Top Summer YouTube Channels You Should Check Out


Now that school is out it is time to relax and really YouTube binge! Check out my favorite Summer YouTube Channels

1. Sweet the MI

This is not a typical ASMR channel it is an ASMR cooking channel! This cute channel involves Korean cooking desserts with no talking or music just enjoying the sounds of cooking.

2. Real Stories

This is absolutely my favorite YouTube Channel because I love watching documentaries especially British documentaries!

3. Honest

The channel Honest is known for his videos such as Unpopular Opinions, regular opinions on artists that are not biased, and the downfall of artists we never hear music from anymore documentaries.

4. I am Eloho

Eloho discusses issues within the African American community such as colorism, social injustice, racism and many more.

5. TLC

I love watching TLC clips from 90 day fiance and Extreme Cheapskates. Its a guilty pleasure.

6. Ted Talks

I mean who doesn't like Ted Talks?

This is all I have so far. I have more but it mostly related to school related stuff such as study blogs (Which I will be sharing before school starts) other than that let me know what you think of the post along with what other YouTube channels you think I should check out! See you guys soon!

Top Summer YouTube Channels You Should Check Out
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