The Story of 90's G-Dragon


This is a crazy story. I like when life is so weird and unpredictable and things happen that you would never think are possible. I'll probably make this a series and add some more stories like this one :).

I first heard about this story from a channel called DKDKTV they're pretty good so you can check it out if you like :).

How it started

This is a story of a korean American guy called Yang Joon Il he went to Korea and started singing. He had a very unique sense of style and his way of performing was also quite extravagant and elegant. He was ahead of his time but it wasn't appreciated back then.

I was 1 when this performance happened(1991)! :D His music had more western influence and that was also not popular with everyone. But his biggest problem was the immigration office someone there told him I don't like people like you(korean americans) and as long as I work here you won't get an extension on your visa. And later on they came to one of his concerts shut it down and said if you go on stage you will be banned from Korea for life.

He was forced to give up and went back to america.

Who is G-Dragon?

G-Dragon is one of the biggest stars in Korea he's been in show business since he was 6 he made rap music videos when he was 10, in 2006 he debuted in what became Koreas biggest group BIGBANG and he has a very successful solo career too. But besides that he's famous for his fashion because he has worn nearly every clothing article in existence and started many trends in Korea. His music is just as versatile.

The Return

Apparently it became a trend among korean teenagers to explore old culture, movies music etc. And they found this guy Yang Joon Il and since they were from the future they saw his potential. They compared him to G-Dragon that's how his nickname became a thing.

Suddenly there was some buzz around this guy and a TV show who was interested in this story tried to find him. When they found him it turned out he had been... a waiter in Florida for 30 years! They tried to convince him to come back and tell his story and he did. The show where they revealed him and his followeing interview made a huge splash and suddenly he became a star again.

He performed on music shows where all the idols perform and had a ton of fans. He still had the same swagger as before. And most of all he was full of positivity and gratitude and humility. He didn't condemn korea or say these people stole thirty years of his music career he just approached life in a positive way and that's what people appreciated about him. Everyone wanted to support this guy who had been bullied out of the country by some nasty officials.

He signed with a label and started recording music again :) He's not a huge star but he does enjoy performing and making music and that's what matters right? :)

I just think this story is really interesting and fun.

Let me know what you thought :)


The Story of 90's G-Dragon
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  • Luna1998
    Omg I love GD!, he is so nice and cute! Tge way he talk in normal life was a total different from when he sing! He is usually shy but once he performs was like a switch!