Four YouTube Channels for Those Who Want Some Serious Information

1. Vice

Vice brings you all fact and no bullshit. Unlike your regular media, these journalists will take big risks to get real information.

The give video is about effects of global warming around the world and some unfortunate countries who are simply helpless.

2. Last Week Tonight

John Oliver has a unique way of tackling problems. Humour combined with serious talks. He will being you info in a funny yet effective way.

The given video is the episode in which our host will tell you about the problems with nuclear weapons.

3. The Russell Peters Show

Stereotypes, misconceptions, racism or whatever Russell Peters tackles everything in an amazingly humorous way. You'll end up laughing and enlightened, both at the same time.

The given video is about the common misconception that 'every brown guy is a terrorist'.

4. The young Turks

Logic and fact. TYT are the enemies of bigots. They provide data and arguments in 20% humorous and 80% serious way.

Many don't like them because they are very straightforward. But you, are a serious person, right?

The given video is about religious problems is America.

Well, this take was pretty short. But still, thanks for reading!


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  • Wait. How can humor be considered "serious"?

    • Like in sex end classes. Where we laugh on serious things.

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    • Thanks! Let's see if it gets promoted.

    • Let's see.

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