One Step Too Far for Disney


Disney is very well known in the entertainment industry. They own so many entertainment franchises and companies that have become huge in our pop-culture: Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, and we haven't even gotten to the Disney originals yet.

One Step Too Far for Disney
Disney was always known for movies like Beauty and the Beast or Cinderella, but lately they've been buying companies and in my opinion, they have an unfair amount of power in the entertainment industry. In 2006 they bought Pixar, in 2009 they bought Marvel Studios, and in October 2012 they bought Lucasfilm. It is almost unfair that Disney gets so many well-liked movies now. It's almost like the entertainment industry is controlled by Disney. However, it got even worse just a few weeks ago when they bought the film company, 20th Century Fox, and got possession of not only the Marvel characters they may need: Deadpool, Fantastic four, and all of the X-Men, but also according to the Verge article, Disney has acquired 21st Century Fox’s film and TV studios in a landmark deal, they had rights to 30% of Hulu and now have 60%. That's a lot of power.

One Step Too Far for Disney

So why is this a problem? The Entertainment industry may no longer be a free industry like it should be. The Entertainment Industry is practically being controlled by Disney at this point and that makes me very uncomfortable personally. It'll be harder for indie film makers to make well known and good films. Also, film makers, actors, etc may have to only be in more Disney films than any other film. Films have started to become the same style more often as well making them plain boring. I mean, I love the MCU but the style of film is way too similar. Not to mention rules Disney has put in place such as the "no beheadings" rule which requires screenwriters to limit themselves a bit when it comes to producing film.

While gore is disturbing for many audiences, it also is important for a dramatic story or an adult story. I just think overall that Disney has too much power and it is harder for filmmakers who do not want to be associated with Disney to make a living off of film making.

What do you think? Please share opinions, I'd really appreciate it.

One Step Too Far for Disney
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  • danielmeegan
    Disney once upon a time was great but its being used like all media companies for political purposes the past 50 years we went from father knows best to sally has 2 moms they use subliminal messages to prop up theyre unethical push for media dominance great money maker but the show must go on with or without our approval the hidden agenda is more of the same Re runs same movies different takes Hollywood is in lockstep with them repeat repeat repeats creativity is dead redundancy is a methodical teaching or illustration of what they want you to see
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  • LuWe22
    I feel the same. Disney buying Marvel make it now even harder for Adult Storylines
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  • Jamie05rhs
    I agree with everything you said except the part about gore. Nobody wants to see a beheading (and if you do, you are a sick person.)
    • I'm just saying that gore can sometimes be important to make a movie seem realistic. In the past, Disney has sugarcoated many stories such as that of Pocahontas.

  • ROCKS128
    We never know what intentions they have! Which is sure not good/comfortable for us.
  • angelin
    I feel the same. Monopoly should be illegal
    • Guanfei

      It is. But what's illegal doesn't apply to multi-billionaire companies.

  • Nice
  • Montana07
    Interesting take
  • Secretgardenblood
    Good take
  • Anonymous
    I believe that eventually we will see a rebound of people going and seeing movies hell we already have with the last jedi. Johnson took a page out of marvels book and tried to insert marvel humour or what he believes is marvel humour into his film and people cam tell fact that the two don't blend and that everything doesn't need a joke a second. The alien series had jokes but when it fit the purpose and moment in the story. Is it the death of the entertainment industry? I don't thing so as we still have legendary pictures and yes whilst Pacific rim two wasn't great they still have properties of their own. Universal still stand on their own and lions gate.

    What worries and upsets me is with the assimilation of Fox is the is the fact that also includes Fox Searchlight, fox's Indie film studio that financed films like the Danny Boyle film Sunshine. And yes indie films will still exist idipendent branches of major film studios such as fox searchlight that would give a little boost to an indie films Vfx budget or general production budget.
    • Anonymous

      I mean also the indie films will always be a thing, I'm working with a indie film maker on a project now and I can tell you how hard he has worked to make his project air tight. Where will it be shown us another thing. It definitely won't get a wide release. But it will be online on vimeo, I belive he is going to market it to Netflix and we are already planning the next project to be a horror and that we can try and get into contact with one of the many indie horror conventions for a screening or distributors for distribution. The thing is also we are just talking about western cinema. We haven't touched on eastern cinema. Different morals and different mind set. Hell to go back to SW and how finn is tiny on thw poster and Black Panther has his helmet on in his poster there is clearly a lack of intrest in seeing black people on screen over in the East and on top of that ghost busters was banned in china because of the links ghost and belived link to witchcraft.

    • Anonymous

      The thinking that really breaks my heart though is the Star wars stage dances that get done by Disney seeing boba fett and chewie dancing it feels like somthing you'd see fans do not the people that own it. If in the next year we see an alien and predator doing "dance offs" in discovery land then that would be a sad day