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The best movie of 2019 you've never seen

I think 2019 was a really bad year in terms of movies. Like yeah we got a bunch of Marvel movies and Endgame and these are quite good as per usual, but nothing quite stood out to me as "the movie of the year" (unless you're a Marvel fan).

So here's the best movie I've seen this(that) year in my opinion and it shocks me nobody is talking about it.

The best movie of 2019 youve never seen

In short this is the Game of Thrones finale we should have had. Minus the magic and the dragons cuz it's a very grounded story. It has very strong GoT vibes; there's lethal duels and cruel bloody battles, important and likeable characters dying left right & center, mindblowing intrigues that decide the fate of kingdoms, GoT brand dry humor and most importantly sex scenes(but no tiddies 😞 2/10)

There's even one scene that takes place during a battle and it's practically shot for shot from GoT s6 as an homage.

If that sounds like your cup of tea make sure not to miss Netflix's "the King"

The best movie of 2019 you've never seen
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  • ryudomasters
    I love the king that movie was awesome, fallstaff in that field was the most patriotic thing I've ever seen in my life lol. 2019 did have a lot of great movies (excluding Marvel ). Some of my favs are: Alita Battle Angel, Ford vs Ferrari, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Rambo V, Irishman, Joker. I still need to see 1917, ready or not, Parasyte, lighthouse, Ad Astra
    Is this still revelant?
    • I did not like most of that. Oh well maybe I'm just getting old. If you liked it kudos to you

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  • wod13
    I liked the cinematography and the performances were great but I don't think it was the best movie of the year. Then again, I also don't like Marvel and GOT so what do I know:D
  • bulletbob555
    Is that the guy from peaky blinders? I enjoy that series.
    • Dunno but his acting is on point in this in my opinion

    • The actor in "The King" is Timothée Chamalet; the actor in "Peaky Blinders", the one that plays Tommy Shelby, is Cillian Murphy.

  • Figurative
    How can you know if it is good or not, (perspective), if you haven't seen it?
  • fewqw
    Black mirror - bandersnatch
  • WhereAmI
    Avengers Endgame
    • WhereAmI

      Sorry, saw it

    • WhereAmI

      Dunno. Maybe the Rambo movie? All others I've seen on redbox or in the theater.

  • Good mytake
  • AngelBritney
    Ugh, Marvel movies are not for me. Netflix, too.
  • ryanbraun
    Mission impossible fallout was awesome