The music that helped me get through 2019

This year has been rough for me, and I would therefore like to dedicate and entire post solely to sharing music that helped ME this year. I listen to music on the way to school, sometimes while I'm studying and while I'm exercising. I also linked the songs' lyrics.

There's also another post with two specific songs I translated for you!

Disclaimer: I personally like German rap music, Dancehall, Chill, Lofi, Jazzhop and Classical music. This myTake includes music from German, Austrian and Swiss artists (order of appearance)

At the beginning of 2019, someone I thought I was in a relationship with "cheated" on me and then acted like it was no big deal.

I loved Errdeka's "Frau für eine Nacht", which means "Woman for one night", because I felt like I had been used.

Another song that resonanted with me is "Eisblock" by Yung Hurn ("block of ice"), a song I still listen to very often, and although it gets repetitive, I like the sadness conveyed in it very much.

I like Kontra K a lot, and his song "Eiskalt" ("ice cold/freezing") is both sad and powerful.

When I got to know a close friend of mine more and confessed my feelings to him, but got rejected, I listened to "Sterben" ("to die") and "Korallenriff" ("coral reef") by Errdeka a lot, especially while driving on lonely roads with many turns.

I love Kraftklub, their song "Chemie Chemie Ya" ("Chemistry Chemistry Ya") has been stuck inside my head for more than two years now, which is funny considering that I've never taken any drugs or smoked cigarettes, yet this song is about consuming drugs.

I then found out that Felix Kummer started to make music of his own, and listened to "Bei Dir" ("With you") by Kummer at least 100 times to learn the dance in the music video. I loved this song before the close friend rejected me, since the line "Du hast mich ein kleines bisschen repariert", which translates to "You fixed me a little bit", is very true in our case. I also felt like "Bist du da, bin ich nicht mehr dieser Wichser, der ich war" ("When you're around, I'm not the jerk I used to be anymore") applied to our friendship, he tried being a better person for me.

And then, something magical happened, I was introduced to Swiss music, they speak German there too but the dialect is different. I'm a big fan of "Schweizerdeutsch", and listened to many different Swiss Artists, of which Stereo Luchs, Nemo and Lo & Leduc stood out to me the most.

Stereo Luchs' "Sie Seit" ("she says") is poetry to me, especially "Und wieso kenni die Strass scho? Ah dere Chrüzig bini schomal gsi, Sie chunt mer bekannt vor, Ich weiss immer nonig wohi" resonated with me.

For the German friends: "Und wieso kenn ich diese Strasse bereits, an dieser Kreuzung war ich schon, sie kommt mir bekannt vor, ich weiss immer noch nicht, wohin"

For the English friends: "Why do I already know this street, I've already been at this junction, it looks familiar to me, I still don't know where to go"

A happy song by Nemo: "Himalaya". Good vibes only :)

I have been told that this is a very popular song in Switzerland, everyone my age I've met so far knows it :D I'm talking about "079" by Lo & Leduc, which is a song about a guy trying to figure out what a girl's number is.

"Im erschte Tram" ("in the first tram") by Lo & Leduc is about how you shouldn't talk to people who take the first tram, and this being a pity because there's a pretty girl in the tram.

Every time I listen to "Charlotta" by HECHT, I'm moved, it's a song about a good, deep love, and I wish I'll have this someday. "Wäg der mach ech d’Auge nömme zue bim Kösse" means "Because of you I don't close my eyes anymore while kissing".

Trettmann's "Grauer Beton" ("Grey Concrete") is a song about growing up in Saxony, Eastern Germany. I like its message, that you can be happy even when you grow up in a somber place (which I didn't but I like the song). The music video is filmed mainly in "Plattenbauten".

This myTake wouldn't even be half good without some more disturbing Yung Hurn songs.

This is "Ponny" ("Pony"), nobody knows what the point of it really is but it's fun to listen to and probably only about sex like his other songs.

A classic, "Blumé" ("Flower") by Yung Hurn is about how the girl he's having sex with (her parents' "flower") should be quiet because her parents are sleeping already.

What songs helped you get through 2019?

I hope you liked this extensive myTake and were introduced to some interesting music!


The music that helped me get through 2019
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  • sejla
    Thanks for sharing. Listening to music is part of my every day life and makes my life just a bit lighter. I'm always shocked when I get my Pandora notifications how many hours I put in monthly listening to music but I , also, don't listen to the radio any more when I drive. I'll have to go back and find subtitles for some of the songs you posted.
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  • wynn-ing
    My horizon of music taste had been extended by this take! Wow, these are so underrated.
    Is this still revelant?
    • This makes me really happy!! Thank you so much :))

    • wynn-ing

      No problem!

    • PeterUrk

      There is still a lot to discover

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  • Shiver
    Power metal gets me through anything, ngl.
    Also literally everything Randy Rhoads did.
    Paganini's caprices are amazing to listen to for inspiration too, really gets me that step closer to giving up my musical career, which is very cool and very inspiring indeed.

    • Shiver

      Don't forget Tribute. Lol


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  • Pipeliner87
    All of today's music is trash so I find your post irrelevant. There is no brilliance in it. It's all about smashing button on a key board to make a stupid sound and some idiot trying to sing to it.
    • That's an opinion I can live with, still find it unnecessary you're spreading negativity without suggesting other options lol

    • rud0_88

      Then you dont know German rap becauase German rap is not about that. Sorry that you have a skewed American view.

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  • LoU_Hades
    hmmm... german music
    at least they don't sing in kanaken Deutsch

    or Ramstein before they became promoter of ideologies i don't share
    • Could you please take back "Kanaken"? It's offensive to people who speak German fluently and identify as a part of German culture.

  • rud0_88
    Thats cool yoy like german rap. Me too. Its actually pretty deep sometimes amd other times the beats are just amazing. I'm from Germany so I know lol.
    • Good for you :) did you like the songs I presented here? :P
      You're older than me so you may like other music, for example, what do you think about Bilderbuch?

    • rud0_88

      I dis like the songs. Its a prettt amszing choice of music. I like all ages and styles of music. Thanks for that. Personally as3ding some to my list.

      So do you speak german?

    • Ja ich spreche Deutsch :) Mir persönlich gefällt die Musik einfach richtig gut momentan und ich wollte das einfach teilen weils so krass ist haha

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  • Mystery_World
    I haven't listened to music for most part of the year but in last 2 months Mabel's mad love song helped me to beat the boredom. Whatta song it is!!
  • TheWhiteGorilla
    All songs. I love MUSIC. All day, everyday!. It is part of me. It is a channel to release emotions and feelings , that maybe shouldn't be released any other way. Sometimes some of the new songs seem to reflect my past yr. or so , like they've been watching and studying me.
  • Snickermarstwix
    Well I didn't read your text cause it's damn long but I'm glad you know Lofi music, you rock girl!
    Didn't need a music to get through this year but wi still enjoy : Weight in gold by Galant.
    This music is so sexually powerful!
  • Dargil
    Bossa Nova. music is the part of "Smooth Jazz" that is listenable by real humans. Even the sad love songs are made hopeful by the format. It makes me think it might be OK to sell out, buy an old Corvette...... and get by serving drinks at a beachfront bar.
  • J3nny
    Lofi music has gotten me through some shit. Bootleg boy is where it’s at.
  • fixiekarl
    Hell yeah errdeka is the shit yung hurn too, always been a fan you might also try listen to trettmann
    • fixiekarl

      Nvm just saw then also in the list 😅

    • I love Trettmann but didn’t include all songs I like, just the ones that meant a lot this year <3 :)

    • Also listen to this Crazy Song haha

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  • MajesticTwelve
    Im jealous of people who can be influenced or helped by music. Frankly I just hear it as noise. Some of it I like, most of it I don't, but it's never had any impact on me whatsoever.
  • 0nMyM1nD
    I don’t know who any of those people are but Modest Mouse helped out a lot, as they always do. Even their newer albums I’ll admit were helpful, though not as much as their first few LPs and EPs.
  • outthere
    A lot of NF, alec benjamin, rare americans, benefit, pigeon john, john reuben, nirvana, halsey, too many japanese covers to count but lots by rachie, lizz robinette, ashe, and jubyphonic.
  • justdullahan
    Awesome list! If your up for something really American sounding wit a dose of angst and crunch try sturgill Simpson's Sound & Fury!!! For the road warrior growing old in us all
  • bolverk
    Music that got me through 2019 - a whole load of mixed tracks from 70's, 80's, 90's very few later than that.
  • lsjr16
    The music is dawn Richard new breed album. It was empowering and made me feel like I can accomplish anything
  • shadowlhyn
    Music is life... And music helps me get through my depression..
  • ChrisE
    To me my music that helped was punk , hard and some soft rock and old rap
  • For me it was eminem, NF, j cole, Kendrick Lamar, linkin park and kid cudi
  • October808
    Nightwish, Temper Trap, Starsailor, Foals, Civil Twilight, Tears For Fears, Editors, Interpol.
  • PeterUrk
    It sure does. It always help me through difficult times
  • 6Kingz9
    I love listening to post-rock 😚
  • moonpie89
    Interesting list
  • Marisa00
    Good Take.
  • Anonymous
    KISS (70’S ONLY)
    L. A. GUNS