I Feel Quechuan When I’m High


I feel Quechuan when I'm high (on life and other things). All I need to do is learn Quechuan and my eagle spirit journey over the Andes will be complete. Here's some music I discovered to aid in the journey in case there are any other fellow Quechuan-wannabes:

Anyone else into this sort of thing? Have some music to share? I just discovered this sort of thing in the past year or so.

I Feel Quechuan When I’m High
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  • BrokenEmpathy
    I'm South American and often enjoy listening to Andean music, for much that's becoming less frequent here.

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  • HereIbe
    Wannabes are pathetic.
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    • I agree! :-D It's weird though because I like a lot of folk music (even like European music from the middle ages), but this Latin American type seems to resonate with me more for some reason than usual.

    • HereIbe

      I love Quechan music, myself, but I never "feel Quechan". I just like the music.

    • I actually have this weird imagery like I'm in the Amazon or something when I listen to it. It's a bit cheesy but I don't know. It feels unusually extremely familiar even though I just recently became exposed to it. Maybe the scales and chords just really work well for my ears.

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  • tenukitanuki
    I'm enjoying the melodic percussion; reminds me of happier, more uplifting Tobacco
    the mountains and drugs, powerful culture
    • That's awesome! It's a bit different from what I was seeking but that's the first time I've ever encountered a video this long where I can jump to any random spot and like what I'm hearing.

    • Reminds me ever-so-slightly of MOD music from Amiga and Commodore 64 days.

    • well if you're thinking Commodore 64...
      the first 20 seconds are iffy but the rest is rewarding

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