A K-pop group debut for each year of the decade.


So this is really late but I'm late to everything so I don't care. This is inspired by @Lynx122 because he posted A K-pop song for each year of this decade which was inspired by someone else there was a lot of inspiration involved and I'm only doing groups but may do a soloist one too anyway lets get it.


It was really between this and SISTAR's Push Push but I decided on this.there's a lot to love about this. The iconic JYP whisper, exposing slut-shaming, its a bop, the girls are amazingly beautiful and talented. there's no reason not to stan.


I was between this and 아나요 by Brave Girls. I eventually decided on this because Apink are one of my favorite K-Pop groups of all time. This song is really cute and gives off Disney princess vibes to me.


This is the song I chose because GLAM got me into K-pop with it like I dead ass wouldn't be the same person I am if it wasn't for this masterpiece so everyday I thank them even though one member went to jail and the other was a crazy saesang I still love the sane members. Also they really said gay rights with the lyrics we stan.


Are we suprised? Well if you are you shouldn't be. The very first boy group to make this list is none other than BTS, the most popular boy group in the world and the group that paved the way for K-pop. As soon as I found out that a boy group was debuting under GLAM's company I was prepared to become a superfan. And a superfan I did become. I have been watching BTS throughout their entire career and no matter what scandals they went through I still supported them. I even saw RM's name slowly get shorter and transition from Rap Monster to Rap Mon to RM and yelled at my dad every time he disrespected him by calling him the wrong name. Stan them.


I didn't even have to think before choosing this song. Red Velvet is another group I've supported from the very beginning of their career. I saw this music video and was like 'Omg perfect girls do exist and they brought a amazing song and MV with them I don't deserve this blessing'.


This was hard because so many K-pop groups had amazing debuts in 2015. There was CLC, DIA, Day6, Oh My Girl, etc. but I decided on Twice's debut with Like OOH-AHH. When this MV came out I was like 'Oh look the K-pop industry blessing us with more beautiful girls, will they ever run out of perfect girls in Korea?'. Also, the zombie apocalypse concept is a big yes.


I didn't have to think twice before picking this song. It's probably my favorite K-pop songs of 2016 in general. Its super catchy and adorable and they could've been the nations girl group if they stayed together and like 11 of the people in my top 20 bias list are I.O.I and I will continue to support the members now that they've disbanded. Stan I.O.I and all of the members in the careers they're pursuing now.


Busters are one of my favorite groups and they're criminally underrated and if you don't stan them please do it because if they don't blow up soon they're probably gonna disband because 3 members have already left and had to be replaced and I've been following them to the beginning and I love all of my babies and I'm gonna ugly cry if they disband.


I had to choose between this, IZ*ONE, and (G)I-dle but chose LOONA because I've been supporting them ever since Heejin released her solo and I was waiting for them to finally be a full group and they snapped when they all got together also Heejin was so friendly in the begining of FavOriTe stan LOONA.


I had literally no second thoughts for this. This was obviously the best debut of 2019 and y'all need to stop sleeping on Rocket Punch because they only have one mini album and are better then Everglow, Itzy, and Cherry Bullet. And this is coming from a stan of all 3 of those groups since their teasers were coming out (Yes, I decided I'd stan them just from teasers). So, yeah, stan Rocket Punch.

Okay, that was all. If you disagree with me that's fine, you can comment your opinions if you want. Byee!

A K-pop group debut for each year of the decade.
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  • MackToday
    Some of this I like. I can see the feminine innocence and sweetness that makes Asian girls so popular all over the world. Unfortunately I can see them morphing into belligerent western thots as well. The top video acting like whores and cursing men that find them disgusting. Contrary to what the song says men won't "hit that" which is why we have incels and men that are virgins in their 30s. They can't stomach a hate filled Marxist thot it makes them want to vomit. To much filth seeping in from the west.
    Korean men have been badly effected as well. If dear leaders tanks roll across the border again and find inhuman faggot cucks like this to protect the country moving them out of the way will be as easy as wiping shit off his ass (assuming dear leader wipes his ass).
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    • I lost braincells reading this

    • MackToday

      It's your Marxism. I can see it in your post , you need to take the red pill before you lose any more.

    • Nothing you said made any sense but go off

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    Cool. 😎
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Most Helpful Girls

  • I like kpop too i’m into chungha right now, i also like twice, and mamamoo, as well as blackpink
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    • I like all of them but I like a lot more too. I like over 48 Kpop artist

    • Also Bts who doesn’t liek bts lol

    • Also Chungha was in I. O. I so you should stan them and stan Pristin (eventhough they already disbanded smh) bc Nayoung and Pinky are in it, and Gugudan bc Sejeong and Mina are in it, and DIA bc Chaeyeon is in it, and Pinky as a Chinese soloist, and Sohye as an actress, and Yeonjung in Cosmic Girls, and Yoojung and Doyeon in Weki Meki, and Somi as a soloist

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  • Rin_Chan_
    uh... i never listened to k-pop before... the only one i have heard are a few j-pop artists..
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    • Oh, I've been listening to K-pop since I was 7 haha. You should check out some of the artist on this list!

    • Rin_Chan_

      😮 i might have too! it will be different!

    • I could request some songs from some of the groups if you want?

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  • Thatsamazing
    I don't care about K-pop but the girls are fine as fuck and need to get fucked.
    • Most of them were underage at debut so how about you don't talk about them getting fucked.

    • I'll talk about whatever I want to talk about. Do they have their birthdays magically floating over their heads for me to see?

    • At least try to find out how old they were/are before you sexualize them. Sexualizing them regardless of age is still weird and gross.

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  • OpenWine
    I know some good japanese songs but for K-Pop things there's only one song my ears can stand.https://www.youtube.com/embed/p9oDlvOV3qs
    • I don't understand how there's only one song you like and its an entire countries music but go off

    • OpenWine

      @chaeyoungswife I did specify. I don't like K-Pop.
      check dj-jo he remixes japanese songs from a bunch of anime they sound so good.
      my youtube playlist alone has around 1000 songs I like to hear

    • there's a bunch of different genres within K-pop though, its just a word used to describe Korean music. there's rap, r&b, vapor-wave, etc.
      I might check out his songs later.

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  • Phoenix98
    Nope sorry couldn't even make it past 1 minute in the first video /=.
    • You should've at least given the other ones a chance, you can't base an entire country's music off of one video.

    • Phoenix98

      I'm not all I said was that I couldn't stand to go further then one minute into the first video lol

    • Did you even try to watch any of the rest though eye

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  • John_Doesnt
    I would have preferred you went back to 2009 so you could list 4Minute.
    • I would've but 2009 wasn't in this decade. I might make a 2000's list though.

    • Why isn't AOA on this list for 2012?

    • I couldn't leave GLAM out since they got me into K-pop

  • TohhhruAi
    I like Kpop
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take