Some German Rap to spice up your Playlist


Since I love rap and haven't written a take featuring some new German rap songs, here you go. Most of these songs have foreign languages mixed in, but each song includes German bits, so I hope you enjoy my compilation.

I've tried sorting the songs from slower to faster beats.

SSIO - Rocco Siffredi

This is a very old song, but I only recently discovered it. It's a tribute to the Italian pornstar Rocco Siffredi.

Uzee - Mondlicht

Malik Montana - Jungle Boyz

I like the flow with this song a lot.

Mois and Maestro - Blut

This is a powerful anti-war song with a great beat and message.

"we all bleed the same blood"

Nimo - Zart

A fun tribute to Milka, a chocolate brand you may be familiar with.

Brado and Mero - Kafa Leyla

A fun, upbeat song to dance to where ever you may be right now!

Some German Rap to spice up your Playlist
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  • Emii_Urashima

    Does anyone remember the Austrian pop singer, Falco from the 80's? (Rock me Amadeus, Der Kommissar) He was rapping in his songs in the early 1980's, before rap was a thing in America. He is also credited as being the one who started the style of mixing pop with rap that is used in songs today. This was decades before before I was born but we have MTV Europe in my country and they sometimes play music from that era. I also like German pop star, Nena. I speak a little German, but my mother is fluent in it.

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    • Yes!
      My boyfriend is a huge fan of Falco and quotes him daily *sigh*. I'm actually from Austria, so Falco is one of the first things people mention when they realise I didn't grow up in Germany, haha.

      So interesting to read that your mother is fluent in German, that must have been hard to learn if it wasn't her mother tongue, lol.

    • German language is taught in Japanese high schools. My mother can speak it well. My ability is not that good, but I can follow a basic conversation

    • I still remember Takeo Ischi and his chicken Yodeling haha :D that was so fun!

Most Helpful Guy

  • invalid1

    Thank you so much. Just what I needed for my playlist 👌 you don't know how much I am grateful.
    I am a hip hop fan. I like rap, I always listen to it. And I also like German language.
    I have taken basic course of German, many people thought it was because of my interest in their culture or to travel.
    While yes to that. But the matter of fact I like the way the German language is said.

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    • You're very welcome! I'll try to post more in the Entertainment & Arts section again, I know few people on G@G enjoy German rap, but I like it and think it's quite underestimated haha :D
      Glad to have sparked joy with this post!

    • invalid1

      Are you German?

    • invalid1

      Ich weisz ein rapper aus mein land, er ist gereist Duetschland. ytzt ich weisz der grund 😊
      Danke to you of course 😂 lol

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  • cth96190

    Wagner and Beethoven would be crying for what their Germany has become.

    • Music tastes vary, though I'll say that I enjoy classical music when studying and German rap when I have the urge to feel F R E E - there's nothing quite like being in your teens and turning one of those songs up while driving into the night.

  • Jjpayne

    Sounds fun! Thanks for sharing it!

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  • Xoirwinkan

    The last one is so "German" it hurts my ears.

  • msc545

    There really is German rap? Who knew?

    • Didn't you?

    • msc545

      I had no idea. I thought it was an American thing.

    • There's rap in every language, LOL. In Germany, rap is a very important means of expressing yourself, and most famous rappers have a foreign background, hence the foreign languages mixed with German.
      If you look at this list, you'll see that all of the men mentioned here were born in Germany, but not all of them grew up with German as their mother tongue, which influences the music they make a great deal:

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