Tattoos and why I am so tempted to get one or more, let's begin shall we! :)


So I have been tempted to get tattoos ever since I was 10 and since then I have thought through what designs I would want, in other words I have spent 9 years thinking of the design I would want and where.

Throughout my time growing up, I would draw designs on my hand and forearm and I loved them but I am not entirely sure if I want something permanent yet.

The reason I love tattoos so much is because the art can be something personal to you and unique. I wouldn't want them everywhere but my ideal choice would be on one forearm as a sleeve or on one hand almost looking like a tattoo glove :)

Even though people never really imagine me as a person who would get a tattoo, I am a person who gets great entertainment and comfort from seeing something new, this is why I draw on my arms and hands because I fidget and need to see different designs and it makes the skin seem less boring :)

I guess the reason I am contemplating it is because I fear I may regret the design or get bored of it or that it won't look as good when I am older etc. so I am really still thinking it through to make sure that it is what I want and the art has to be exactly what I want ^_^

Tattoos and why I am so tempted to get one or more, let's begin shall we! :)

I liked this one because of all the detail that is going on but I feel like so much detail might make the regret worse if I end up regretting it while having a smaller and less detailed one would be less troubling if I regretted it <3

Tattoos and why I am so tempted to get one or more, let's begin shall we! :)

This was just an example, but I do want a life quote, I have some ideas but I need to imagine a place where I will find it convenient and helpful :)

"A bad life is only defined by what you see as bad so see the world with it's potential not it's flaws"

"Loving yourself is a key step to loving others and a happier life"

"When you hide your feelings, people can't care about you the way you want them to"

"Death is not as frightening when you see it in a different light, don't fear the inevitable"

Tattoos and why I am so tempted to get one or more, let's begin shall we! :)

I liked this one how it linked it with the solar system and the Lunar cycles which was cool but the fact the eyes weren't exactly visible made it feel not good enough <3

I fear that if it were more realistic, real snakes may be defensive near it :p
I fear that if it were more realistic, real snakes may be defensive near it :p

This one is a Milk snake and it is super cute and the right size and so far probably the most suitable for me considering size, price, level of realism, location and linkage to myself <3

I am interested to know if anyone else wants a tattoo and I won't get one yet, I have to be 100% sure what I want, where I want it and that it portrays exactly what I want it to.

Another issue is that there is only ONE tattoo artist near me and I don't know it's rating in terms of hygiene, price for quality etc. so I can't just do this carelessly :)

So I would also like a life quote on my body, somewhere where I can read it so NOT on my back or my leg which will 90% of the time be covered by my trousers :D

But I am still thinking it through, I just wanted to make a little Mytake saying about why I like them, sorry for the fact it is so short <3

Tattoos and why I am so tempted to get one or more, let's begin shall we! :)
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  • AnimeThot
    I'm scared of getting a tattoo because I change my mind really quickly and also the one I want is pretty stupid. I'll wait until I can get a tattoo and if I still want it by then I'll probably go for it. I really like the snakes but I personally think getting writing tattooed is a bad idea.
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    • Yes wait till you are old enough and if you still want it then start considering it thoroughly before going straight to it :) you have to be sure of what you want ^_^

  • aloha96
    I love tattoos. I’m planning on getting two more after I graduate college this year!
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  • Kaneki05
    Me defo getting tattoos, not gonna put any of my quotes cause there all depressing as hell, or just dark and truthful and you seem to be a postive person so no pointing ruining that for you.
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    • I'm actually a pessimist but I can see why you wouldn't write it on your body :)

  • Lance1965
    I wanted tattoos as young as 7 or 8 years old. By the age of 12 I was tattooing myself because I couldn't wait till legal age.
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    • ... Well, that is... Understandable, but I couldn't fully support your choices due to legal reasons but I can understand how your patience must have wore thin and why you did it :)

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  • CoffeeWC
    My sister got a tattoo on her 18th birthday. It was a small tattoo of an arrow piercing a diamond. It had a personal meaning.
    • That's nice, I'm sure it has a very meaningful reason to it to which I will not dig into, it is her personal reason :)

  • EclipseoftheHeart
    Don't get one just to get one, because as you say, you're going to have to live with it. I don't particularly like tattoos for myself, but it's your body so do what you want. I just see too many mindless "Get drunk, get tattoo" types that have no rhyme nor reason or even placement. So if you are going to get one get a good one. You get what you pay for so you may as well get the best. Tattoos and why I am so tempted to get one or more, let's begin shall we! :)
  • elizamichale1
    I haven't had any tattoos yet but my boyfriend is asking me to get something slutty on my naughty bits and i am not sure what to get
    • Well whatever you get, be sure you are comfortable having it forever, because it isn't a temporary thing :)

    • Yea you are right but he only wants me to get something slutty and i am reaching a stage to be ok with it hehe

    • Fair enough :)

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  • littlelofty
    littlelofty; I have tho rt about it for years but not yet, and the other thing is you got it for life, once you get one mack it good, and you are branded for life. That is way I haven't got one.
    • I mean, you could remove it but you would have a scar, laser treatment can remove a tattoo but the scar you get from it is worse, laser treatment is typically used only when someone has a indecent or rude tattoo, not just a piece of art they regret.

      But yes, you will have a mark on that part of skin forever so being certain is important.

  • Liam_Hayden
    Tattoos are so common now that they bore me.Tattoos and why I am so tempted to get one or more, let's begin shall we! :)
  • Gringo0121
    I’ve a good few tattoos and most of them I’ve had to think about and design remember the ink is there for life
    • Yes, being 100% sure is very important and I am treating it as something very serious, not just something fun as If it can be removed :)

  • NovissimumVirorum
    you should get a £5 note tattooed on your privates so you can ask people if they want to blow a fiver
  • Badenoch
    It might sound silly but if you’re not sure then have it henna’d on for a while and see if you still like it or get bored, it’ll last but it’ll also fade away so you can redo it if you need longer to decide, it helps to show other people and get their opinion on it as well. Of course it won’t be exactly the same but it’ll give you an idea of how it’ll look and you can always try it in different places if you like the look but not the positioning. Also a lot less money than a tattoo you may come to regret. Good luck, whatever you do.
    • Henna is a great thing, I have seen other people use it but that was for religious reasons :)
      Your suggestion is actually very good, shame you didn't send it sooner, you would have got MHO :)

      Thank you very much, I think I will try it and see if I get bored of the design being there :)

    • Badenoch

      Hope you find something you love!

  • wanna2
    I personally like tattoos, I think they can be really sexy
  • PeterB1517
    Well, getting a tattoo will make permanent the decision that you are lower class. When with refined, wealthy, upper-class, professional people, they will see it, and make the silent judgment that you are either lower class or rebellious.

    But Joel Osteen says God put things in your heart for a purpose (or to that effect), so if this is something you are fixated on since age 10, then perhaps it is your destiny. It is also a way to say you are artistic. If that, then get something truly artistic which is complex with multiple colors that would look worthwhile and interesting on a paint canvas. And take a train to get it done somewhere worthwhile.
  • AlexEfron
    Wanna try this?Tattoos and why I am so tempted to get one or more, let's begin shall we! :)
  • Lyndsielee666
    DO IT
  • DollySummers
    As long as it has meaning
  • Ordinarygurl_
  • 1828avaava1828
  • ultimega
    Ooh , very nice take! Gotta love tattoos
  • ChiPaPa
    What do you happen to have right now?
    • I don't have any at the moment, I have a good amount of money though so I will try to get something small though :)

    • ChiPaPa

      Ooh! Why not something anime related?

    • Because I love snakes more <3 I know right? Me loving something more than anime sounds outlandish :D

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  • dragoblack
    Self-expression through art, plain and simple.
  • Browneye57
    Like a bumper sticker on a ferrari. Just trashy.
  • stuntbrain
    Getting a tattoo to feel unique means you aren't
  • Secretgardenblood
    Good take.