"Glass"...I am not sure what the critics were expecting!


So I saw "Glass" this weekend, despite having to work almost the entire time.

That sucked!

Anyway, I got pissed Saturday with something I was trying to figure out on a mail server. Went out that evening and saw "Glass" at a neighborhood theater. And I just thought it was awesome. M. Night Shymalan, invested 20 million dollars of his own money in the film. I am so glad the film has made money. I thought it was well written, well acted, made some good philosophical points. I mean, if you don't watch the film all the way until the final act, it would not make any sense. Maybe that's what the critics were complaining about. Of that I am not sure. I only know it was a great kind of. . .anti-superhero film. In the age of dozens of Marvel/DC films coming out yearly. This is a film that stands in stark contrast. The film is not about villains and good guys. Just people with different agendas. Not that I am defending mass murderers or psychotic killers. But there is much more depth given to these characters. I don't want to spoil anything so I won't give away the plot.

I will only say, it is intricate and detailed. And when you think you have things figured out, you can be certain that you do not have a clue. I hope Shymalan comes back and does more films in this "universe". It is kind of refreshing to have films like this. Where people have these extraordinary abilities, but have to deal in a world that bares a closer resemblance to our everyday lives than Marvel/DC.

Three and a half out of four.

"Glass"...I am not sure what the critics were expecting!
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  • Pamina
    I thought Split was pretty cool, so I'm looking forward to seeing Glass. I mean, McAvoy was brilliant in Split (without him the movie would have been rather meh) so it's at least gonna be fun to watch.
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  • ShoeGirl24
    I saw this this weekend. I really enjoyed it
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    • Yeah, that's why I was kind of baffled about the criticism. I am just glad Shymalan made some cash on it. He has had a rough go over the last decade.

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  • Clarke498
    I loved pretty much all of it, but the thing with Sarah Paulson's character was insanely poorly done, and it really damaged the outcome for me.
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    • I would agree that Shymalan, could have done one of two things. Either tell us less or tell us more about her organization. He seemed to tell us the right amount to kind of frustrate us. That's why i deducted a half star.

    • Clarke498

      It took out one and a half star for that because it ruined so much of the end for me. The only thing i ended up liking with the end was the awesome fact that Mr. Glass still made his goal come true.

  • Curmudgeon
    I actually enjoyed "Unbreakable", which set up Samuel Jackson's character. Will he and the Bruce Willis character face off in this one?
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  • Knighted2170
    One problem I have with Shymalan films are they tend to be formulaic. Once you know the formula, the films become predictable.

    I, unfortunately, learned the formula in a screenwriters school. I went back and watched all his films, and sure enough the formula was there. Reading your review I thought maybe he changed it up. But, looking at what others have written, I don't think he has as it is a continuation film.

    I saw Unbreakable twice, and Split once. Both have the formula. However, it is more noticeable in Unbreakable, and only slightly less in Split. Even the movies between those that came between those where he had a story by, or screenplay by, instead of a written by credit. Devil, After Earth, The Visit. Devil was less formulaic because he only had a story by credit. But After Earth, and The Visit had written and screenplay credits with director so the formula was heavily present, and gives away the ending before the film climax.

    I don't want to give away the formula for those who really enjoy his work. Once you know it, you can't unsee it, and it can ruin the film.
    • Haha! I don't think you are going to ruin it for anyone. I don't think there are many films out there that do not rely upon a formula. One franchise that was formulaic for decades were the Bond films.

      But I loved them. And I have to see every single one, no matter how bad it is.

  • Bananaman177
    I loved Unbreakable and hated Split. Couldn't even finish Split.

    This movie looks like Unbreakable with the asshole from Split shoehorned in and acting all retarded and being annoying while the other poor actors try to make a movie around him as if he wasn't there.
    • You didn't like McAvoy's performance?

      Yeah, you won't like "Glass".

    • Kaneki05

      Dude if you don't like split or the charter in it fairs.
      But you cannot say he is a bad actor or an asshole for playing a role of a mentally ill guy with muitple personailty perfectly even if you personally don't like the film or him he is one hell of an actor.

    • @Kaneki05 Yeah, I don't get that one. McAvoy is among the best in his generation.


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  • Hurlyburly
    I loved Split, never seen Unbreakable and found Glass nothing but involuntary funny... I still enjoyed it, but more for its goofyness than the actual plot it was trying to tell.
    Neither my boyfriend nor another friend who was with us liked it either... :/
  • B15H0P
    Haven't seen it, never heard of it. Will say tho, it is a critics job to... well, critic and nothing is above critisism.
    • Well, they certainly are not critical of everything. And the criticism they rendered on this flick is that it felt "unfinished". This was never going to be a Marvel/DC type flick. It was always going to take are more philosophical approach.

  • Wolframium
    It would be a lot cooler if they name it Vitrum. Same meaning, except from superior language, latin.
    And. I will not have respect from guy, who has time of day in his name. And whose (first) name is everywhere just as M. OK, M. what? Not to mention that this was the designation I gyve my very first girlfriend.
    Yeah. I don't like that guy. From reasons, which are pretty much definition of mine reasons.
  • THenny
    SPOILERS: People are upset with the movie because the ending doesn't do justice to the characters we've grown to adore over the last couple movies. No matter how you romanticize the movie, there's no excuse for getting a random grunt to drown Dunn in a PUDDLE.

    Not to mention the premise of the movie is completely contrived. We've seen that they have real abilities already. So the segments where the psychiatrist tries to convince them otherwise just came across as overbearing and contrived. Not to mention Shyamalan treats the viewers like fools all throughout the movie and opts to explain everything that's occuring. For instance, one thing I liked about Split was that Kevin's dad was stated to have passed away in a train accident. HOWEVER, it was never explicitly stated that it was the same train that Dunn was on, so once it was revealed that Unbreakable and Split shared the same universe I had to piece it together myself.

    The cinematography was also severaly lacking. Aside from the overuse of first person perspective, and close up shaky cams, I found that during the climax, the cinematography never failed to undermine the stakes of what was occuring. For instance, during the fight scene (and yes I know it's not supposed to be a marvel movie) the camera was constantly too far away from the action so it just looked silly seeing Kevin run across the grass like a leopard and kept revealing how small scale the climax was on. Additionally, the psychiatrist attempts to prove that the three individuals have no special abilities, while taking countermeasures against their abilities? How does that make sense. If they're regular people just deal with them like regular people. And even if hypothetically it was just more convenient that way, you're telling me the beast couldn't have just threw his bed at the lights, covered his eyes with a pillow or straight up just close his eyes to get past the lights?

    Also, one thing I LOVED about Split was the music. I can't remember a SINGLE soundtrack in this movie.

    Finally, absolutely nothing in this movie effected how the characters think or act. Dunn and Kevin were basically just there to fight. The girl (I forget her name) is just there to have this contrived relationship with Kevin which ultimately just gets him killed. Mr. Glass was interesting but lacked screen time, and the sun was just useless all around. None of their motivations changed and nothing new was revealed about them, and yet Shyamalan killed them off.

    This movie wasn't anywhere near what I expected to be the follow up for split. I give this movie a 3/10 ABSOLUTE MAX.
    • Yeah, I think you were disappointed because for you the climax was supposed to be the confrontation. But it wasn't. You allude to fact that "we" have seen their abilities already. Yeah, "we" have. I am not sure what filmmaker would make a movie based upon where the viewers are apart of the plot, unless you are doing Deadpool 3. I thought the explanation for why they began to doubt the obvious was awesome. If there were some organization that is actually trying to keep their abilities a secret, then the movie makes perfect sense.

      I mean, she was a psychologist. Her job was to get them to disbelieve themselves and doubt their abilities. It was like they wanted the characters themselves to do the work. Interestingly, this isn't too much different I think than what would happen in real life.

      As for Dunn's death, I am not sure why it was so significant to you. Did you really love that character?

    • DizzyDesii

      Lmao well dang spoiler 🙈 but i wasn't gonna watch anyways so oh well

    • THenny

      Lol no I'm tired of pseudo intellectuals saying "you hated it because it's not a marvel- esque movie".

      Everyone and their grandmothers knows the point of the movie was to be grounded in reality. I'm upset because 1) they attempt to disprove their abilities when the whole point of the last movie was embracing who you are. I thought they'd do something interesting like comment on how people refuse to accept reality despite facts presented to them; but nope.

      As for Dunn's death it upset me because it doesn't do the character justice. He had no purpose in the movie aside from fighting and dying.

      I completely respect your opinion but honestly you seem like an average movie goer that simply rates a movie based off of how much they enjoyed it. I'm sure you probably couldn't even provide an adequate explanation for why you gave it a 3.5/4 instead of a full 4.

      And don't get me wrong that's completely fine. But I'd be lying if I said it wasn't slightly irritating seeing pseudo intellectuals undermine other peoples opinions with the "it's not a marvel movie" line.

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  • ItalianGuy019
    I have not seen it yet but definitely will see it and I went nuts at the end of Split when I saw Bruce WIllis I had no idea it took place in the same universe and I read that they originally planned to have the villain from Split in Unbreakable but could not fit him into the movie with everything else going on so it is great that they went in this direction.
  • MrKinktastic
    I'll have to give it a watch, I enjoyed switch so I'm hoping it'll be worth a watch.

    Worst case scenario I waste $15 and a few hours on his high budget art project.
  • Ellie-V
    Unbreakable was my shit. Old Sammy Sam better come through with yet another brilliant performance because I do plan on watching this movie just to see him tbh. Never watched split and I don't know who the third villain guy is supposed to be.
    • Third villain guy?

    • Ellie-V

      There are three people in the picture

    • You mean McAvoy?

      "Glass"...I am not sure what the critics were expecting!

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  • SarahsSummer
    I loved Unbreakable but feel like I need to see Split first. As I understand it, Glass is the final act to the trio. Is that the case? Also, I dont know how someone works at the same time as watching a movie at a theater. Please expound.
    • Oh, I was moving mailboxes. And I had an archive mailbox that was moving. 45GB!!! That is insane. That mailbox alone took three days to move. That !@#$#!@!@ is still moving now. I was watching it, along about 70 or 80 other moves the entire weekend. I had ones that stopped because the target databases had policies that would not allow the moves. I had ones that had errors. I had ones that I thought moved, but failed.

      I can go into managing Microsoft Exchange if you wish. I manage several different organizations as part of a contract. Most are old because I have clients who refused to go to the cloud for email. I remotely manage and was still watching mailboxes move from my phone during the flick. So all weekend long, I binged watched tv series, played Napoleon, went to see "Glass" and moved mailboxes. A three-day weekend wasted.

      I am a serious nerd. Are you sorry you asked?

      Back to the movie, yep, you probably should see both Split and Unbreakable first. You need an understanding of McAvoy's character.

      He did a masterful job of pulling him off.

      "Glass". . . I am not sure what the critics were expecting.

    • great thanks! Ill watch Split this weekend. But back to work and movie. Do you sit in a movie theater and have a phone or laptop on at the same time? isn't that rude to other movie goers? isn't that against theater policies? I know if I paid $11 to see a movie and the guy in front of me was on a screen the whole time, I'd ask my guy to escort him out lol.

    • Yeah, I watched the moves from the phone. I use RDP from an iphone. My favorite app is called "jump". Because you don't manage networks, you might prefer "teamviewer". I use that with certain clients. But you can remotely manage your computer from any mobile device using that.

      "Glass". . . I am not sure what the critics were expecting.

      My app does not do remote management actually. It is direct access. I actually login to these different networks directly. The RDP protocol is pretty efficient and allows for faster access.

      And all I was doing was clicking "refresh" and seeing what the status was anyway.

      As for "other" movie goers. I don't understand. All I did was a few times during the flick was take the phone out, connect to the server, click refresh and see what the status was. It took like two minutes. Besides it was late and there were probably only 20 or 30 people in the theater. It was one of those "Stadium Grill" theaters. So there is a lot of room to spread out. Its actually pretty awesome. You get reclining seats and you can order food, alcohol, drinks, etc. They have everything.

      But folks aren't squished together like in a traditional movie theater. These types of cinemas are all the rage in the midwest where I am working now.

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  • hollygxx123
    Not seen it and probs won’t unless someone else asks me to go. And what is it about exactly? x
    • Have you seen Unbreakable or Split?

    • admelein

      You would have to see the first two before you decide.

  • Inneedofusername
    Unbreakable was boring, but Split was one of the best movies I have ever seen. I absolutely LOVE split, and I surely will watch glass. I'm planning to do so in 4D cinema to make it more fun
    • Hmmm. . . that is curious. Most folks who didn't like Unbreakable, also did not like Split.

      But a lot of folks who loved Unbreakable, hated Split.

      Maybe it is an American thing? They like Bruce Willis but think McAvoy was overracting?

      I dunno.

  • DizzyDesii
    I hope its actually interesting because Unbreakable bored me to the end and Split only got good the last 30 minutes...
    • Well, I dunno. The movie feels more like "Unbreakable". But it shares one thing with Split. Some things are held off until the very end.

      If you didn't like "Unbreakable", I think it would be hard to like this movie.

  • John_Doesnt
    So it's a movie about 3 homosexuals who buy a house with a garden? I don't get why this is so popular.
  • monkeynutts
    Cool, I have unbreakable in my collection,
    I love the art gallery scene, the guy wants to his todler a priceless piece of art, Jackson retorts, you see any tellytubbies here? Too funny.
    • He has a funnier line in "Glass", right before a guy gets killed by McAvoy.

  • ElloElloElloEllo
    i hate how they made the toughest guy the weakest. the hottest guy ugly. the most badass guy a softy. 😂
  • TheycallmeChico
    Literally zack snyders take on superman. It showed a superman in a world like Ours, not a comic world but real life. But people pissed he didn't smile. Smh 😂
    • Nah. . . here in America, Man of Steel is beloved.

      That whole Batman/Superman Dawn of Justice crap needed to be flushed down the toilet.

      This scene left me trembling;


    • Why? I can't see a Batman in real life being any other way. Lex luthor was amazing. Yeah he ain't bald or a badass but damn he is everything a lex luthor really is. His points were great and loved em. I guess jessy isenburg didn't sit well with viewers, even i thought so too, but if it was the exact same acting but done by mark strong or bryan cranston im sure people would love it

    • haha!!! Lex Luthor was a high school dropout who was addicted to crack. Ben Affleck played Batman like an old man who was always constipated and angry. I don't get it. The sales speak for themselves. DC can be dark. That's cool. Christian Bale's Batman series was dark. But the characters need depth. And there simply was none.

      Think about Bale's Batman. He played two characters. Bruce Wayne and Batman. They were like two different people. Especially when Bale needed to give Wayne an alibi.

      Affleck's Batman is just Batman. That's it. He is just the same guy all the time. And I like the way Bale played this smoldering volcano. . . who would explode when he put on his suit.

      Cavill could have done a little more to salvage the movie it he had a bigger role. Wonder Woman at the end was a pleasant surprise. But that was it.

      And by far, the biggest disappointment is Luthor's character. We are talking about a man smart enough to beat superhuman individuals with no powers at all. That's why the Luthors from the animated series and movies will always be my favorites. There he is at least Batman's equal when it came to intellect.

      Unfortunately, neither one of their characters in DC are all that smart.


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  • Kaneki05
    Great film shitty ending no one would actaully believe that video he puts up at the end is real.

    Plus all they caught was stuff that could be explained away. Like the strength adreline and learning how to be that strong is actaully possible people can tip over cars and throw people.

    Also high speed again learned.
    Plus they all died in none super hero ways.
    If you watched that vid online you just saw people who apparntly have super powers, die from one shot of a gun the other drow in a puddle and the other getting punched.

    You would be thinking how the hell are these super humans with powers.
    Also the leader of the people who keep this all a secreat could of said this was a trailer to film and made some bullshit like that up wouldn't of been hard.
    • We didn't see the entire video. I didn't get caught up the details. I was think about the premise Shymalan was getting at.

      Not sure about whole died in non-superhero ways deal. This isn't Marvel or DC. So Thanos was going to blast someone into oblivion or whatever.

    • Kaneki05

      Yeah but it was still done bad. There was no way anyone would believe the video only conspricy people which would actaully make more normal people believe it less.

      Then like i said the secreat agent could of covered it up by saying it was a teaser to new film or something then just the film got scrapped due to funding or actaully just make one of it all. Would of been easy.

      And of course no one is expecting thanos.
      But if you told me a guy has strength that people can actaully get in real life anyway then he died by drowning in a puddle and was a mental ill person was a super human/hero i would laugh. And that's what the vid showed.

      Heck i am still not even sure any of them actaully had super powers anyway if it wasn't for the goverment group trying to cover it up honestly all these guys do things that can actually be done.

      Appart from climb up walls but that was the legit only one thing that would make me think hmm well humans cannot do that, but then if a women who is a psycholgist like the women pretending to be in the film said actaully he learnt that from the thing she mentioned in the film.
      I would believe her cause it actaully sounded possible with the way she put it.

    • Well, again, we did not see the entirety of what Glass sent out. And you are now simply guessing at what could've, shoulda, woulda;

      So Glass could have added more information in the video. Descriptions of Kevin's and David's conditions, medical records, etc.

      Why in the world do we have to go down that road?

      Now you are kind of posting contradictory stuff.

      A person watching the video would not believe David had superpowers. But you are upset that David died so easily? We already knew that water was his weakness. And when he was a child, he certainly could not stop those boys from drowning him. He had already been immersed in a tank. He broke out with the last of his strength. Obviously he was weak. Otherwise, he would have just gotten up.

      You didn't like the film. I get it.

      It isn't like you are angry about the plot or whatever. You seem more angry that David died.

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  • Guanfei
    What they expected is a movie as good as Unbreakable. But the movie didn't need sequels, it was more than enough.
    • This is perhaps Shymalan's first sequel. I don't count Split. Split was simply done in the same universe. An "Unbreakable" while good was totally unfinished. Which is why "we" were clamoring for another flick.

    • Guanfei

      I don't really see what you could add to Unbreakable, honestly. The movie goes through all the stages. From the moment David realize he's something else, to the moment he does his first act as a hero.

    • It goes through all of David's stages.

      Why do think this flick is called "Glass"? Did you see it?

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  • LuvAsh
    I didn't see it. I don't know if i will or not but I don't really want to see it tbh
    • Same looks boring tbh😂x

    • I seen it and I got to be honest it was good

    • @bklynbadboy1 Mmmm. . . these two probably wouldn't like it. It isn't action packed like Marvel/DC. And it is kind of complicated. If you are not into intricate detailed plots, you won't like it.

      I have to admit, I am pretty nerdy. I liked saw "Primer". And that was easily one of the most convulted, difficult to follow flicks I have ever seen.

      And I loved it.

      "Glass". . . I am not sure what the critics were expecting.

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  • Thotkiana
    But split was soooo baddd
    • Hmmmm. . . I thought it was average. I saw it on my last flight over to Europe. Wasn't bad or good. It was just kind of there. But I got fired up when I saw Bruce Willis at the end.

    • Thotkiana

      😂😂same but I thought it was vin Diesal or however u spell it

    • Okay. That's funny.

      "Glass". . . I am not sure what the critics were expecting.

  • RobLovesDemi9277
    It's boring as hell if you go see it bring a pillow with you
  • bklynbadboy1
    I thought it was good too
    • Yeah, I don't know what the critics were rambling about. It certainly wasn't Ironman. But it wasn't trying to be.

  • Anoi4
    I really want to start watching this soon!
  • BigRob420
    Did wanna see that.
  • Secretgardenblood
  • Anonymous
    It was good G. I wanna see it again. Ya heard
  • Anonymous
    Look if you didn't like unbreakable you are wasting your time.