Minecraft and how it is being both lewded and made into Anime, let's talk about that


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I think I will start off by saying I don't play Minecraft but I will say that this Minecraft lewding seems to have become a rather popular thing and has started to be mentioned in a number of YouTube videos where there are reaction vids and opinions on it and so on, so I thought it might be a cool little thing to put on my posts and talk about for a bit.

Minecraft and how it is being both lewded and made into Anime, let's talk about that

We have Creeper which is apparently meant to be the shy type, she is probably one of my more liked ones in the list but I'm not really sure about the personalities of the real game characters so I don't know what they are like in game.

Minecraft and how it is being both lewded and made into Anime, let's talk about that

We then move on to Zombie which is more of the happy go lucky type, a playful and less shy type. I'm slowly starting to notice that I am getting fond of these characters, how peculiar :D

Minecraft and how it is being both lewded and made into Anime, let's talk about that

Moving on we go to Spider and Spenda, I have never heard of these two before, the first enemies that come to mind when I hear Minecraft is Creepers so when Google mentioned these ones, I just added them, but I have no clue what these characters actually do in the game so enlighten me if you can :D

Minecraft and how it is being both lewded and made into Anime, let's talk about that

We then add on this one which I believe was called Ender and she looks kind of cute and happy but the real enemy in game looked kind of dangerous so, yeah...

Minecraft and how it is being both lewded and made into Anime, let's talk about that

This one is called Mob apparently and again I haven't heard of this one, apparently they only have one eye and I am assuming they are a water enemy due to the tail fin and fins on each side of the face but I might be wrong?

These aren't just fan art, the characters genuinely come from a dating simulator, it's called Minecraft: A Dimensional Disaster

Minecraft and how it is being both lewded and made into Anime, let's talk about that

I can't lie, the game looks interesting, but that is likely because I am a anime fan. I still can't wrap my head around how people managed to lewd Minecraft but it happened so I thought I would bring it up with you.

To be honest, I am conflicted, I can't decide whether I like this or dislike it.

Since I am a gamer, I like the idea of playing the game, since I like dating simulators, I like the idea of playing a dating simulator of this too, and since I like Anime, I like the idea of playing a Anime version of this as well.

BUT...my other half is asking me about how this is Minecraft and how it shouldn't be lewded but then my Anime half is telling me that everything is getting lewd now so why complain as long as the art style looks good.

I'm Soooo Conflicted! >___<

Look, dating simulators are good and they are fun but you have to ask yourself if the topic of that dating simulator is appropriate and in this case that is what I am questioning, I am asking myself if the dating simulators TOPIC is appropriate for that stuff.

I am also scared of this getting removed due to the content but you have to risk it sometimes right? Plus I have seen lewder things on some posts so I am praying they won't remove it <3

If I had to choose a character from the game I would be torn between Zombie and Creeper because in my eyes they are the cutest to me, maybe I would have Creeper as a friend and Zombie as a relationship or the other way around, who knows right? It is a game after all, so you might as well contemplate it :)

I am sure there will be people out there who say this is just wrong and I understand that but there will also be people out there who love the idea of this and I understand that as well.

I have known about this game for quite a while now because it has been on a lot of videos of gameplays and I got curious about them, I would try it out but I am sure it isn't a Free To Play game or Free Download game, it is most likely a game you have to buy which isn't something I do, so I'll just observe and see how the gameplays do :)

Tell me your views on it and it can just be a open discussion on a topic like everything else on the website <3 :) <3

Minecraft and how it is being both lewded and made into Anime, let's talk about that
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  • kanelives
    I.. I can't believe people found a way to lewd minecraft... I know everything gets lewded and someone always finds a way, but its been at least 8 years now and I hadn't seen anything until today. I am saddened :(

    Also whatever you do, dont look that ender girl in the face. Unless you're wearing a pumpkin.
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    • I know right? :D Everything shall be lewded, we just have to accept it now :p

      A pumpkin? Why do you need to wear a pumpkin when looking at a Ender?

    • So they can't tell you are looking at them. Looking at them will make them attack you.

    • @LonewolfMeme OH! Thank you for explaining it, that is actually a really nifty way of avoiding attacks! :)

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  • Deathraider

    Well this is concerning. I mean pretty soon, everything would have an anime.
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    • Certainly... Anime is taking over everything... They have made Anime versions of planets, phones, google, chrome, Firefox, internet servers in general, and many more... This is getting out of hand man 0_0

    • Pretty soon, we can’t tell what is or isn’t an anime.

    • Boi!! It's happening and we can't stop it :D

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  • LonewolfMeme
    Creeper, zombie, spider, cave spider, Guardian, Enderman
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    • You play Minecraft then? I have no clue to what Guardian and Enderman are like, I have seen Creepers and Zombies and I can imagine what the spiders are like in game but I don't know a lot :p

    • Yea. There are many more versions of the vanilla mobs tho

    • Which ones are the most dangerous?

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  • AilsaGourly
    Why are there no anime boys :(
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  • I never got into minecraft, but this makes me interested haha
    Anime girls <3
  • NovissimumVirorum
    Lovecraft? I'm offended
  • heavymetalbrotha
    Rule 34 , if it exists odds are theirs porn of it.
  • ChiPaPa
    • It is cute but I'm not sure how far the fan community is willing to go in regards to the sexualisation of these characters :p

  • Daviid_
    Oh ffs now there is lewd minecraft anime girls.
    • Yup... It has been around for a while and this is barely the tip of the iceberg in terms of lewded things, there are foods, websites and planets that have been lewded, this is nothing in comparison.

  • Muhammad1999
    I dont want that creeper near my house , lol
  • toxicsquid
    that slime gonna make me act up
    • That comment can be read in different ways and as such disturbs me :D but hope it doesn't cause too much trouble :)

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