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Stephen Reviews: IT Chapter 2. But, do they all float?

Stephen Reviews: IT Chapter 2. But, do they all float?

When we last left off the Losers Club in 1989, they had just defeated Pennywise the Clown and swore to return if It did not die. Well, IT did not die and returned stronger than ever. I'm not going to post spoilers, but I will give my thoughts.

This was one of the first movies to ever legitimately give me a jump scare. There were also a lot of hilarious scenes as well. There were a lot of F bombs in the movie too. Bill Hader as Ritchie was the best part of the movie. However, Jessica Chastain as Beverly was kinda hot. The kids cast returns as well in new scenes.

Overall this version was way different than the 1990 miniseries version. In my opinion this was better. I still have nostaliga and sentimental value in the 1990 version with Tim Curry, John Ritter, Richard Thomas, and Harry Anderson. This version however held up more to the book than the 1990 miniseries ever did.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars. Its excellent, it ended the story in a way it needed to. However it is nearly 3 hours long which to me is the only setback. The CGI animation is on point. The only spoiler I will post is they actually kill the Clown instead of the spider like in the miniseries.

I loved both the 1st and 2nd chapters. Bill Skarsgard is a excellent Pennywise. Tim Curry is still an epic Pennywise as well, however Curry is more comedic and Skarsgard is more terrifying.

If you have seen it tell me what you thought!



Stephen Reviews: IT Chapter 2. But, do they all float?
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  • CherryRoseChampange

    WARNING SPOILERS: I actually really like it. More than the first and that's surprising, but I liked it only a TAD more.

    Starting off, it was hard to go through but I liked the violence against the gays. I felt like it played nice role of showing this movie was gonna be dark all the way through. And show what some people actually have to go through (Same with the racist fire started against Mike) but let's skip over that lol.

    The individual stories arcs were well played to me, but I know some people were upset with how certain ones weren't clear. I personally liked that, it leaves room for imagination. As well as a reality standpoint. Life or the path in front of you isn't always clear, but you have to move forward anyway. The lesson that together they can beat anything is even stronger now.

    I even enjoyed the way the actual clown was killed and how he killed the kids in front of us. Eh, it was a nice shocker but I also have issues so lol. Anyhow, everything was overall, pretty good to me. The comedic relief more than anything because it's a pounding 3 hours from the beginning to end. The kids, Eddie, and Richie were my favorite parts.

    I will admit, Richie not being able to tell Eddie how he felt was sad. But Eddie dying for him and getting his last word in is a bandaid in my heart regarding those two for now. Stanleys story arc was sad but also beautiful to me. I'd rate the movie an 8 out of 10.

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    • I agree it was way more action packed than the 90s version

  • AlienParasite

    Mhhh, for me it was ok but I feel it lacked of something for me to have a better sensation at the end. I could say that I liked the first part of the movie more than the second.

    WARNING: This might be considered to contain spoilers

    What I lack of in the end is that the main point of the story is facing fears, and I would have love seen each character fighting their individual demons in a sort of learn your lesson or die. But it seems than only 3 characters got this sort of isolated test and only 1 of those three is clear that has learned the lesson, while the other two meh, might have not, they just scaped and their lesson is not clear. Even some scaped without having ever to face that initial fear showed to us in the first part of the movie, with made zero sense to me, making me feel like the movie had more potential and wasn't exploited.

    But anyway, it was fine, maybe I should read the book and see if the incomplete arcs of some characters are more completed there.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Jennifer_32

    I thought it was kind of boring. I hated HATED the opening part with the violence against the gays. I understand it happened in the book but they really didn't need to add it in the movie. Matter of fact there are other stuff from the book they didn't add so adding the violence against gays just gave me a bad taste.

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    • I agree it shouldn't have opened with that. But the little girl Adrian gives the toy to does play a part in the story later

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  • Supernatural_fanatic

    I loved the first one way more. Second one wasn’t bad, but there were points when I was getting slightly bored. I didn’t like how there were separate plots going on and then at the end tried to toss it all together real quick. Some of the things that were supposed to be spooky just looked ridiculous and laughable. However, I did end up seeing it twice and still enjoyed it.

  • fishfish126

    I thought the 1990 clown was scarier because it looked more like a real clown which kind of freaked me out. Like you could have seen it at the park or something haha where with the new one it was obvious they were trying to make it scary which kind of makes it not as scary?

  • Jjpayne

    I thought that while it was good, it was very graphic. I liked the first part because it was more dream like, this was more gory which was ok but just felt over the top for me

  • newbyateverything

    i've never seen the movie (our TV is crud) but i've read the book. i feel like it would be scarier to watch the clown than the spider.

  • Hannah591

    I loved it - I smiling the whole way through! It is a horror movie right up my street.

  • Hurlyburly

    I really found it more funny than scary 😅 but I could say the same about the book aswell. I do like Stephen Kings stories but I don't really find them scary 🤷‍♀️

  • Jersey2

    I read reviews that is is a feminist’s dream movie, so it sounds like a movie that has a message vs a movie for fun.

    I am done with movies that I pay for to be lectured to by the writers. Fuck that.

  • AlexBlack007

    I love horror media so much that I've seen a lot of horror movies, played a lot of horror games and read a lot of creepypastas and horror stories so they don't scare me much. 😅 Now I watch/play/read them for the stories and in my honest opinion It: Chapter Two was a slow movie. I liked the first one better. But I do like the idea very much. Pennywise is not exactly the traditional ghost/spirit, he's more like a monster and it's not easy creating monstrous trickster like him so Stephen King did a great job with that. The story was still great and I think the movie overall could have been very much better with the right pacing. I never have issues with long movies if they manage to keep me interested the entire time or at least most of the time. I've watched 4 hour long films too so...

    I'd rate it 4 out of 5. Good movie. 👍

  • itsmeamy

    I saw part of the original mini series thats enuff for me to many nightmares

  • Gstacy1989

    I was really enjoying every minute of this movie!!!👍🏻👍🏻♥️ And it did scsare me to the point where I jumped up lol

  • CharlieWhite76

    Just saw it yesterday.
    I was disappointed. Nothing new. First one felt more scary

  • leahzrc

    What spider?

    • Jjpayne

      He was something it turned into in the original tv movie

    • leahzrc

      ew spooky

  • CoolTeen

    I wanna see it.

  • SirRexington

    Too soon for a spoiler.