Popular German rap

My first post focused on songs that helped me get through 2019, while the second one was about two songs that describe relationships I was in and my personality fairly well.

For some of the songs, English lyrics were available. Just follow the links in each title :)

This take is more about current trends in German rap.

I'd like to point out that I consider German rap to be all music produced in German with a rap-like sound, but this post also has some songs in it that some people probably wouldn't call rap. Also, German rap to me also includes Swiss and Austrian dialect, which I included in that post as well :)

In addition to that, this is by no means more than an attempt to share with you guys what people my age enjoy listening to in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (I'm referring to the German speaking part here). Everyone's music taste is different, and plenty of people here love English rappers! Still, I'll focus on some trendy German rap at the moment :)

Loredana - Mit dir (with you)

I love how my music teacher once pointed out that there are no famous female rappers (what an ignorant statement) and now this song has been trending on YouTube (Top 3) for more than two weeks.

Loredana was born in Switzerland but raps in "proper German" without a dialect. She's Kosovo-Albanian and busy with her career right now. Here's an interview with her where she speaks Swiss German (with subtitles in German because it's that hard to understand for most people):

Nimo - Kein Schlaf (no sleep)

Nimo is a German rapper of Iranian decent.

Hava has Bosnian and Turkish roots, but was born in Germany.

Capital Bra - One night stand

Capital Bra was born in Siberia (Russia), moved to the Ukraine and finally to Germany at the age of 7. He broke a Spotify record in Germany and was the most streamed artist there for some time, in front of Ed Sheeran and Eminem.

Samra - Colt

Samra, a close friend of Capital Bra, recently had some problems with the law and was allegedly arrested, but these rumours haven't been confirmed yet. He is of Lebanese decent and was born in Germany.

The G Wagon he burned in the video was a real car.

Bonez MC - Palmen aus Plastik (Plastic Palm trees)

This list wouldn't be complete without Conez MC, who is the leader of "187 Strassenbande", a controversial group of artists, including Gzuz. Palmen aus Plastik is played frequently at parties because most people my age know it well. Here's an example of their behaviour around policemen and -women:

Apache 207 - Wieso tust du dir das an? (Why are you doing this to yourself?)

Apache 207 is a rapper of Turkish decent who was born in Germany. His lyrics are a bit controversial and sexist, but he's still popular.

Kontra K - Himmel grau (sky grey)

Kontra K was born and raised in Berlin, and used to do Gansta-rap, but changed his style later on.

Juju, Henning May - Vermissen (to miss someone)

This song got quite some attention, especially because it was Juju's first song without Nura (they were a female rap duo called SXTN). The guy with the deep voice, Henning May, is the lead singer of Annenmaykantereit. Here's a song from SXTN, to show you how different her style was then:

Miami Yacine - Kokaina

Miami Yacine is of Moroccan decent. This is, like "Palmen aus Plastik", a very popular song most people can sing along well. It's about drugs, like most of the songs on this list. Here's an English translation of the lyrics.

I hope that you enjoyed this! Also check out my other posts to find more Dancehall/slow rap/ chill related content :)

The music that helped me get through 2019

Songs that describe yourself or your relationships

Popular German rap
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    I'm not German but GZUZ is what you need:)
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  • DonCachondo
    Ich LIEBE Deutschrap!!!
    Kollegah und Massiv sind mein Favorit
    • Freut mich :D Kollegah ist ein Unikat, das ich auch unterbringen wollte - eventuell in einem zukünftigen Post über All-time-Favourites :)

    • Ach so? Dann sehe ich, dass du großen Musikgeschmack hast! haha
      Meine Lieblingslied von Kollegah ist "Big Boss." Welches ist deins?

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    RIN ist immer noch bester Mann
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    Chakuza kreig im kof
  • Good mytake
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    No man german rap is trash. Sorry not sorry
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    Waow ! Amaizing writing
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    Schade, nur Asirap
    • sind die Trends, wenn du’s so nennen willst, passt, mach’s selber besser und ich schreib was über dich Kollege