Gaming IS NOT men only activity!

Gaming IS NOT men only activity!

This stereotype that girls cannot be gamers have rooted itself so deeply into the society that it has been poisoning and ruining the appeal for any potential new girl gamer to arise and ''come out of the closet'' so to speak. Their own female friends and even family members mock them for wanting or being interested to play video games, all because of this fake stereotype that has been pushed by the people and reinforced into the society.

Men and women ARE different and there is no denying in that, however gaming is one of those aspects that actually breaks down the division and brings us both together. People must stop making fun of girls who like to play video games and most importantly their own friends and family must stop thinking this way.

This is activity that both genders can enjoy and it should be that way. So my advice for all of you is that if you want to make a change - start with yourself!

I've been guilty of this in the past, but ever since I have realized how immature and dumb it was.

If you want to make a difference then start by not treating girl gamers differently than guys. Need to stop pointing out that someone is a girl based on their nickname and start targeting them based on that fact alone. It's not helping the cause, if anything it increases the chances that the girl will play her last game and just delete it afterwards and possibly drop the gaming altogether.

It doesn't end there. It can spread like a virus and she can go to her friends and tell them how she tried to give gaming a chance and realized how horrible environment it was and from that alone the perception of games being toxic cesspool of horny, sexist, mindless guys just intensifies.

Don't get me wrong. Games can be toxic and rough environment, but it is like that for guys as well. Toxicity doesn't filter genders, it filters personalities.

Let's just be decent human beings and let everyone enjoy the gaming, because in the end of the day - games are more fun than not and by acting civilized we can improve the overall quality of our experiences.

Men and women can both enjoy gaming and that's how it should be.

Gaming IS NOT men only activity!
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  • PBandJ_Nerd
    Me and my close sister played games of all types when we were younger. Most of them were video games of course since I didn't understand the board games. The same can be said for sports and workouts too-they aren't just for guys because women enjoy that stuff too. The thing to remember is this: Girls and guys can have similar or the same interests as each other. You never have to have the same body as somebody else to enjoy certain things. But I know this is what you were saying throughout this whole post at the end.
  • Anonymous
    I never thought that gaming was a male only activity and I know a few female gamers. I just dont like when developers ruin a game by adding social justice virtue signalling to the gameplay and/or dialog.