3 YouTube Channels you should really check out

In my free time, I do three things: GAG, TV, and YT (YT being YouTube, of course.) For those of you who say YouTube is stupid and for young idiots who can't get over stupid cat videos, please, just don't.

YouTube has brought me many years of entertainment neither TV nor movies could bring me. A variety of content that is created by extraordinary people, all throughout the world, accessible at my fingertips. Today, I will be naming three that you might consider checking out, maybe being because of comedy, entertainment, or purely for the art of science. Here are my recommendations:


Michael Stevens is a 29 year old man from Kansas, and was raised in a house of science. He created his YouTube channel in 2010, and ever since then has been blowing my mind with his videos. In each of the videos he's created, he takes science to a level of mindblown I've never seen before. He can put a price on all the money in the world, a price on the Earth, and even a price on love. Yeah. Try that on for size, GAGers. He's a genius who puts time and effort into his videos, and is possibly my favorite YouTuber to ever hit the charts.


WatchMojo is a channel that focuses in on the entertainment industry, and ranks it in order, 1-10. I'll try to explain: each of their videos is a video of a top 10 of something. For example: top ten Leonardo DiCaprio movies, top ten decade-defying TV shows, and more. Basically, it's hard to put a rank on something that so many people are opinionated on, but WatchMojo does a good job, with unbiased decisions and informative videos that will make you rethink film. It isn't for everyone, but it's definitely for me.


I just HAD to put a comedy channel, because they are some of my favorites! And CollegeHumor really takes the cake here. CollegeHumor is a very funny youtube channel that can only be explained well by checking out the channel. It uses many ways to make people laugh, such as: relateable situations, sexual tension, and lots, (LOTS) of sarcasm floating around! With videos written by most-likely high people, you just might check it out!


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  • nice mytake I like to watch a lot of British you tubers when I watch videos on YouTube and a lot of the videos I watch are funny

    • Yep! I just picked ones i though GAGers would like, my personal fav's aren't these (well except for Vsauce I love him!)

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  • Will have to look into them. I already watch CollegeHumor

    • Vsauce is definitely worth looking into! WatchMojo's pretty good but it's sort of like a *filler* for a my take

  • I already watch them all. :D

  • These are a list of YouTube channels to avoid
    College humor is not that funny
    There are better comedy channels

    • I just posted College Humor cuz people on this site like it.

      And if u wanna hate on CH, that's fine, but on VSAUCE?

      Vsauce is incredible. Don't u dare ever criticize Vsauce.

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