship that was forming between Veronica and Sierra kind of cute. And the ending is just unbelieveable as fuck.
  • Joves
    I liked it from every character's perspective. It's not realistic, yeah, and that's why most of us liked it, it shows us something we all want making it seem as if it could be real. We like that, we like to elude ourselves. But it's always good to know how to differentiate reality from a movie story, which I believe is the reason why you're upset about it: some people don't know the difference.
    And Sierra never committed a crime, you simply don't approve her methods.
  • zarinofy
    I second that. The main leads have no chemistry and I don't know how the hell they end up together after all the shit. The blind kissing was so cringy, in real life someone would call cops on Sierra. I only watched it for Noah Centineo. But his charm is wasted in this movie
  • devilish-cutie
    i enjoyed the movie but i agree that it isn't realistic and it doesn't give the good message... yet there are girls with guys out of their lague so it is possible yet the whole manner in which the movie was done didn't bring the good message
  • ChgzDaniel
    I could only put up with about 20 minutes of this film. It just wasn't my cup of tea. I think you did a good review of it though!
  • Bubbyisad
    honestly i felt like the actors had really bad acting and that it was so bad that i thought the best friends were going to get together cause they seemed almost flirty with each other.
  • boulshyte
    that movie was horrible i only loved the "pretty girl" she was from a broken home and was actually really sweet and was too nice and sierra was petty and awful for doing wht she did and didny even apologise jusy sent her a song about how she's the victim. ugh so annoyed
    Interesting review, I have not seen it yet. Thanks.
  • AbdKilani
    Thanks for the invite
    I don't watch anything anymore , if I am keeping an eye out for Rick and Morty
    Duh my life is so boring , no TV , or cinema or anything lol
  • kinda-confused
    I think it was cute but I think the guy deserved better I didn’t like what she did to him and Veronica
  • Benedek38
    Just pointing out, people:

    THIS FILM is the definition of a female powerfantasy. THIS is Conan the Barbarian for girls. On steroids.
    I mean, seriously. Be honest. Isn't it the ultimate wet dream for most women to have the objecively best guys literally competing for her, DESPITE being conventionally unattractive, WITHOUT having to do anything to get this attraction from them?
    Sierra Burgess is a Mary Sue, and this story is literally women's softcore pornography. It's not a bit more mature than The Girl Next Door.
    • jellyroo

      I prefer my female power fantasies to be just a tad less creepy and pathetic, but sure I guess.

    • Benedek38

      @jellyroo And that's the reason people wih nuanced views don't like pure power fantasies, because they are unrealistic.

    • Sierra isn't Mary Sue in any way. If anything, she's least likeable because of her actions.

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  • MarkRet
    It doesn't sound all that good, but if it makes a profit, you know they'll do a sequel, and then another sequel, and then another sequel...
  • jellyroo
    That kissing scene by the car had me fucking disturbed, man.
  • xTom98
    not my kind of movie, but thanks for saving me time anyways 😄
  • CarpetDenim
    My sister keeps telling me I look exactly like the protagonist from that movie except skinnier
  • WitchsLove
    I liked the movie, but I agree it is unrealistic and can give weird ideas to young people.
  • QueenofCups
    I like chick flicks, but this one sounds pretty bad.
  • Notabadguy
    I have dated a ugly girl before for her personality and sometimes they can find someone who likes them too
  • worldscolide
    So she's basically a dishonest bitch.. Thanks for the heads up.
  • sunflower569
    I thought it was super cute but yeah the plot is pretty generic. Nothing we haven’t seen. Still made me smile tho. (Standard chick flick giggling)
  • winterfox10
    I was debating watching that. Sounds like I oughta take a pass
  • Guanfei
    Yeah but it's 2018. And netflix is clearly politically oriented. Not surprised they choosed to show a psycho who get the guy by lying and cheating.
  • wouterv
    Well catfishing never right so kind of a weird movie i guees
  • Logorithim
    Interesting review... thanks!
    • Logorithim

      I wonder if this falls under "body positivity"?

  • Secretgardenblood
    Good take
  • That1tallguy
    I already hate the main character
  • Eryxx
    Seems like a boring movie
  • Kayla45
    Cool beans
  • Montana07
    Sounds lame LOL
  • its_all_in_your_head
    Don't worry, I disliked the movie as well.
  • ILikeRamenNoodles
    I'll give it a 10/10.
  • AbhinavRishi
    I would rate it as 5/10