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Dark Phoenix! Not great, but not terrible.

If you don't know about the actual story, it isn't a bad movie.
If you don't know about the actual story, it isn't a bad movie.


Well, I took a friend to the flick last night. I have to admit it wasn't bad. There are some nice fight scenes. It is kind of hard to make a bad movie with Sophie Turner, Michael Fassbender, and James McAvoy. There are actually a couple of compelling scenes involving Turner and McAvoy, then Turner and Fassbender.

The story of course deviates totally from the comic book series. The aliens in the movie actually get involved because they wish to manipulate Jean or take the Phoenix force from her. Jessica Chastain and her group are totally boring and uninteresting in the movie. Jennifer Lawrence isn't even in the flick for more than five minutes. But most fans of the X-Men comic wondered why was she cast as Mystique from the very first film. It was a pitiful choice. And to hear her barking out commands like she is some leader or something is just pitiful.

Scott Summers "Cyclops", continues to be a pitiful character who literally can't be trusted to cross the street unaccompanied. The movie is missing a badly needed scene from QuickSilver. He literally saved the last movie from being a total waste of material. But Sophie Turner does a good job of trying to carry the flick on her back.

All in all, if you are not expecting the comic book story and you are not a huge fanboy of the series or the comic it is an okay flick. If you have nothing to do on a Saturday afternoon, you can drop in and burn up a couple of hours and not feel sick that you have blown 15 bucks or so.

Dark Phoenix! Not great, but not terrible.
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  • Deathraider

    I feel like the conclusion to the beloved franchise wasn’t satisfied. For one thing, rather than closing a lot of doors, it kind left me confused. Like in the end of
    Days of Future Past, didn’t Wolverine return to the future with Jean still alive and with Charles Xavier still running the school.

    The plot seemed a little too simplistic. Jean Grey got hit by the Phoenix force and she eventually broke Charles mental barriers to find the out he’s been lying to her. Everyone reject bringing her in. Meanwhile, the aliens are trying to find Jean Grey and we find out they want the Phoenix force after the Phoenix force destroyed their planet. The aliens manipulate her t9 come with them. Erik and Charles fights over whether they should kill or not. The government comes in and brings them onto a train. Then we have the train fight before Jean truly unleashed her power and killed the main alien, and that pretty much concludes the movie.

    You know, I think this is an unpopular opinion, but I felt like Days if Future Past would’ve served a better conclusion to the series. Both the Original series X-Men and the past X-Men trying to stop an unstoppable threat.

    And call me nitpicking, but I really dislike the Raven in the new X men movies. The X men movie since X men First Class has been lowering the quality of Raven, both in costume and acting. I mean in this movie, she was just Jennifer Lawrence in light blue makeup. I mean I honestly disapprove of the idea that Raven is leading the X men. They should’ve made her more like an anti hero finding her path.

    I will give them this though, X men Apocalypse did leave the writers in a tough spot since Erik nor Raven were really that big of enemies anymore with one movie left to go.

    • Oh, the ending sucked. It was very simplistic. As I have explained, I would have preferred the much more complex story from the comics. But they didn't go that route. They claimed they needed to change the ending because of Captain Marvel. Which I think is a copout.

      And as I explained. They cast Mystique wrong. Why Jennifer L? I will never know. But it was a terrible casting choice.

      But all in all it wasn't terrible. I went with low expectations and of course, it was a premiere. Someone else paid my way.

      But did you think the two or three scenes between Sophie Turner, Fassbender, and McAcvoy were compelling?

      It felt for a moment, like they really were going to tell the story of the Dark Phoenix.

    • They were better than the rest of the movie. But still, it kind of feels a little bland.

    • Well, it isn't a great movie. It is just slightly above average.

      I still laugh when I think of her saying;

      "Walk to me, Charles".


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  • kitty71

    So I rather watch it better at the comfort of my TV home and not waste any money on it to watch it at the movie theater?

    • Yeah, you can wait. Like I said, there are only two or three compelling scenes. I just wish they had done Dark Phoenix for real.

  • Smegskull

    X-Men should have ended with "Logan" the series is sort of a zombie at this point.

    • It is never going to end. . . as long as there is a chance to make some money.

  • ThisIsMyOpinion

    Finally found you review xD
    I still haven't watched it. Would you say it's better or worse than captain marvel?

    • Oh it is better than Captain Marvel. Because it walks right up to the line of being as vicious as the comic.

      When Jean is on the run, you are like. . ."this is wild".

  • ronaldo75

    Movie was trash, bro. Straight garbage. Fox needs to leave it alone for now and let Marvel pick it back up 5 years from now when all this woke bullshit is over.

    • Dude, the money is what matters. That's why movies get made or not. They screwed up Apocalypse. I don't know how they had enough money to come back and make another one.

      But they did. And it wasn't bad.

      Your review of the flick says nothing about it. What happened? What didn't happen? Why was it bad? What should have been done better?

      I provide details. Because I actually saw the movie.

  • BrittBratt2416

    Nah i heard it sucked so i didn't bother to go see it.

  • Anonymous

    Too bad

  • Anonymous

    Cool story bro