My “Alphabetically-Ordered” Take on These Movie Franchises

My “Alphabetically-Ordered” Take on These Movie Franchises

Below are my fave movies with sequels/reboots. Im sure you’ll find at least one of your faves below. Also, next to each is a rate out of 10.

1. 101 Dalmations 🐶

101 Dalmations (Animated) best of the 3. 9

101 Dalmations (Live Action) Glenn Close was scary good as Cruella. 6

102 Dalmations was better than the 1st and had that funny cake scene at the end was. 8

2. 3 Ninjas 🥋

I hated hearing “HiYa” bt watched for Max Slade (Colt) and Michael Treanor (Rocky).

3 Ninjas was good. 8

Kick Back lost points for recasting Rocky. 6

Knuckle Up brought back the OG Rocky and had a hilarious restaurant scene. 8

High Noon was the most interesting with Hulk Hogan bt they recast Rocky/Colt. 9

3. Aladdin 👳‍♀️

Aladdin is my 2nd fave disney movie as it has my 2nd fave Disney Prince/Princess, a good soundtrack, and Robin Williams (rip). 10

Return of Jafar & annoying Gilbert Godfrey. 8

King of Thieves finally let him marry Jazz. 7

Aladdin (Live) is coming 2019. Sad Dev Patel & Frieda Pinto ain't in it. Bt Will Smith is.

4. Alex Cross 🔎

Kiss the Girls is a fave. 9

Along Came a Spider is another fave. 10

Alex Cross was disappointing. Morgan Freeman is the only true Alex Cross. This was like watching Madea run around naked lol. Idris Elba would've been a better choice. Matthew Fox tried tho. 6

My “Alphabetically-Ordered” Take on These Movie Franchises

5. Alien/Predator 👽

Alien 1-3 i’ve surprisingly never seen

Alien Resurrection was had a hybrid Alien and a great cast: Sigourney Weaver, Gary Dourdan, Brad Dourif, and Winona Ryder. 9

Prometheus the most boring prequel. 4

Alien Covenant had the dumbest cast. 8

Predator is one movie i honestly dont see all the hype about. But i loved Arnold Schwarzenegger in Jingle All the Way/Commando. 6

Predator 2 has Glover bt i ain't seen it

Predators is hated for some reason but i liked Adrien Brody/Alice Braga/Topher Grace. 9

The Predator coming summer 2018 y'all 🙌

AVP is my absolute fave. Not a Sanaa Lathan fan but she did a great job. 9

AVP: Requiem was another fave but I didn't like the hospital/baby scene. 9

6. Alvin & The Chipmunks 🐿

Alvin & Chipmunks was adorably funny. 9

The Squeakquel/Chipwrecked/Road Chip honestly disappointed me compared to OG. 6

7. American Psycho 🔪

P1 Bale is sexy bt I reminded me of Jeffrey Dahmer. Yet, i like the chainsaw scene. 6

P2 Mila Kunis made this really good in my opinion. William Shatner disappointed me. 8

8. Anaconda 🐍

Anaconda had fake looking snakes bt real actors IceCube/JLo/OwenWilson/JonVoight. 7

Hunt for the Blood Orchid was my fave and had my baes Morris Chestnut, Karl Yune, and Johnny Messner (Running Scared’s “F*cking Priceless!!”). Kadee Strickland and Salli Richardson did great too. Eugene Byrd and the monkey were funny. 9

Offspring/Trail of Blood i haven't watched

My “Alphabetically-Ordered” Take on These Movie Franchises

9. Annie 👩

80s was good but Annie looked a mess And Carol Burnett was hilariously annoying. 7

90s was the best. Alicia Morton was adorable. Great acting by Kathy Bates, Alan Cumming, and Victor Garber. Audra McDonald sang nicely. 10

00s disappointed me. Jamie Foxx couldnt help. I didn't like the storyline/new tech/her hair. 5

10. Are We ___ Yet? 🚗

Are We There Yet wasn't as funny as All About the Benjamins bt was great. Nia Long honestly annoyed me, and the little boy looked like Cube. 9

Are We Done Yet tried to force humor. 7

11. Avengers 💪


Avengers took me 3 tries before i finished. 7

Age of Ultron took me 2 tries to finish. 8

Infinity War is supposedly GREAT bt I’ll pass

12. Bad Girls 😈

Bad Girls had Drew Barrymore/Andie McDowell as prostitutes turned cowgirls. 9

Gang of Roses was the black version with Stacey Dash, Li’l Kim, Monica Calhoun, Bobby Brown, and Glenn Plummer. Cowgirls were out for revenge after the death of a member. LisaRaye made wearing white in a dirty setting look good. 8

13. Balto 🐺

Balto is amazing tho im not a dog person. And i had no idea he was voiced by Bacon. 10

Balto: Wolf Quest/Wings of Change. 7

14. Barbershop ✂️

Barbershop 1-3 i’ve never seen

Beauty Shop with Queen Latifah was good and makes me consider watchin the other. 9

My “Alphabetically-Ordered” Take on These Movie Franchises

15. The Best Man 🤵

P1 was good with Regina King, Morris Chestnut, Terrence Howard, Monica Calhoun, Taye Diggs, Nia Long, Sanaa Lathan, Harold Perrineau & pretty Melissa De Sousa. 10

P2 had the worst ending ever. 7

P3 coming soon

16. Big Mommas House 👵

P1 was so good. 9

P2 actually beat its OG. 10

P3 was horrid. 4

17. Bring It On 🏆

BIO was the best film/sountrack/cast: Kirsten Dunst, Eliza Dushku, Jesse Bradford, Gabrielle Union, and Blaque (rip Jenelope). 10

BIO Again was good. 8

BIO: All Or Nothing was amazing. Hayden Panitierre was hilarious. Solange was annoying. Francia Raisa/Gus Carr danced great. 9

BIO: In it To Win It and Fight to Finish showed that this movie shouldve stopped at 3. 6

BIO: Worldwide Cheersmack I haven't seen

18. Captain America 🇺🇸

Captain America was more interesting before his transformation bt Chris Evans was sexy. 8

Winter Soldier took me two tries. 7

Civil War was like the best. Bucky was the star and Black Panthers scene was the highlight. #DontHateMe but I feel that Black Panthers scene was better than the whole Black Panther movie. Its like 7/10 compared to Civil Wars 10/10

19. Carrie 😳

P1 scared me so bad. But it was so good. 8

P2 wasn't scary & i could sympathize more. 9

Reboot not scary. Chloe Moretz did good. 7

20. Cars 🏎

P1 had the best soundtrack. 9

P2 was good. 8

P3 I didn't finish

My “Alphabetically-Ordered” Take on These Movie Franchises

21. Charlie’s Angels 😇

can't tell P1 from 2 but Lucy Liu/Cameron Diaz were gorgeous and Drew was funny. 9

22. Cheaper By the Dozen 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

P1/2 loved both & Steve Martin, Bonnie Hunt, Hilary Duff, Tom Welling, & Taylor Lautner. 10

23. Cheetah Girls 🐆

P1 I loved Raven. Adrienne’s voice 😍 8

P2 Raven was so bratty. 7

P3 Surprisingly good without Raven. 8

24. Child’s Play 🤫

P1/2 were slow. 6

P3 is my fave. Andy & Tyler were cute af. 9

Bride of Chucky was my 3rd fave. 9

Seed of Chucky was 2nd fave and funny. 9

Curse/Cult of Chucky dont look watchable

25. Chocolate Factory 🍫

Willy Wonka/Choc Factory Charlie was more adorable bt Gene Hackman (rip) was mean. 9

Charlie/Choc Factory squirrels scared me. 9

26. Cinderella 👑

P1 Loved it. 8

P2 Disappointing. 5

P3 Prince was sexy when he flips his hair. 9

Cinderella (90s Live Action) had great soundtrack by Brandy & Whitney Houston (rip). 9

Cinderella (2015 Live Action) was good. 7

Ella Enchanted: loved the cast/soundtrack. 9

A Cinderella Story: I loved hillary duff & sexy Chad Michael Murray (One Tree hill). 10

A Cinderella Story Sequels i refuse to watch

27. Clash/Wrath of the Titans 🧝‍♂️🧝‍♀️

Clash was a 9 bt never finished Wrath

28. Cloudy/Chance of Meatballs 🍝

P1/2 were good bt made me hungry. 8

My “Alphabetically-Ordered” Take on These Movie Franchises

29. Cloverfield 🐾

Cloverfield awful with the camera moving. 4

10 Cloverfield Lane was boring at first with too much talk bt the end was amazing. 7

Cloverfield Paradox: God Particle N/A

* If u like these, checkout The Remaining

30. The Conjuring 👻

P1 was scary good! 10

P2 was scary but not as good. 8

Annabelle Series i refuse to watch

31. Death Race (2008) ☠️

P1 Jason Statham was so good, it made me pray he’d be on F&F. Why can't Tyrese be tough in F&F like he was on here? 10

P2 Surprisingly watchable. 6

P3 Started bad bt ended good. 5

P4 prob won't watch

32. Divergent 👣

Divergent was good with sexy Theo James. 9

Insurgent ended so weird. 7

Allegiant was disappointing. 6

Ascendant is one im not paying to see

33. Dr. DooLittle 👨‍⚕️

P1 Freakin love this movie. 10

P2 The bear was funnier than Murphy. 8

P3 decent. 7

P4/5 im Not trying to watch

34. Fantastic Four 4️⃣

P1 How could people hate this movie? 8

P2 The whole cast was eyecandy. 10

Reboot disappointed bt Mike B Jordan 🔥 6

35. Fast & Furious 🏁

P1 I didn't get the hype. Paul was sexy tho. 6

P2 Only liked soundtrack/beginning race. 5

P3 Tokyo and the soundtrack were brilliant setting. I love Lucas Blacks accent and my bae Bow Wow. Nathalie Kelley was pretty. 8

P4 Good beginning heist. 7

P5 Best one. I was happy to see Rock join. Gal Gadot was badass tho i ain't like WW. 10

P6 Good but not better than part 5. 8

P7 Very good. Rip Paulie pooh. 9

P8 Jason Statham was great in both. 9

P9/10 Stop arguing. Bring on the sequel

My “Alphabetically-Ordered” Take on These Movie Franchises

36. Fifty Shades ⛓

P1/2 were boring so I don't know if i’ll try P3. Jamie Dorman thrusts so humpbackedy. 6

37. Final Destination 💀

P1/3 The best. Loved Devin Sawa. 9

P2/4 Funny. 7

P5 Not so good. 6

38. Finding... 🐠

Nemo was everything you could ask for. 10

Dory was just as dull as the character. 5

39. Friday 🚬

Friday was funny but i didn't get the hype. 8

Next Friday was good. Love Mike Epps. 10

Friday After Next was so funny. 9

40. Friday the 13th 🔪

P1-9 aren't memorable since i was a kid. 7

Jason X was so funny haha. 9

Freddy vs Jason was stupid good. 10

Reboot was good until Jason could run. 7

41. The Glass House 🏠

P1/2 had great casts: LeeLee Sobieski, Diane Lane, Trevor Morgan, Stellan Skarsgard, Angie Harmon, and Jason London. 8

42. Godzilla 🦖

Japanese versions didn't reel me in with the clay look & i dislike how ppls mouth moves. 4

1998 was hated by everyone bt me. I loved the babies, Godzillas look, & Brodgerick. 10

The Series was a sequel to 1998 movie. I loved how godzilla helps fight monsters. 8

2014 had sexy Aaron Johnson bt Godzilla clay self was weak af til the end. 6

Godzilla 2 and Godzilla V Kong coming soon

43. Grease 💃🏽🕺🏾

P1 was a fave musical with Olivia/John. 9

P2 with Michelle Pfeiffer disappointed me. 5

44. Grown Ups 👬

P1 got #ChocolateWasted. 9

P2 had its moments. 7

My “Alphabetically-Ordered” Take on These Movie Franchises

45. Halloween 🎃

P1-3 scared me. 7

P4/5 with Myers’ neice were the best. 9

P6 not memorable

P7/8 had Busta Rhymes, LL Cool J, Josh Hartnett & Jamie Curtis. Its finally funny. 10

46. Happy Feet 🐧

P1 Great soundtrack. 10

P2 Disappointing. 6

47. Harry Potter And the 🧙‍♂️🧙‍♀️

Sorcerers Stone was good. 8

Chamber of Secrets is my 2nd fave. 10

Prisoner of Azkaban was my fave. 10

Goblet of Fire had interesting challenges. 9

OrderPhoenix/HalfBloodPrince/DeathlyHallows disappointed me & i hardly remember em. 6

48. ___ Has Fallen 🚔

Olympus beats White House Down. 10

London i haven't finished

Angel coming soon

49. A Haunted House 👻

P1 was hilarious. 8

P2 was ok. 6

50. High School Musical 🏫

P1/P2 were good. 8

P3 was eh. 6

51. Hitcher 😱

P1 was decent 6/10 but haven't seen P2

Reboot is one of my fave movies wit Sophia Bush (One Tree Hill) & sexy Sean Bean. 10

52. Hollow Man 👻

P1 was good 9/10 bt I never finished P2

53. Home Alone 🏠

P1/2 were the best/funniest with Maculay Culkin, Joe Pesci, and Daniel Stern. 10

P3/4 were good too 8/10 bt haven't seen P5

54. Honey... 👨‍🔬

I Shrunk the Kids/Ourselves/I Blew Up the Kid were all great. 9

My “Alphabetically-Ordered” Take on These Movie Franchises

55. Hulk 🧟‍♂️

Hulk with best ever, sexy Eric Bana. 8

Incredible Hulk was the best action film. 10

56. Hunger Games 🏹

P1 I loved Rue. 9

P2 took 3 tries to watch. 7

P3/4 were so boring. 4

57. I know what u did last summer

P1/2 were good. 9

P3 was stupid. 6

58. Incredibles 💪

P1 was 10/10 so im waiting for P2

59. Independence Day 👽

P1 like 9/10 bt P2 was a let down

60. Inspector Gadget 🔍

P1/2 and the cartoon were very good. 8

61. Iron Man 💪

P1/3 were my faves. 8

P2 was eh. 6

62. Jaws 🦈

P1/2 I liked Roy Schneider. 6

P3/4 had better graphics. 8

My “Alphabetically-Ordered” Take on These Movie Franchises

63. Jeepers Creepers 👁

P1 scared me so bad but was good. 8

P2 was blahh. 5

64. John Wick 💰

P1 I didn't like the storyline. 6

P2 more action. 8

65. Journey to the Center of Earth

P1 was good. 8

P2 Rock/Vanessa Hudgens annoy me. 7

66. Jumanji 🎲

P1 was amaze balls with Robin Williams, Kirsten Dunst, Bonnie Hunt, & David Alan Grier. 10

P2: Zathura was good too. 8

P3 doesn't beat the OG. 9

67. Jurassic Park 🦖

My fave movie franchise. All were 10/10.

Haven't seen P5 trailer yet

68. Kill Bill 👘

Vol.1 was great 9/10

Vol.2 was good 7/10

69. King Kong 🦍

Black/White looked too clayish. 4

1976 with Jeff Bridges was ok. 6

2005 is my fave EVER tho the 1st hour was boring, but the next 2 hours were great. Starring Adrien Brody, Naomi Watts, cutie Jamie Bell, sexy Thomas Kretchsmann, and funny Jack Black 9

2017 brought back the horrid clay. 8

My “Alphabetically-Ordered” Take on These Movie Franchises

70. Lake Placid 🐊

P1 was amaze balls & Bill Pullman was hot. 8

Sequels were decent. 6

71. Legally Blonde 👩‍⚖️


P2/3 were ok. 6

72. Like Mike 🏀

P1 with Bow Wow and Morris Chesnut 😍 10

P2 was good too. 7

73. Lion King 🦁

P1 legendary. 9

P2/3 good soundtracks. 7

74. Little Mermaid 🧜‍♀️

P1 my #1 fave disney Prince/Princess. 10

P2 was disappointing but the kid was cute 6

P3 was a prequel and it was ok. 6

75. Mad Max 😡

P1 boring bt a great Punisher ending. 6

P2/3 i haven't watched

Reboot with Tom Hardy sexy self. 10

76. Madagascar 🐒🦓🦒

P1 was good. 8

P2 was great. 10

P3 was okay. 6

Penguins was funny. 7

My “Alphabetically-Ordered” Take on These Movie Franchises

77. Madea 👵

Diary of a Mad Black Woman is 2nd fave. 9

Family Reunion is my fave. 10

Goes to Jail was eh. 6

Big Happy Family “Byyyron” annoyed me. 5

Christmas lost its humor. 6

Witness Protection was ok. 7

Boo was funny. 8

Boo 2 was horrid. 4

Tough Love was ehh. 5

78. Magic Mike 😛

P1 i loved Matt McCounaugheys quote. 7

P2 was sexier, better and i got wetter. 8

79. The Mask 👺

P1/P2 was so good, both 9

80. Maze Runner 🏃‍♂️

P1 was great. 9

P2 was good. 8

P3 i haven't watched

81. The Mummy ⚰️

P1/2 were ok. 6

P3 was good. 7

Reboot was awesome & I love Tom. 9

82. Nightmare on Elm Street 😴

P1-7 were cary bt funny. 7

Reboot was good bt lacked Robs humor. 9

83. The Nutty Professor 👨‍🏫

P1/2 both so funny. 9

My “Alphabetically-Ordered” Take on These Movie Franchises

84. The Parent Trap 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

60s P1 was good. 8

60s P2-4 were ok. 6

Reboot with Lindsay Lohan, Dennis Quaid, and Natasha Richardson (rip) was great. 10

85. Percy Jackson ⚡️

P1 was so good. 9

P2 wasn't as good. 6

86. Pet Sematary 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️

P1 was good and the kid was adorbs. 7

P2 was soooo good with the sheriff. 9

87. Piranha 🐟

3D/3DD were funny bt too much nudity. 7

88. ___ of the Planet of the Apes 🐵

70s i never watched

2001 Reboot with Mark Wahlberg was good 8

Rise was good 9

Dawn was blahh 6

War was cool 7

89. Pocahontas 🧝‍♀️

P1 had a scary tree bt Smith was sexy. 7

P2 pissed me off cause i rooted for Smith. 5

90. Poseidon 🛳

2005 Reboot with Steve Guttenberg. 8

2006 Reboot with Kurt Rusell, Josh Lucas, Richard Dreyfuss, and Emmy Rossum. 9

91. The Prince & Me 🤴👸

P1 was amazing. 9

P2 was ok. 6

P3/4 i haven't watched

92. The Princess Diaries 👑

P1/2 were great. 10

93. The Purge 🤡

Purge was boring. 6

Anarchy was amazing. 9

Election Year was disappointing. 7

The First Purge prequel coming this summer

94. The Resident Evil 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️

Resident Evil is my 2nd fave. 9

Apocalypse was ok. 6

Extinction was good. 8

Afterlife was straight. 7

Retribution was my fave. 10

Final Chapter was disappointing. 7

My “Alphabetically-Ordered” Take on These Movie Franchises

95. Ride Along 🚔👮‍♂️🚓

P1/2 were hilarious. 9

96. Riddick 😎

Pitch Black was good.

I haven't seen sequels. 8

97. Romy & Michelle 👭

P1 with Lisa Kudrow was the best. 9

P2 with Katherine Heigl was decent. 6

98. Rugrats... 👶

Movie had a great soundtrack. 7

in Paris is my fave. 9

Go Wild was okay. 6

99. Rush Hour 🚦

P1 was great!! Chris Tucker was fine af. 10

P2 was cool. 7

P3 was hilarious. 9

100. The Sandlot ⚾️

P1 was the best with sexy Benny. 8

P2 had cute Max Lloyd Jones/Sam Burton. 7

P3 wasn't memorable. 4

My “Alphabetically-Ordered” Take on These Movie Franchises

101. Saw ⛓⚙️🛠

I was boring. 4

II was my fave with the best cast. 9

III was good. 7

IV focused on sexy Lyriq Bent. 8

V was my 2nd fave. 9

VI was cool. 8

3D was stupid funny. 7

Jigsaw i haven't watched

102. Scary Movie 😂

P1/P2 Wayan bros made these movies good. 10

P3 was ok. 7

P4 was hilarious. 9

P5 shouldve never been made. 3

103. Scooby Doo 🐕

P1/2 were great. 9

104. Scream 🔪

P1 was the best/most memorable. 9

P2 was good. 8

P3 was ok. 7

P4 had a hilarious ending. 7

105. Shrek 🐸

P1-3 were amazing. 9

P4 was good. 7

106. Sisterhood Traveling Pants 👖

P1 was the best. 9

P2 was ok. 7

My “Alphabetically-Ordered” Take on These Movie Franchises

107. Species 👽

P1/2 were good. 9

P3 lacked without Natasha Henstridge. 7

P4 was awful. 4

* If you like this, checkout Decoys

108. Speed 🚎🚢

P1 has sexy Keanu Reeves bt I never finished

P2 was my fave & had crazy Willem Dafoe. 9

109. Spiderman 🕸🕷🕸

P1 was good. 8

P2 kinda boring. 6

P3 my fave hero movie tho people hate it. 10

Amazing P1 very good. 9

Amazing P2 was awful. 5

Homecoming was ok. 7

110 Spy Kids 🤜💥🤛

P1-3 were great. 9

P2 was ehh. 5

111. Stuart Little 🐭

P1 was so good with Gina Davis, Hugh Laurie, and Jonathan Lipnicki. 10

P2/3 were unwatchable

112. Taken 👣

P1 was great. 9

P2/3 were repetitive. 6

113. Texas Chainsaw Massacre ⛓

P1-4 i haven't watched

P5-7 were good. 8

P8 i haven't watched

114. The Thing 👽

haven't seen P1 but the Reboot was funny. 9

115. Think Like A Man 💑

P1 was the best. 10

P2 was ok. 7

My “Alphabetically-Ordered” Take on These Movie Franchises

116. Toy Story 🤠

P1 was good. 9

P2 was decent. 7

P3 was eh. 5

P4 coming 2019

117. Transformers 🤖

P1-3 took many tries but were good. 8

P4 had its moments. 7

P5/6 not really tryna watch

118. Twilight 🧛‍♂️🧛‍♀️

Twilight was boring. 6

New Moon introduced sexier Taylor Lautner. 8

Eclipse was cool. 7

BD Pt 1 was great. 9

BD Pt 2 pissed me off with the dream thing. 6

119. Twitches 👯‍♀️

P1/2 were good. 8

120. Tommy Lee Jones (Deputy) 🤠

The Fugitive with Harrison Ford was good. 9

US Marshals was great as well. 9

Man of the House wasn't a sequel but still. 9

121. Why Did I Get Married 👰🤵

P1/2 were great. 9

122. Wiz 🧙‍♂️👧🦁🤖

Wizard of Oz was a fave musical. 10

The Wiz was just as good with Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Richard Pryor and Nipsey Russell. 10

Return to Oz was surprisingly cool. 7

The Wiz Broadway was ok. 6

My “Alphabetically-Ordered” Take on These Movie Franchises

123. Wolverine 👊

Origins was my fave Xmen movie. 10

The Wolverine was good too. 9

Logan was disappointing. 7

124. Xmen ❌

Xmen had good intro, bt bored me. 6

X2 was barely memorable. 5

Last Stand pissed me off killin my bae Cyclops. 7

First Class was boring at times. 6

Days of Future Past was kinda good. 8

Apocalypse was really good. 9

Dark Phoenix and New Mutants coming soon

125. Jungle Book 🐅

1967 Animation best soundtrack. 10

1967 Sequel was ok. 6

90s Live Action was ehh. 6

2016 Version was good. 7

Mowgli coming soon

126. Point Break 🌊🏄‍♂️

1991 had a great storyline and sexy Keanu Reevea and cutie pie Patrick Swayze (rip). 9

2015 had adrenaline bt horrible acting. 7

127. Presidents Daughter 🇺🇸

First Daughter And Chasing Liberty were not sequels but came out the same year and I enjoyed Katie Holmes & Mandy Moore. 10

128. Alice & Wonderland 🎩

Animated was ok. 7

TV Movie with Whoopi was my fave. 9

Reboot P1 was okay. 8

Reboot P2 never finished.

129. Die Hard 💪

Much better than boring Unbreakable/Split.

P1 was amazing with Alan Rickman (rip). 9

P2 was ok. 6

P3 was cool too. 8

P4 had badass Maggie Q. 10

P5 was decent. 7

130. National Lampoons Vacation

Vacation 1983 was funny. 7

European/Christmas/Vegas i haven't seen

Vacation 2015 was hilarious. 10

131. Hotel Transylvania 🧛‍♂️🧛‍♀️

P1/2 were great. 10

P3 coming soon
My “Alphabetically-Ordered” Take on These Movie Franchises

Other Movies with Sequels/Reboot

My “Alphabetically-Ordered” Take on These Movie Franchises

I liked:

Dark Knight Rises, Indiana Jones & The Krystal Skull, The Hangover, Harold & Kumar White Castle, Deadpool, Honey, Red, Universal Soldier, Pitch Perfect, Hostel II, and Ice Age 🤘🖖✌️

But dont care for their sequels/reboots

I wanted to add gifs but ran out of room. Anyways, feel free to let me know which movies you like and if you agree with the rates 😊

#LongestMyTakeEver #FeelFreeToList #FaveMovieFranchises

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  • Frankly, I have seen most of them.
    I agree with most of your ratings.
    Disney's movies are always the best animated movies in my own opinion.
    I do rate Aladdin more than 101 Dalmations to be honest!

    "Along came a spider" is also a 10 for me :-D
    I thought i was the only one to like this movie.

    Arnold is really one of the best 80s and 90s actors, along side with Steven and Sylverster ;-)
    Not to forget Jean-Claude and Jacki Chan!!!

    CARS <3

    I have seen Chocolate Factory as matter of fact more than twice.
    Loved it.
    Well rated dear Des ;-)

    I don't really agree on the rating you gave Fast & Furious sequel :-(

    I am a big fan of Fifty shades trilogy, but the movies were not that good.
    Grey and Darker were both together kind of good, but the third one disapointing honestly. Besides, they changed a lot the story. I am reading the books, and they are much more better.

    I think the glass house deserves a 10 :-D

    Grown ups are hillarious.

    The Hitcher, one of my favorite movies. As matter of fact, any movie with Sophia Bush is good <3

    Home Alone is my childhood, so a 10 for me.

    THE MASK !!! I can never get tired of this movie
    A big 10 for the first one.

    Resident Evil along side with Underworld sequels: YES

    RIDDICK was too boring in my opinion :-(

    Scream along side with I Know What You Did Last Summer sequel dear Desi
    Those were the good old 90s

    I would have added Daylight, Sylvester Stalone

    Anyways, you have a good thread over here.
    I will check out the movies I have not seen yet.

    Thank you for taking the time to write this Take dear Desi :-)

    • I dont like Underworld and 101 dalmations is a 5 compared to aladdins 10 lol. But i didn't add Daylight because it didn't have a sequel. I loved that movie tho as well as Escape Plan with Arnold/Sylvester. And yes i like Universal Soldier and thhis one othwr Jean Claude movie

    • Those were the good old 80s and 90s day dear Desi ;-)
      Not to mention childhood TV series <3
      Boy Meets World, Brotherly Love, Home Improvement, Friends, etc...

    • Thank you for MHO :-D

  • omg thats a lot of work, lets see
    Hotel Transylvania my little sis really loves them

    i dont like the xmen movies though apocalypse was decent

    Scream the first one was defo the best one, it was the movie that resurrected slasher movie genre in the 90s

    Alien (1979), Aliens (1986) and Alien 3 (1992) were the best really good movies

    i watched every final destination but my fav is 3 cos Mary Elizabeth Winstead

    i could go on forever since i prob watched thousands of horror movies from cult classics to the newest ones but dont wanna make a too long post, just gonna say that i like your taste for movies

    • I agree, Xmen didn't get good until the last two (Apocalypse and Days of Future Past). Screams sequels def didn't live up to the OG. i haven't seen the first 3 Aliens. And yes that final destination was prob the moat interesting altho part 1 is my fave. And lol im fine with u making a long post after what i just made haha

    • thanks for the MHO miss Desii xd

Most Helpful Girls

  • Holy f*ck... you have a lot of time on your hands... I totally agree with you bout most of these movies... awesome myTake!


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What Guys Said 12

  • Definitely a long my take

  • I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!
    All of your Mytakes are super detailed, I am not going to try to match you because I would probably burn out if I tried... But that list is practically a book! Well done!

  • I know the names of many from the list you put up, but have seen only a few titles 😂
    Example - I haven't seen Lion King yet
    Or maybe Charlie's Angels ~ I saw it when I was much younger, I don't even remember the plot (except that 3 girls worked for a guy and they had never seen the guy in real life)

  • WTF alien resurrection 9 I've never seen someone say it was good you NEED to watch the first 2.

    Also I didn't even know there was an American psycho part 2 first one is kino though.

    • Kino? But yea i liked part 2 although she was less psycho. It was more humorous. And lol i liked Alien Resurrection haha

  • Desi Disagree wholeheartedly wit Spider-man ( I mean 3 is that best to you?) Speed 2 (What's the point without Keanu?) Planet of the Apes (They were all good but Dawn was the ish!) Xmen (First class/ Maybe Days of Future past were the best.) But Apocalypse was not good The villain was bland, and too one dimensional, and a whole bunch of other ish.. And all 3 Toy Story movies were on point.. The best to me are between 1 and 3... Wolverine Origins was yo fav? Well this is how you see them.. LMAO..

    • Spiderman 3 with sandman/venom was amazing! Part 2 sucked. Amazing spiderman 1 was good like spiderman 3. But amazing spiderman 2 sucked like spiderman 2. And Speed 2 was amazing although the guy was unattractive. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes was honestly the only interesting one to me as well as the one with Mark Wahlberg. Xmen First Class sucked. I think i saw it in theatres. Apocalypse was awesome and badass. Toy Story 3 was horrid I don't know if i even finished it. Origins was everything

    • Spiderman 3 didn't suck (it has it's entertainment value) but it wasn't good.. Part is in line for the best Spider-Man movie along wit Spider-man: Homecoming.. Cause they both touched on the intimate parts of Peter Parker.. Homecoming did a great Spider-man better than Spider-man 2.. You meant Rise of the Planet of the Apes.. But the Reboot series is all around great.. I think is the best one for me though.. War was great too.. X-Men first class was the ish.. Apocalypse was weak.. LOL.. Toy Story 3 was arguably the best one.. And Origins was weak sauce.. Take from a film connoisseur like me.. The likes of who watched Oscar winning movies.. LMAO.. XD :P

  • WOW! You put a lot of effort into this.
    You've seen a lot of movies

    • Yes haha :) see any of your faves above?

    • Show All
    • I find Bourne sooo boring. I couldnt finish any of his movies

    • Me too. I only liked the second one.
      My dad likes those

  • I saw two of my favourites: Speed (I also loved both of them) and Die Hard (I loved the first one and "Die hard with a vengance" the most. The other ones are not bad but a class lower.

  • Omg watch the original Barber shops

    by the way I ain't reading all of those 😂😂😂 I thought it was only list of 20 movie franchises

  • TL, DR. Lake Placid was the shit!

  • I've seen a good portion of those.

    • Do you agree with my rates?

    • Show All
    • Oh the newer one is a prequel? I assumed a remake

    • Yeah. It demonstrates what happens in the Norwegian camp.

  • Amazing u put a lot of efforts on this.

    • Yes haha. Thank you. Hopefully u see some of ur fave movies up there

  • very long


What Girls Said 5

  • I'm on my phone, but some I agree with, some are understandble, I disagree with a lot but Logan? Really? Haha I loved that movie that caught my attention more than anything lol.

  • I browsed through the list. It's super long. I agree with the Wizard of Oz/The Wiz. 101 Dalmatians the original is my favorite. Didn't like sequels.

  • This list is too long for me, but I still liked it. You should do more myTakes like this, just not as long. 😛
    Why did you include movies you've never seen, tho? 😂

  • You have a lot of free time lol.
    My gosh! Either you live at home or a sugar daddy lol
    Good for you!

  • Bravo 👏👏👏👏😘


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