Let’s Discuss These Movies 🎬

Okay, a while back we discussed Justice League and The Transporter Series. Today I’m looking to gather your thoughts on Avengers Infinity War, the Mission Impossible series, Schwarzenegger’s The 6th Day, Fury, Hacksaw Ridge and Shawshank Redemption. Yes, it took me til 2020 to finally give those films a try. I mean I only like my movies to be over 2 hours long if its like Harry Potter or Jurassic Park... and well, these are not that and shouldn't have been near 3 hours long. Anyways, there will be spoilers, so if you haven't seen some of the above, feel free to skip around to the ones you have.

Let’s Discuss These Movies 🎬


When i heard the title, I automatically thought of Buzz Light Years “TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!” Little did i know they’d actually be in space for most of the movie. But ig the pic below hinted at that. Speaking of spoilers, DO NOT SPOIL ENDGAME.

Let’s Discuss These Movies 🎬

Its bad enough they spoiled what happens to Tony... but i could care less since he was never a fave character of mine. #Yepisaidit ...I mean, I admit that Iron Man 1 and 3 were good. I just can't stand his smartass mouth and the know-it-all vibe he gives off... He’s a cocky bastarddd but ig its expected from a genius 🤷‍♀️ Then again, i also didn't care for that cocky corny cussing-way-too-much Deadpool lmao #DontHateMe or do...

I honestly prefer the individual films because with Avengers, I have to watch multiple times before i can finish. The first i had to watch three times, the second i had to watch twice... I mean Infinity War was done in one sitting but only because i needed to clear the DVR for Mission Impossible 🤣

Then again, I dont even finish Thor’s individual movies which goes to show looks aren't everything... and I could hardly finish the first Guardians film... I also wasn't crazy about Black Panther’s solo film although i loved the soundtrack and adored his sister... but aside from those, I like everyone else’s individual films, especially Hulk and Captain.

IN MY OPINION, Avengers Infinity War was like a 6/10 compared to the 9/10 Captain America Civil War 🤷‍♀️ Civil War kept me on the edge of my seat with all the Ooohs and Aaahs plus Buckeey and Black Panther made it 10x greater. I actually got pissed that Hulk hardly came out in Infinity War. I get it was part of the “been trying this long to contain my temper” storyline but ughh 🙄

Let’s Discuss These Movies 🎬

I’d say Infinity War had like 6 good/memorable moments...

  • #1 Gamora going going gone. Dude was savage af throwing her off a cliff like that. Would’ve been a good time to turn into Colombiana 💀
  • #2 Pratt was rollin in jammin to my song the Rubberband Man 🎶💃
  • #3 Dr Strange looks like a hot frat boy when he does that tap tap boom to bring out his weapons 💪
  • #4 Strange looked silly af giving up the stone after all that dang hard work and fighting
  • #5 Samuel L Jackson finally died before he could say his annoyingly infamous MF line
  • #6 My babies buckey and spidey turning to ash... oh yea and rip to whoever else died

Tom Holland always gets me to tearin up.. He’s not the best Spiderman IN MY OPINION, but he's such a good actor and i loved him in The Impossible and In the Heart of the Sea... he‘s always make me cry. Thank lord it didn't take Captain. Aside from those three men, i could care less for any of the other characters 🤣😂🤷‍♀️ Well then again, i was kinda hurt that Mary Kate and Ashleys sister died cause i always see redhead Mary Kate when i look at her... plis Her death made me miss my baby Quicksilver who died in Ave 2... Rip 😭🙏


I think i was forced to watch this in kindergarten but could never grasp it. I love the song though... but isn't that the same one on the Incredibles 🤔 No matter how horrible y'all thought The Mummy remake and Knight And Day were, i personally found those more interesting than his MI movies.

Let’s Discuss These Movies 🎬

I watched these films all out of order: MI5, MI1, MI3, MI2, MI4, then eventually MI6. I finally gave it a real shot when Rogue Nation came out. That one was definitely a fave but i feel this series is overrated. I just watched Mission Impossible 1 and 3 last week and I loved em 😍🙌

Let’s Discuss These Movies 🎬
Let’s Discuss These Movies 🎬

For starters, anyone who thought a powerful actor like Jon Voight would die so easily at the beginning is nuts. Couldnt even get rid of the mf in Ray Donavan 😂 And anyone who thought Steve Tyler’s daughter would die during a Mission Impossible can DREAM Ooooon!! 🤣 I think my fave scene in MI3 was when Michelle had to work the gun while Ethan was knocked out cold. She was killin em boyyy!! And then he woke up like WAIT WHO DID ALL OF THIS? DID YOU DO ALL OF THIS 😂💀

By the way, I tried watching MI2 but it just was not clicking... i got a bit bored and totally started writing this mytake While it played in the background. Dougray Scott was better in the Ten Commandments cause this villain ish just ain't it... Ghost Protocol is coming on later this afternoon and will hopefully be better. One thing that gets me tho is the dang mask off, mask on. I never know when to believe who is who in these films cause they somehow all got face masks of eachother.


Man, I love Will Smith but Gemini Man sucked. The CGI was horrible and I just wanted it to be as great as the 6th day. Man i love me some Arnold Schwarzenegger, especially in Commando, Escape Plan, Jingle All the Way, End of Days, Kindergarten Cop, Twins, Junior, and Terminator Genisys (lmao the only film in the series i saw). Tony Goldwyn and Michael Rooker always make excellent villains. But All i can say is that this movie was way ahead of its time. Imagine having to watch a clone of yourself screw your spouse. Maaan we would’ve been fighting.

Let’s Discuss These Movies 🎬


When i watched these two last week, I also watched The Hurt Locker but i can’t say it was the “bomb” like these two. Fury and Hacksaw Ridge gave me the chills like Lone Survivor, Unbroken, and Red Tails. Hurt Locker was more like American Sniper or Pearl Harbor. It was okay at best. And I don't know why Hawkeye was giving me those Jeffrey Dahmer vibes again.

Let’s Discuss These Movies 🎬

I love Andrew Garfield. In my opinion, he's an underrated actor. I was impressed with him in Amazing Spiderman 1 (cause part 2 was just awful) and Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus (although it took 5 watches for me to realize that was him). 🤣🤷‍♀️ Just like Tom Holland, Andrew is really good at crying.

The character did hella more then I would’ve done cause at some point, i would’ve chosen to save myself over my crew... and that is part of why i know im not built for the military 🤦‍♀️ Also, i couldnt have been as forgiving of my abusive dad as he was.

Let’s Discuss These Movies 🎬
Let’s Discuss These Movies 🎬

The only part i hated about the movie was his name. Like i’ve dated so many guys with that name and i just really didn't wanna hear it being said every 10 minutes. Shoot, it even gave me nightmares that night 💀


I was torn so many ways rooting for all my babies— Brad Pitt, Scott Eastwood, Logan Lerman, Michael Pena and Shia Leboeuf because I know they wouldn’t all survive.

Logan Lerman was definitely the star for me. I mean he was good as Percy Jackson but he reeeeally gave me a Tom Holland-worthy performance with his acting in this film. As for his character, lmao I don't know why he thought he’d get to be the next Doss of Hacksaw Ridge 😂 Like nah man, here they’re gonna make you pickup a gun lol.

Let’s Discuss These Movies 🎬

Brad’s character really made me mad in this film and i actually wasn't sad about what happened to him. He ironically kept saying that Logan would get the crew killed. Surprisingly i didn't cheer when Shane got killed off but man i couldnt stand that MF on Walking Dead. And dang they killed off Clint Eastwood’s son like it was nothing 🤣 He was about as irrelevant in this as he was in Fast 8. But what happened to Shia really hit me hard... Overall, this movie just had too much unrealistic stuff going on. Cause that shootout at the end... come on now 😒

Let’s Discuss These Movies 🎬


Now i love Stephen King films. Tim Robbins has always starred in good movies. Morgan Freeman is everything 🙌 But i actually dont have much to say about this film. I gave it a try after my King question where a lot of you recommended it. I don't know, to me it was like another Avengers Infinity War. It had its moments. I started not to watch this 3 hour movie because #CelebrityWatchParty had spoiled its ending last week (...love that show by the way). The insinuated prison rape scenes in the film kept ticking me off but i was glad that the guards werent as bad throughout most the film as i expected.

Let’s Discuss These Movies 🎬

Honestly, #FeelFreeToList below what we should discuss regarding some of these films cause im drawing a blank atm lol.

Let’s Discuss These Movies 🎬
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  • Let start with #1 AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR
    These kinda of movies are not for everyone. I did read all the comics and there is so much off and this is not how the war started, BUT! In the movies they tried ti keep people guessing because there is those who knows what is gonna happen by reading the comics, and there is those who never did read a single comic book and just watched the movies so they wanted to do something new and they did good. The Star Lord losing control at that fight was all unnecessary but the movie must go on for a while, a lot of good scenes and fights but like you said! Not much memorable more than few few things but at the same time there was so much details all over the

    movie.#2 MISSION IMPOSSIBLE series The first 2 in the series came with this fast paste spy action interesting ideas and it was pretty good, but then it gets repetitive , the mask, the fights, the running segment with few new tech budgets they use, but entertaining with fast paste.

    #3 THE SIXTH DAY: The Gemini man didn't just suck, it deep throated and puked all over it self. The Arnie movie was kinda ok, nothing special really, there has been many movies about clones and multiplying and so. Nothing special there, just another Si-Fi Arnold movie which he did a lot of them and only very few did good.

    #5 FURY Am done with war movies... #6 SHAWSHANK REDEMPTIONIt didn't click for you !!! Oh well. It's a good movie, i like the build and it's a feel good about life movie, it's a classic for a reason. What kinda of movies do you like in general?
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  • All good stuff!! I loved your commentary! Two things that stuck out was that I loved endgame more than infinity war, there is more richness and closure. And I totally agree with the sixth day, just watching the traiker for Gemini man, it was hard to get myself to watch it. And don't get me wrong, I love will Smith and was excited when watching the trailer for I robot back in the day but Gemini man just felt a little flat even just from the trailer. Hobbs and Shaw in way had the feel of a will Smith movie. Action and humor. Mission impossible... It's a mixed bag for me... I liked the first one and the others... While they should feel like James bond... I'm just not as interested in them... And shawshank, I think what I like most about this movie, is fighting the system and hope. Showing that the system is not always righteous or in control and that the promise for a new life can be found if you have enough determination. Not that I would recommend people escaping prison but in this story it was more about hope. And I just love both of those characters!
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Most Helpful Girls

  • JosyJosy
    Haven't watched them all. But that Hackshaw ridge barracks scene, with the guy with a knife in his foot, forever in my heart :p also that scene where Ridge goes 'Just one more' and keeps on saving people, the soundtrack was amazing too.

    Avengers infinity wars: I LOVED it simply because of the fact that the bad guy won, it ended there. FINALLY a villain that wins!

    Will be watching Fury for sure, perhaps today.
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  • Brainsbeforebeauty
    Well written.. I've only saw the mission impossible with Tom Cruise in it and Shawshank Redemption... Saw that a lot, cuz my hubby really liked that movie 🙄 don't get me wrong, great movie, but there's just so many times lol
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  • AdithyaR
    I'll talk about the ones I've seen
    Infinity war was a difficult movie to watch due to how many of my favourites died. I walked into to the theatre happy with a bit scared of the possibility of cap or Tony dying. I walked as if a piece of my soul died. Peters death when he's holding stark and crying really reminds you, this is a 15 year old boy, he's scared.
    Similarly when thor talks about his last with Rocket, you can feel how broken he is but still find the will to smile and Chris potrayed it perfectly. It made his hammer forging scene and entry scene so badass. The scene where Tony got stabbed made my heart stop. Overall I loved it.

    Mission impossible I've only seen ghost protocol and rouge nation, I loved both, Tom Cruise is awesome!

    Shawshank redemption is just too beautiful to describe in words. The emotions, the way you grow attached to the characters, it's so good. Brooks death really hit me hard, showing how cruel it was to have an old man who's seen nothing prison his whole life struggle in a world he doesn't recognise anymore. And Morgan freeman is just a God, literally the man's done that role too.
    • I agree i did gasp loudly when Tony got stabbed. But i wouldn't have been sad if he died. Spidey killed me 😭 but yea the ending was the only good part of the movie for me. The first hour or so just yikes... im gonna watch Ghost protocol of mission impossible ina few hours when it comes on tv. Rogue was good tho. Brooks death was sad and i feared Morgan would go down the same path... but i didn't fall in love with any of the characters. I was shocked he was filing everybody taxes lol

    • AdithyaR

      That taxes part had one of the best dialogues in the movie. When Andy explains how he created a fake person to hide the wardens money. He says outside he was a clean guy, straight as an arrow, he had to come to prison to become a crook.

    • Inknow i thought that was funny

  • Eagle_93
    I've never seen any of the Avengers movies, but I have seen Capt America, and some of the DC stuff like the Dark Knight series (my fav in that series is The Dark Knight Rises... really good.), and I also liked man of Steel. I thought it was pretty good too.

    As for the MI movies, I liked most of them for the most part.

    But I really liked the Jack Reacher series. Those were some good movies.

    I have seen Hacksaw Ridge, but its been a while.
    I cannot comment on the rest.
    • I liked Capt America 2 and 3 but wasn't crazy about part 1. I def dont like Batman. I agree Dark Knight Rises was the only one i could sit through. As for Superman, i only like the tv shows like Smallville and the one with Dean Cain. Not a fan of his movies. Surprisingly i enjoyed Justice League but not the individual movies. I tried one Jack Reacher but never finished. Maybe i’ll try again some daY

  • SuccessfulHornDog
    Shawshank is one of the best movies of all time. Great story, Great actors
    Hacksaw Ridge was hard to watch for quite a while and then it became tear-jerking
    Fury was OK, The end was good
    Mission Impossible is a good series with likable characters, good stories and acting.
    • Fury was OK BUT shawshank was one of the best? Ehhhh i gotta disagree lmao. I love Morgan but nahh

    • I went back and checked my spreadsheet and I ranked Fury 4.25 out of 5 so I was wrong about it just being ok. I do think Shawshank was better but my memory of Fury was definitely off. I may have mixed it up with a similar WWII tank drama

  • ColHathi
    First of all, how dare you watch Terminator Genisys and not the first two Terminator movies. You're right tho. Love Arnold.

    The Mission Impossible movies are... eh, I want to like them. Love Tom Cruise, but I don't really like the first few movies. Maybe because I got into the series a little late. Third one was alright. I forget the name of the villain, but he was a great actor. The movies seem to be getting better with each film though. The latest blew me away. It was fantastic.

    It's been ages since I've seen The Shawshank Redemption. I just remember it being great. It's too bad you had the ending spoiled :(

    Kinda wanna see Fury and Hacksaw Ridge, but I haven't bothered with them yet.

    The superhero mashups you can get the heck out of here with.
    • I could never het into the other terminators lol. I think i only ever got up to 30 mins of the first. But i was a kid at the time. I used to be a tom cruise fan but he actually annoys me now that i really watch his films. Good films but annoying man. Lol whats wrong with the superheros

    • ColHathi

      Lmao. Well I like him, but I guess I can see how he could be seen as annoying.

      I LOVE superheroes, and I love superhero movies. I just very strongly dislike the stupid mashups, xD

      "Superhero" implies that they're special, and so superheroes are at their greatest when they're on their own or with their crew, doing their thing. If you lump them all together, they lose that thing that makes them special. At that point what's even the point of calling them superheroes?

  • Titanic1912
    You mentioned two of my top three movies. Hacksaw Ridge is my favorite war movie and my second favorite movie ever. The Shawshank Redemption is my third favorite movie and I love both of them. When I first saw the trailer for Hacksaw Ridge, I was really excited to see it because it told a story I never heard of before. And I didn't like The Shawshank Redemption at first but then I studied it and it became suspenseful and very interesting. I love those movies.
    • I wasn't interested in Hacksaw Ridge at first but i finally gave it a try and its very good. I still like Unbroken and Lone Survivor better but it was good

    • Even the bloody war parts didn't make me sick.

  • Clarke498
    Infinity War was one of the best MCU movies and one of the best superhero movies in general. Amazing villain, to see the Avengers and the Guardians team up like that was glorious, great action, so much awesomeness.

    Have never seen a single Mission Impossible movie, but i'll binge em' soon enough.

    Barely ever heard about Sixth Day.

    Hacksaw Ridge was great. Andrew Garfield is one of my favorite actors, and it was both dark and messy, but yet quite inspirational.

    Long time since i saw Fury, but i remember loving it. Shia is amazing, so is Pitt and been a big fan of Lerman since 'Wallflowers.

    Shawshank Redemption is commonly held as one of the best movies of all time, and it has deserved that title. Amazing acting, score, shot great, great writing.
    • Great review. Im still not crazy about Infinity War or Shawshank but i did enjoy watching

    • Clarke498

      Have any problems with them?

    • Did u not read the review above lol

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  • Hans222
    I'm not an expert in movies, but I've most probably seen most of these! Those are more my style of movie.
    By coincidence, Mission Impossible 1 this week end, loved it 👍
  • OlderAndWiser
    I appreciate the invitation but I haven't seen them and I stopped reading when you gave the spoiler alert. Thanks for the warning.
  • the_sinner
    As far as the marvel movies are concerned it all depends on the contract. If the contract is going to expire then they somehow twist the story and the character ends up dead or suddenly out of the story. Maybe that's what happened with Tony amd Chris. Or if the contract is not up yet and the actor is unavailable then they just get a new one like col. Rhoades is played by two different actors.
    • Chris.. really... please tell me u mean Chris pratt cause otherwise you just spoiled endgame 🙄😒

    • the_sinner

      I guess I did. Damage has been done Desi 😁

    • There are three Chrises in endgame

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  • I never seen any of the avenger movies. I seen one mission impossible movie. And the rest of the movies are I have seen waaay to many times.

    Dead pool is the only one close to the comic books. Why I watched them. I get why you don't get it.
    • you're not missing anything with the avengers lol

    • Yeah, when I saw the first x-man movie. And realized how bad they fucked it up. I was over it.

    • I prefer cyclops with jean so i def wasn't a fan of the xmen movies UNTIL they made Apocalypse. It was amazing ans so was the furst 2 wolverine movies. The third film Logan.. sucked

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  • AkshiJanjua
    To be honest the only movie i genuinely liked among those was Shawshank redemption and mission impossible fallout. I have not watched fury and hachsaw rigde. Avengers i only liked first one others just seem cash grabs
    • Yea i dont really care for any of the avengers. Was fallout worth it? haven't seen it yet

    • yes I think it's the best one

    • I mean i loved MI3 and Rogue Nation but im gonna try Ghost Protocol in a bit. Ill catch Fallout eventually

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  • Mystery_World
    I have watched avengers infinity only once... i find it fascinating...
    But oh boy... Shawshank redemption is a wonderful movie. I like the climax. I also learnt that being alone after 50s is really difficult.
  • Only because you said "Red Tails".
    I personally knew a Tuskegee Airman. 2LT (later Dr.) Carl F Ellis. I was a teen. I spoke with his widow (94) yesterday. He was on the short clock due to Emphysema. Smoked all his life. There's a longer story associated with him and my Great Grandfather but here's a shorty. I (still) have an almost fetish love for WW2 war birds and knew "everything" about the North American P-51 Mustang he flew.While we were talking, I asked Dr. Ellis if he ever shot down any Germans. He looked over his reading glasses a lot like Tommy Lee Jones here (yes, he's white, but still..) and said: "Yeahhhh".
  • Anpu23
    Of these I've only seen the first two Mission Impossibles and Shawshank. I liked the MI's, and Shawshank was just a little contrived to me.
    • Yea shawshank just wasn't all that. I liked Mi1 but Mi2 was just ehh. The end was about as good as it gets

  • Karin_Anna
    I am too fussy with movies unfortunately, Shawshank I saw far too long ago to remember.
    • Lmao i saw it last night and can hardly remember 🤣

    • Karin_Anna

      Hehe, my partner has tried getting me to do a marvel marathon... to no avail.

      Not a fan of Tom cruise, his old school stuff like top gun and cocktail were bearable

    • I fell asleep on top Gun lol. Woke up to hear my fave song by Berlin and then fell asleep again.

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  • Infinity War was setting up for EndGame so it was never going to fleshout story.
  • I am not sure I understand what you mean by you had to watch the movies x times.
    • Because i couldnt get through it the first few times. It bored me

    • Why not you know... just not watch them? It almost sounds like your forced yourself into it like it was a geography/social studies class. Lol : )

    • I did force myself. Its not something i care for

    i think the marvel movies are great as they pertain to eachother
    i really wanna see those war movies, i love war movies
  • Jamie05rhs
    I liked Knight and Day! (But probably partly because I have a crush on the female actor.)
  • GreenGold1992
    Out of all these movies, I've only seen Mission Impossible 1, I have it on bluray.
  • Meatboy02
    You dissed Tony and Deadpool. I'm not going to read the rest
    • I expected that 🤷‍♀️ and i meant what i said

  • DeeDeeDeVour
    I enjoyed all the movies enumerated above.
    • Anything you wanna discuss about one

    • I can at least say that you've gotten me in the mood to watch the Shawshank Redemption again. I am a big fan of Morgan Freeman.

    • I loveMorgan Freeman as Alex Cross. Those are his best movies in my opinion

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  • i sent you a follow request it's just curious
  • 2Pink
    I don't watch tv. Never seen any of that.
  • mrgspoter
    Too many to speak of.
    • So choose one 🙄

    • mrgspoter

      Was fury real or not I didn't remember?

    • Not sure

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