Who do you think are the best up and coming actresses under 40?


Well, I have thought about this topic for a while. I have binge watched so many shows over the last few months. And I have some favorites. My tastes are specific and perculiar because I am into sci-fi and fantasy. But there are a couple that aren't in that genre. What do you think of my list?

1. Awkwafina

I first started seeing her in commercials. Then I watched Crazy Rich Asians. She was the main reason to see the film in my opinion. So I started watching "Nora from Queens". This woman is crazy.

Who do you think are the best up and coming actresses under 40?

2. Zendaya

Of course everyone knows Zendaya. But she is legit. From the new MCU Spiderman movies, which are the best of the lot. To Euphoria, she can act and she is drop dead gorgeous.

Who do you think are the best up and coming actresses under 40?

3. Chloe Grace-Moretz

This one I don't quite understand. I love pretty much everything Chloe has been in. From KickAss 1 and 2, to Neighbors 2, to the Equalizer. I don't know why she hasn't been given her own franchise yet. She can do action, romantic movies, or drama roles. But in KickAss, she was just a plain old superhero. Me and my friends were screaming by the end of this film.

4. Sophie Turner

Everyone here knows all about Sophie Turner. Game of Thrones, the only real reason to watch X-Men Apocalypse or Dark Phoenix. "Walk to me Charles!!" LOLx10!!!

Who do you think are the best up and coming actresses under 40?

5. Sonequa Martin-Greene

I had no idea who this person was until I started watching Star Trek Discovery. I found her performance so compelling, I had to go back and find other things she had done, like the Walking Dead, Once Upon a Time, etc.

Who do you think are the best up and coming actresses under 40?

6. Scarlett Johannson

Easily the most famous of the bunch. As you guys can see, I am not into the most popular actresses. But it is hard to ignore ScarJo. Her perfomances are just compelling. Sure she is Black Widow in the MCU, but her other performances from movies like Jo-Jo Rabbit, Lucy, and Her are all top notch. And she is only 35 years old. One of my favorite scenes from Jo-Jo Rabbit.

7. Tessa Thompson is another prolific actress. But I was not really aware of her until I watched her in Westworld. Then I had to find out about all the other films/series she was in. So I have been watching Dear White People, Annihilation, Creed 1/2 and Sorry to Bother You. This scene from Westworld left me speechless.

8. Diane Guerrero

It is no secret that the main reason to watch Doom Patrol is Diane Guerrero. There have been a lot of actors who have tried to do the multiple personality disorder role. Few of them have nailed it so perfectly as Diane. The most interesting plots always involve her character(s). I backtracked and started watching other series she starred in like "Orange is the New Black".

9. Karen Fukuhara

I have to mention Karen Fukuhara because I am watching The Boys right now. And her character basically has no lines at all, but I love her character. So I decided to go back and watch her in Suicide Squad. I hope she they give her an action movie franchise. This woman is outstanding.

Who do you think are the best up and coming actresses under 40?

10. Zazie Beetz

Now Zazie, is on the list because I am in love with her. I had no idea where she came from or what she was doing before DeadPool 2. I just keep re-watching every scene she is in. So I combed the net for her older stuff. I found Atlanta, Wolves, I even watched that crap GeoStorm just because she was in it.

Who do you think are the best up and coming actresses under 40?
Who do you think are the best up and coming actresses under 40?
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  • Anonymous
    up and coming? This is a list of mostly established actresses. Sophie Turner is bland. Xmen apocalypse, dark phoenix sucked donkey balls.
    A good example of a top up and coming actress would be Millie Bobby Brown in 2016 during the first season of stranger things.
    Scarlet Johansen has been around forever and is about to smash box office records with the new black widow movie she is staring in or she would smash nox office records if not for covid. Not sure which i want to see more based on the trailers black widow or wonder woman 1984.
    New Star Trek sucks due to micheal Burnham, should have just made the series Michelle Yeoh as a captain with a kick ass crew. Crew of the discovery? I haven't seen that man retards in one place and I've seen NSYNC in concert.
    Chloe grace mortez sucks, I think a lot of fanboys were into her since kick ass because she was jailbird same as Natalie Portman in Leon.
    Zendya us good in spiderman that series euphoria is boring.
    You should watch enola on netflix. Also the witcher. My god Henry cavill is so hotttttt
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  • Anonymous
    I never pay attention to actresses, especially young ones. Here today gone tomorrow.
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    • Wow. . . thanks for your support.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t know what support you mean but no problem

    • Yeah young actors/actresses never impressed me for some reason.

Most Helpful Guys

  • Waffles731
    you want to talk absurdly good perfomances by young actresses, Hailee Steinfeld if she ever gets really back into acting and not on her music career.

    I fucking love Westerns and to this day I still say she got cheated out of an Oscar and cheated out of becoming the youngest person ever to win best actress back in 2010 for her performace in True Grit.
    She was what 12 or 13 and she SHOULD have won the Oscar for best lead actress.
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    • Dude, I have not watched the Oscars in 20 years.

      Or the Grammys.

      Or any awards show outside of the BET Awards.

      I mean, what's the point? I just like what I like and watch that. The Oscars is a ripoff every single year.

    • Waffles731

      I haven't seen a single ceremony, and yeah they are a rip off,

      Her not winning that or the fact that Pan's Labyrinth didn't win best picture let alone best foreign film that year proves that

  • Anonymous
    Aquafina is hilarious
    Zendaya is cool
    Zazie beets is the Finest women I've ever seen

    I would add Jessica henwick she is hot and great everything she in. Give 100% and Carried iron fist.

    The stranger thing girl is in everything.
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    • Zazie. . . oh my. . . that stuff right there, right there. . .

      Who do you think are the best up and coming actresses under 40?

      I will have to look up Jessica Henwick.

      I should have also added Natasha Lyonne. Dude, that woman is the living embodiment of New York.


    • Anonymous

      There a video of zazie beets working out jump rope that's what's sup

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  • goaded
    I recently saw a series with Ariane Labed, and she impressed me a lot. You might have seen her in Assassin's Creed.

    All three were impressive, her co-stars, Thalissa Teixeira, and Gary Carr, but I don't know their ages.
    • I will have to check into it. I didn't watch all of Assassin's Creed. But I will look her up.


  • The_unknown_memer
    Dianne Guerrero, is the best part of doom patrol , I loved that show

    DC universe shows made a major improvement from the garbage that is titans to doom patrol and swamp thing

    Unfortunately swamp thing was cancelled
    • I love her and my guy Brendan Fraser. I was glad to see him make a comeback.

      Haha! I thought Titans sucked too. Doom Patrol is so innovative and different. But I never got the chance to see Swamp Thing. Is it worth a look?

    • I haven't watched the series yet but I fans loved it and judging from the clips on YouTube, it's far more worth watching than titans

      It's written by people who wrote the daredevil show

      So you can take it as a good sign

    • Well, I have seen both seasons. And the episodes involving Brendan and Dianne are awesome.

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  • Tea-Spaghetti
    I don’t like young actors or actresses that much. Out of these I’d say Awkwafina Scarlett and Sonnequa
    • I love them. I think with the new generation they are bringing so much to the table especially in the fantasy genre. Did you ever see a series called "Legend of the Seeker"?

      Bridget Regan was pure murder on screen.

      If this does not get you up and our of your chair, then you are not human.


  • mishmashlady
    Chloe grace is something tbh.. also i think kat dennings
  • Likes2drive
    How about Sofia Pernas, she was recently in Blood and Treasure and NCIS
    • I wouldn't know her. I have to admit. I lean heavily towards sci-fi and fantasy.

  • Uh I don't watch TV like that but the deaf actor ones silent voice
  • supercutebutt
    Scarlett "up and coming" Johannson. LOL!!!
    • She has such a body of work out there already. But when I saw her in Jo-Jo Rabbit. . I could not help but smile.

  • militaryhistorian
    I like the actresses from the fast and furious movies
    • You know. . . I have not watched a single Fast and Furious film. Not even when the Roc joined.

  • Liam_Hayden
    I really like Sara Antonio.
    • Never heard of her either. Wow. Is there anything I should look up with her in it?

  • Anonymous
    no one
    • You can always depend on blue anonymous trolls to come by and drop some real gems.

      Who do you think are the best up and coming actresses under 40?

    • Anonymous

      it isn't a troll response. a lot of people under 40 suck at acting