Why MJ (Michelle Jones) Is My Favourite Spider-Man Love Interest

If my username doesn't give it away, I'm a Spider-Man fan. And I think it's pretty clear that my favourite Spidey love interest is MJ (Michelle Jones). I know a lot of people have had a problem with her because some people have this "PC agenda" paranoia, and others label her as SJW- but I don't really care about that. In my eyes, Zendaya got cast as MJ not because of her race, or for a "PC agenda" or anything like that- she got cast because she was the best person to play the role. And I'm saying this because I believe she was so much better than the previous love interests in the Spider-Man movies- and here is why.

Why MJ (Michelle Jones) Is My Favourite Spider-Man Love Interest

1) She Was Smart

So, they made her smart in more ways than one. She was smart in Homecoming because she basically won the Academic Decathalon, she didn't just scream when disaster struck, she ran and hid- and she figured out that Peter Parker was Spider-Man- I mean he does make it obvious but most people don't put two and two together.

I mean in the Amazing Spider-Man Gwen was smart, she was a really smart science student and she helped Peter figure stuff out. I liked Gwen anyway- but I prefer MJ.

Liz Allen was smart too, she was the coach of her Academic team, which means she must have also been pretty smart.

I don't recall how MJ Watson (Mary Jane Watson) was smart. I mean Peter said to her "I was in the neighbourhood" then in the exact same voice after saving her when Peter wasn't there Spider-Man said to her "I was in the neighbourhood" I'm sure anybody would have figured out just by that Peter Parker was Spider-Man!

2) The 'Dead On The Inside' Kind Of Vibe

Honestly the vibe MJ (Michelle Jones) gave off was literally so relatable. I mean when I was at school I felt that way some days, but now I'm at college I feel that way most days. Especially in morning classes. I either look:

A) Depressed

B) Dead On The Inside

C) Lost

D) A mixture of A B and C

I mean plus, she gives off a kind of anti-social introverted vibe as well which I can also totally relate to. I don't go to parties because they're not my thing, and if I did, I'd probably be sat in a corner eating.

I felt like Gwen, MJ Watson, and Liz were a little too perky for students. I mean Gwen and Liz were more realistic for me, because some days depending on who I'm talking to- I can be a little like them, but MJ Watson- just no. I'm sorry, her attitude was just unrealistically perky- you'd think she was in primary school.

3) The Way She Dressed

I liked how simply she dressed. A top. Some trousers. Maybe a cardigan or a jacket.

And I swear the way she did her hair ways basically my three styles. In a ponytail with some at the front hanging out. If I'm feeling really lazy that day I'll just put it in a bun with the two bits hanging out at the front. And most days I just down-ish with a little ponytail at the back and a clip at one side putting it behind my ear.

Basically she's simple. I mean don't get me wrong, I do see some girls at my college who put lots of effort into their appearence, like their hair, their makeup, their outfit. But I'm one of those people, do my hair in one of those three ways above, and wear either a top, t-shirt or jumper with some leggings or jeans.

I thought Liz Allen was a little more realistic in terms of how she dressed than Gwen and MJ Watson. Gwen, she dressed nicely, she dressed like a model- she literally came into school looking like she was ready for a modelling shoot, and there aren't many students who come into school looking as good as that- just think about how early you'd have to get up! MJ Watson looked pretty too, but again, she dressed way too nicely for a student.

4) Make-Up

MJ basically wore little or no make up in the movie, which again, I think made her a lot more realistic. Back at my secondary school, in my classes, very few girls wore makeup, and if they did it was minimal and it wasn't always consistently worn. There was only one girl I knew who wore a full face of makeup everyday and I don't know what she looks like without makeup.

At college it's pretty similar. In my classes, girls either wear no makeup or minimal makeup.

In terms of the other Spider-Man love interests... Liz wore minimal makeup, so that was realistic, Gwen often had a full face, and MJ Watson well I think she'd vary sometimes it was minimal, sometimes she had a full face.

But moving away from the Spider-Man movies, in a lot of 'high school' movies in general the girls always wear a full face of makeup, and they always have these cute outfits on.

At school, I had to wear a uniform, at college I don't and I thought I'd be one of those people planning my outfit out each day but now college is actually here I'm like: "Who cares? It's just college." And I'll throw the most basic thing on.

I mean I see some grown men complaining about MJ (Michelle Jones) like:

"Oh, they didn't even make her hot!!"

And I'm here like:

"She's supposed to be a school student who is about 16 or 17, not eye candy for grown men."

5) Her Obsession With Death

So, in the movie she makes multiple references to some kind of death or murder- and I know this isn't what most people are like but I actually really like it because I find myself doing the same thing.

I mean my friends would say things to me like:

"You are so obsessed with death!"

"What is it with you and death?"

"Why do you always talk about death or dying??"

The truth is... I don't know why, it's just fascinates me. I mean, once on our English mock exam we had a question where we had to write either a description or a story or both about a picture. The picture was a beach on sunny day full of lots of people. Do you want to know what I wrote about?

A suicidal girl. I wrote from the perspective as the girl, looking at everyone else on the beach who had a friend or someone and she had no friends and she was getting really upset and depressed about it.

But I didn't read the question properly because if you wanted to write a story about the picture, it had to be based on a struggle that you yourself had overcome. I didn't read that part of the question. I've never been suicidal so when I looked at that part of the question at the end of the exam I was just thinking: "Oh shit. I hope the teacher doesn't think I'm suicidal and send me to the wellbeing office."

Don't get me wrong, I'm a happy person life is good and all, but I just... I like morbid topics sometimes, okay? Don't judge me😂

So yeah, I find her obsession with death pretty cool, and relatable.

6) I Feel Like She Is A Closed Book

I feel like this character is one of those people, who won't open up about themselves until they get really close to someone or if it's under an online alias where nobody knows it's you.

And with starting college, and being around all these new people, I get the whole 'closed book' thing. People in college are nice, but I don't see myself getting close to anyone because similarly to MJ, I don't have the best of luck when it comes to getting close to people, we either drift apart with time, or... Let's just say I've gotten really close to certain people in the past, and it turns out, they weren't very nice in the end.

I had such great friends at secondary school, and I haven't really spoken to any of them. After my first week of college I spoke to three of them- but after that I haven't really said a word to anyone apart from wishing someone happy birthday because other than that there isn't really much to say. I mean, they've all moved on with their lives now, they're at their college together and I'm at this one and I'm pretty much a loner😂

The one person I do talk to actively from school is my best friend because I can find stuff to talk about with her, and she's basically the sister I never had, she knows me inside out, I've been able to open up to her about stuff I haven't really told anyone else and it's the same with her for me.

So truly, I'm only an open book to her at the moment.

7) "I don't have any friends"

That scene in Homecoming when she calls Peter and Ned "losers" and then they ask her why she's sitting with them, and she replies:

"Because I don't have any friends"


I can relate😂😂

Back at school, I had a tight knit group of friends and we always stuck together and had a laugh about something stupid but at the time it was the funniest thing ever.

But I mean, I basically started college by myself- so I don't really have any friends either. I sit with people in Business, my table is really nice in Business, yesterday in Law I talked to a couple of kids, they both seemed cool- but none are really my friends. I played ping pong with a few kids from Business but they're not tight knit friends like I had back in secondary school. I mean I can barely remember their names- they're kind of my friends I guess. I don't know.

In computer science, I usually walk with these two boys from my class to the bus stop- one of them I know from secondary school but we weren't super close or anything- we didn't really talk much either, I only met him last year and he made friends with the other boy I walk with, so we all walk together most times. And he I remember once they did question me about something, I can't remember what, but I remember my response being: "yeah, I don't have any friends."😂

So I totally understand her mood, and where she's coming from with that.

8 ) Her Sense of Humour

When Peter told her she looked pretty and she was all: "And therefore, I have value?" and then Peter started shitting it and she was like "Nah, I'm just messing with you." I do things like that too. If someone says something about me, I usually say as a joke just to see their reaction:

"Is that because I'm a girl?"

"Is that because I'm brown?"

Obviously, I know it's because of neither of those things, but I like messing with people so when they get all flustered and are like: "No that's not-" I'm just like "I was only kidding"

It's fun, and my friends do it to me too, and I usual shit too like "No I didn't mean" and they usually are like "Yeah, now I'M joking"😂

9) Bad At Compliments

Her response to Peter telling her she looks pretty was "you look pretty too" not the best way to respond to a compliment but then I wouldn't know what to say to that myself.

I mean usually in real life, when someone compliments me on the way I look, I usually get embarrassed and I don't know what to say back to them. I mean the other day, my mum told me the neighbour said I was: "very pretty" and I found that awkward too. Compliments are so awkward.

10) Telling The Truth

She said she has an obsession with telling the truth even if it hurts people's feelings, and I can relate to that. I mean I don't do it all the time, but sometimes in class everyone will be agreeing on one thing and I'll be like "Nah, that's shit." and instantly trigger everyone- or sometimes it even makes people laugh depending on what it is I say. I can't help it, I just have an urge to get it out there and voice it sometimes I realise what I've said- after I've said it.

11) She Is A Book Worm

In Homecoming she'd always be in the background reading a book. And if I was in a movie, that's basically what I'd be doing.

I remember on my first day of college I went to the library, and borrowed three books. And then after I did that we had a library tour- I think now I have about 8 books from the college library, and I visit the city library when I can.

My little brother always tells me about how much of a book worm I am and I usually reply:

"Well, it's better than fortnite or Minecraft or whatever crap you play these days"😂

So I'm either reading or writing😂

Any Last Words?

I just want to clarify, this MyTake was about why MJ (Michelle Jones) was the best Spider-Man love interest in my eyes- don't get all triggered because I know people are different and for different people it might be someone different. I get that.

But hopefully, you enjoyed this MyTake and see why I like this MJ. Seriously, it's like one day I was sleeping and an MCU Spider-Man writer broke into my room somehow and looked into my soul and was like: "Okay, this will be the inspiration for the new MJ guys, this is what we're writing." Don't go phoning childline with 'concern' because I know that didn't happen but I feel so similar to her, I feel like that could have happened😂

It's weird because in movies and TV shows generally, especially high school/secondary school ones- I can never find female characters which I can relate to. Most of them are way over the top, with one quality so I can never relate to any of them.

I could always relate to Peter Parker, especially MCU Peter Parker. But like I said, I could never relate to any female characters- but now I can, because this MJ exists.

I hope you enjoyed this MyTake

Thank you for reading :) <3

Why MJ (Michelle Jones) Is My Favourite Spider-Man Love Interest
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Most Helpful Guys

  • hellionthesagereborn
    Well I disagree, she absolutely was cast because of her race (as many actors have been (just like they have made 007 a black woman, just as they made other white characters black then turn around and scream racism if the reverse happens). That said, it doesn't mean she is a bad actress, only that those who gave her a chance more then likely did so because of alternate agendas. I didn't think she was a bad actress, I think she is an attractive girl and definitely could play a character who is a model, and I didn't dislike her personality in the movies either. The problem is, she wasn't mary jane Watson. It was a different character entirely to her, not just in look (black girl playing a white Scottish woman) but in personality (mary jane was never really the emo/goth type that Zendaya's version is (again, not the actresses fault at all, she did everything very well, I don't even dislike her character except for again, its not the right character (like if Peter Parker was changed to be suave and confident and athletic instead of nerdy and intellectual, sure it can be played really well, I might even like the character but its not peter parker). So I have mixed feelings about her character (not her, she is very good).
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  • ask4any
    Well, being I've never seen spiderman2000 photo, I can't agree or disagree with the Zendaya look. But if you aspire to look like zendeya, then I suggest you check her out in the Bruno Mars video for " Versace on the Floor" she is absolutely gorgeous. And you look anything like that spidey fan, I suggest you start modeling. As for spidey's love interest, Emma Stone hands down.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Nah, I don't aspire to look like her, because I don't look like her so there's no point trying to look like someone I don't look like - I'm solidly average😂😂

      I liked Gwen she is my 2nd favourite.☺

    • ask4any

      You are your own person! Love that! But I have to admit I rank Zendaya 3rd. Emma being 1st, Kirsten second

    • Haha yep, I guess so😂

      Mine is:
      1) Zendaya
      2) Emma
      3) Laura
      4) Kristen

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Most Helpful Girls

  • Dali-chan
    Yeah but the way she dressed, wear make up and behaved didn’t depend on zendaya, it was the script writers, the make up artists and stylists who made her that way.

    I didn’t care that she was chosen to be Mary Jane tho, I remember having a big girl crush on her when I was 11 years old, lmao.

    I don’t hate her or anything but now she seem a little bit too overrated, I think she’s only liked by the fandom cause she never had a scandal unlike Bella thorn

    However I didn’t watched that movie and I don’t feel that I missed something that big. I prefer the original Spider-Man trilogy
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  • SongBird3
    here's my problem with it. The character was fairly basic, almost any actor could have played her, but because Zendaya is a big name amongst young females, she was chosen so that it would draw in more audience.
    Now dont get me wrong, after watching Euphoria she can fucking act her ass off. But i dont like that they completely ruined MJ. Like why not just make another character with a new name, why call her MJ? It just seemed like like a fuck you moment
    Is this still revelant?
    • In my eyes, they didn't ruin her- they improved her- but hey, I guess we all have our differences. :)

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  • Lightning8
    I just feel like if michelle were a boy and peter was the girl, michelle's sort of character wouldn't even occur to peter's character as a potential love interest; because girls don't seem to be as accepting of depression in guys like we see depression in zendaya's character. It's and interesting take on peter and mj nonetheless. But it does seem to paint female privilege kinda boldly. Granted I've only seem Holland's Far from Home, not Homecoming.
    • You make a good point, and in some instances that is true- but I've seen girls who are similar to Peter, get with guys similar to MJ. :)

  • Edanurus
    You see to me these are the reasons I didn't like her.

    She reminded me of the 'edgy' people at school. I always found it eye rolling even back then. I found her far more tolerable in far from home because I felt she was connected to the story rather than homecoming where i felt she was just there because.

    I'm still waiting for a proper movie MJ. Kirsten Dunst wasn't that.
  • SarahsSummer
    super talented and beautiful. Loved her on Disneys Shake it Up and in The Greatest Showman as well as James Cordon's Crosswalk The Musical bit.
  • Except for the makeup part, Michelle reminds me a lot of me in high school (although I did have a fairly tight friend group).
  • nerms123
    I know nothing about it except I like spider man and zendaya is hot. K bye. :)
  • MrMilti
    I like her too, but I think they forced the relationship too much by script, it doesn't feel relatable
    • I mean you are 38, I've seen relationships like theirs at school😂

  • we all have who we think works like wonder woman could of used a girl a bit more muscular who can act
  • you look like michelle jones too
    • Really? I've never heard that one before.

    • lol. you say that as if you do

    • No- this time I'm actually not being sarcastic😂😂

      I seriously have never been told I look like Zendaya😂 Nobody has ever been that nice😂

  • Gottabsavagee
    Zendaya is so cool
  • grega239
    Isn't her name Mary Jane?
    • No, su nombre es Michelle Jones en este mcu.

    • grega239

      Nimam pojma kaj si zdej rekla

    Excellent my take. I love it. 😎