Logan Pavia's YouTube Channel--A Review


Wassup to the fellow headbangers of the internet world XD i am back with another metal take, something a bit new from the rest. Sorry this is going to seem shorter than old stuff i've done simply because i'm working with getting uses to doing reviews lol. Anyway..

So a lot of us know pretty well how much youtube is a big thing for music, no matter the genre. In the metal side of youtube there's plenty of stuff that can be fucking magical to your ears. A channel that I'll be telling you guys and gals about today (or tonight on you end) is the youtuber Logan Pavia.

This guy is an example of someone that lives and breathes music, since its his total focus on his channel. His videos consist of mainly guitar or bass song covers, which usually are very diverse among subgenres of metal, rock, punk, etc, with a fine mix of new and old stuff. Along with a ton of song covers you're bound to come across some videos around of him practicing with his band Peace Before Dawn, and hear audio versions of other practices, and some of Logan's own demos here and that band and for his other band Nature of Extinction.

So yes, this channel is pretty open for many music lovers from all around the internet. And this channel is starting to get a bigger amount of viewers in recent time as more videos have been added. For about a year now i've watched his channel, and have seen some/heard some pretty impressive stuff. Being someone who's up for checking out unfamiliar stuff, this channel has also had me find out about a lot of bands i had no clue about.

I'll put up a few videos for you guys to check out right here, but you are encouraged to check out more from his channel:

Madball--Pride (times are changing) guitar cover

Metal song demo

Powerman 5000---When Worlds Collide guitar cover

Demo 2018

Peace Before Dawn--Anthem of Rebellion (band practice)

Hope you guys enjoy XD Stay heavy \m/

Logan Pavia's YouTube Channel--A Review
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  • Aynsof
    These sorts of cover videos I don't bother watching they aren't interesting I don't get why people bother making them and why people bother watching them
    But no skin of my back
    Tried the band practice video here but didn't particularly like it
    Is this still revelant?

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  • SirRexington
    I'll certainly look him up. Always looking for new music and music YouTubers.
  • LegateLanius
    Pretty sweet. I usually just use Youtube to listen to bands. Thanks for showcasing this.
  • MarketData
    Dude plays guitar, which is a plus. Looks like we're not into the same bands though.