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COVIDCON, Comicon in the age of COVID-19.

COVIDCON, Comicon in the age of COVID-19.

Yesterday, September 26,2020. The state of North Carolina had it's first comiccon since March before the shutdown. As we return to a new normal people wonder how are events like Comiccon going to work. This is my Comiccon story.

So Con morning I waited in line till 10 AM when the doors opened. The first thing they asked us to do was apply hand sanitizer, wear our masks, and they checked our temperature. As soon as I was cleared I was given a yellow armband which would grant me entry and exit all day from the Con because my car was in a parking garage and I kept putting things in my car. The capacity limit at any one time at the con was approximately 950 people not counting vendors/artists (in North Carolina comiccons/ collectors shows count as retail and can have a 50% capacity).

At the show there was a lot of cool stuff. Vintage comics from the 40s and 50s, toys, board games (including Monopoly of all kinds), wrestling figures, K-pop merch, Totoro throw pillows, and even homemade Harry Potter wands made from real wood!

COVIDCON, Comicon in the age of COVID-19.
COVIDCON, Comicon in the age of COVID-19.
COVIDCON, Comicon in the age of COVID-19.
COVIDCON, Comicon in the age of COVID-19.
COVIDCON, Comicon in the age of COVID-19.
COVIDCON, Comicon in the age of COVID-19.
COVIDCON, Comicon in the age of COVID-19.
COVIDCON, Comicon in the age of COVID-19.

These were all cosplayers who let me take their phots. There were a lot of awesome cosplays there. Some of the ones I didn't get a pic of was an Elsa with a baby as Olaf, Supergirl, Michael Myers, Pennywise, and several anime/ otaku ladies. Plague doctor was by far the most popular cosplay this year. Usually they tend to be Harley Quinn and Joker but I only saw a couple Jokers and maybe 5 Harleys. There was also some Five Nights at Freddy's cosplayers too.

For the most part it was awesome. It was actually more popular and active than I was going to think it was going to be. I will say I was kinda overwhelmed by the crowds because I was saying sorry a lot Because I was kinda excited and anxious due to the activities. The only real downside was that it was during a pandemic so there wasn't any celebrity guests, no after party, and not a whole lot of food options because you couldn't bring in inside food or drink. Would I go again? Absolutely! Maybe by the next one in spring the restrictions will be loosened and maybe there will be some kind of normalcy.

COVIDCON, Comicon in the age of COVID-19.

So to answer the question, yes a comiccon can work in the age of a pandemic if done safely and carefully. Having it spread out helped a whole lot. So this is my Comiccon experience. If you have any questions feel free to ask!



COVIDCON, Comicon in the age of COVID-19.
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  • That's a cool insiders view into not only a comic con but an event in general during co vid. It's very informative and let's us know what an event with co vid is like! Even sharing sharing your hotel room was an interesting part of the process.

    Overall, it still looked like a lot fun with fun people and a high energy atmosphere. Great mytake! Thank you for sharing your experience with us!!
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    • Jjpayne

      And on a side note, I loved the velma and shaggy couple

  • Trooper205
    Fabulous. You make me wanna attend one even more.
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Most Helpful Girls

  • PBandJ_Nerd
    I've never been to one. But I've heard there's more than just superheroes, anti-heroes, and villains but also popular cartoons. Over here where I live we usually do a cherry blossom festival downtown (it's for people who like/love anime and manga) but we didn't have it this year, it was canceled. Hopefully in 2021 we'll have it though. Last time I went I got a sweet lolita dress.
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    • That is actually true. I don't really go for superheroes but I totally went to the anime, cartoons, and wrestling stuff

    • I only like the Teen titans and DC Superhero girls. But that's usually about it for me regarding them. I'm thinking of maybe buying a superhero costume for Halloween though. Just so I don't have to keep being rainbow dash and have another one at least.

  • SpiderManFan2002
    Aww that looks really cool! I've never actually been to a ComicCon because they're always so far from my city and my parents always say no because travel expenses lol😂

    But sometimes they have a "Literature Fair" where I live, so and last year's, there was this Comic book guy there who sold comics that were so cheap so no prizes for guessing which comics I got😂
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    • Literally in your name lol. Sadly I saw no Spiderman or Gwen stacys

    • Aww shame😂

      If I went to a ComicCon I'd probably go as MJ from the MCU considering I have the hair and clothes for it so I wouldn't have to buy any costume😂😂

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  • Fascinating to learn how plague doctor costumes were very popular. I wonder if a lot of Halloween costumes will be that this year, too, if people go to parties or trick-or-treating at all.
    • I think maybe they might have parties among family and maybe friends at least. But trick or treating may not happen. It's ok though, you can just Boo somebody, that's always fun. I got Boo by one of my neighbors when I was younger because I had gotten scared. It was a box with a cute little ghost and candy inside.

    • Makes sense. I do feel kind of bad for kids that won't be able to practice a long-revered tradition. Then again, maybe it'd be a step in the right direction considering the pandemic of childhood/ obesity in general

    • Yeah. But they'd still get candy from what their parents bought at least. Unless the parents are pretty health conscious and don't allow their kids to eat any.

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  • lanadelrey25
    Pretty awesome! I liked the beetlejuice one
    • The Beetlejuice was awesome. That must have taken time. There were some sexy ladies cosplays but I was being respectful about taking pics because it's rude to photograph without consent especially now days with all the controversy

  • Gwenhwyfar
    Great Take