Drawing hyperrealism is actually impressive

Drawing hyperrealism is actually impressive

Yeah, I get it. A lot of you think that hyperrealism is just basically copying a picture, following the lighting and shading exactly how it is in the photo, and that this kind of art is just super easy because of it.

1. "You don't need to know how light works, how shading works, and such stuff."

But what if I tell you that making your art in a way so it actually looks like a real picture is really time craving and not as easy as it seems? If it really was that "easy", then it would be taught as a basic drawing skill at school. But it isn't. Instead, many art schools make lessons on abstract art and realism (at least in my country) as a starting point.

2. "It's uncreative and not unique at all."

...but there are artists that actually use their own photography as a reference. There are people who take single parts of various photos and make them into one drawing. There are also the few artists that can actually make a drawing look more real than a photo (by highlighting the features not visible clearly on the photo for example).

3. "The reason why cameras were invented was to take pictures, not to work a whole day on a single drawing."

What does it have to do with the subject actually? The point of hyperrealism is not to use it as a substitute for cameras. And I guess most artists other than me don't draw hyperrealism as a substitute for cameras, neither. It's just in many cases for entertainment really. I just like the idea of being able to draw like a human printer. It is interesting really and compared to other hobbies, it is unique, despite what people say about hyperrealism being uncreative. Those interested in singing want to sing like one of the most famous pop stars. Those interested in dancing want to dance like the brilliant dancer they saw on a movie. But artists want to draw slmething you could to with a camera or printer! Only with a pen or simple paints!

So yeah, you may hate on hyperrealism if you want. But in my opinion, learning to shade is way easier than copying the reality by only using a paper and pen. Just appreciate the hard work people are putting into their drawings instead of criticizing them because "they're hyperrealistic".

Drawing hyperrealism is actually impressive
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  • Kurαȷ
    There is nothing easy about trying to replicate an image from a reference.
    In fact, it's a much harder thing to do than actually painting or drawing without a reference.

    I've been drawing, painting and working with art for the 25 years and I still can't draw people's faces for shit, or paint a still life scene.
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  • DeeDeeDeVour
    Yes, it's quite impressive.
    Furthermore, I don't think it's really easy.
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  • willisg
    What dumb ass is hating on a rare breed that can draw like that dang!
    Artist hating on artist? Critic's should be hating on artist, the way the world operates and makes money is through negative every thing. You want to test it out? Have a conversation with someone. One conversation will be negative and the other positive see which one will last the longest.
    Jealously is expressed in different ways too.
  • jonnyhonest
    I model at life drawing classes. Weather your drawing from a nude model or drawing the way you do its hard either way. So keep on doing what your doing. Its awsome
  • peachyknees
    The technique is usually the only impressive thing about it.
  • AntTheAlien
    Yes, it is very impressive and I admire anyone that does this type of art.
  • tiajoka
    I agree. I've always been majorly impressed with art like this.
  • LittleSquid
    Yeah that is really amazing
  • Reach500
    I'm impressed by it