"Dark Fathoms of Lake Superior"- The story of the SS Edmund Fitzgerald

Dark Fathoms of Lake Superior- The story of the SS Edmund Fitzgerald

She was affectionately nicknamed " The Fitz" or " The Pride of the American side" . The SS Edmund Fitzgerald was a huge iron ore freighter that floated on Lake Superior from her docks in Superior, Wisconsin to other ports such as Duluth, Minnesota, Detroit, Michigan. Cleveland, Ohio, and Sault Ste. Marie,Ontario, Canada. The ship was well known for having a good crew and veteraned captain. But, Lake Superior, especially in November is known to be extremely temperamental, and she NEVER gives up her dead.

The ship was built in 1958, and at the time was one of the largest Lake freighters in North America. It was well respected and a favorite of the Midwestern maritime enthusiasts. However on November 10th, 1975 little did people know, The Fitz would be taking her last trip.

On that evening, the ship left it's docks in Wisconsin loaded bound for Detroit for a steel mill. There was 26,000 tons of iron ore along with 29 crewmembers. That evening, hurricane force winds of 80 miles per hour and waves over 25 feet were churning in Lake Superior. The captain tried to radio other boats to let then know they were taking in water, but sadly their attempts were futile. Other ships joined in to try to save her and to get her to Whitefish Bay near Sault Ste. Marie, but it was no use. The ship and her 29 crewmembers were gone without a trace.

The church bells rang 29 times at Detroit's Church of the Mariners. Honoring the dead crew members in a respectful fashion. But, them nor the ship have never been recovered. As it has been said, Lake Superior never gives up her dead. Some people have recounted on the Great Lakes near Detriot, Milwaukee, Sault Ste. Marie, and even Minneapolis of seeing a ghost ship in the fog resembling that of The Edmund Fitzgerald. Is it possible that the souls of the crew who went down in the icy waters of Lake Superior may not be entirely dead, but sailing on to a destination that they never reached?

There have been other shipwrecks in Lake Superior, the same has happened to them. When the bodies go down below, they never come back up. The ghost ships of Lake Superior are afloat and trying to reach their destinations, with the SS Edmund Fitzgerald and her crew leading the way.

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"Dark Fathoms of Lake Superior"- The story of the SS Edmund Fitzgerald
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  • Citizenkirk
    Being Southern Peninsula born and raised, the song of the disappearance of the Edmund Fitzgerald is as much within my blood as Danny Boyy is to any true Irishmen or a woman.
    It is a well-known fact that things that sink within the Great lakes are rarely ever found again and bodies do not float in the murky fresh waters fed by underground glaciers left over from the last ice age. The effects of high pressure when diving deep also hit you a little bit faster than salt water does so not only do you not float as much in the fresh water but it takes less time for the cold in the high pressure of water density to accumulate the further down you guys if you are trying to recover anything or anyone and those sailors on that ship during that torrential storm didn't have a chance.
    Pacific cyclone would have given them better odds of survival in the Pacific Ocean, then surviving that thunderstorm cold fronts from the baltics mixed with warm temperatures come from the south west making swells within the great lakes and highest 30 ft waves in some areas and what else one of those waves hits you go hit you like concrete not like that salt water of the ocean which tends to be a little bit more forgiving than the saltwater oceans of the Pacific and Atlantic which for the most part a lot more shallow than the Great lakes as well with some exceptions in the Atlantic Ocean and Central parts of the Pacific rim where plate tectonic displacement activity is ongoing creating deep live events under the water heating the water is a lot of comes in contact with the highly conductive catalytic properties of the warmer sodium, explosions soft water at more favorable temperatures and start contrast to the very cold hard Calcium water from glacier melt of the Great lakes regions.
    If there is any Mercy to how those crewmen of this Edmund Fitzgerald lost their lives this only in the speed at which they lost their lives in which they did not have to suffer for days on end from exposure since survival with that cold water in the activity of the Waves front meant that they were probably crushed to death almost instantly if not killed by hypothermia, 15 to 30 ft swells that hit like concrete walls, and took the heat right out of you with the bitter cold.
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    • zagor

      Actually salt water is denser than fresh.

    • Not cold. Cold freshwater is far more dense, and less forgiving when contacting warm saline bodies.
      Cooling a substitute causes molecules too cool down, getting slightly closer together, occupying a smaller volume resulting in an increase in density. Hot water is less dense and will float on room temperature water. Cold water is more dense and will sink in room temperature water. Glacier fed water being driven by high winds of arctic air increase the density of that water exponentially when forcing water molecules of glacier melt fed water from approximately 130° below zero to close to 160° below zero or more, pushing the water so quickly that the molecules themselves are moving, not just the kinetic energy passing through it. Also, fresh water does not generate the heat that salt water does in motion, lacking in both conductivity and catalytic increase in energy from friction of motion. If you've ever seen movie Ant-Man, where the little guys molecules are compressed into that tiny tiny volume with the same number of molecules of a large man packed tightly together in a 1 in tall person, as opposed to a 6-ft tall person, compressed tightly enough too hit like a bullet, instead of a knuckle delivering high velocity bullet sandwiches instead of regular knuckle sandwiches, that's your --

    • 160 below zero water temperature from high wind gust pushing the molecules forward, rather than just passing kenetc energy of motion through them, with increasing density of moving water, not just energy passing through stationary water like earthquake driven waves, with kenetc force between cold moving molecules and stationary warm molecules between the cold water and the warm body, causing a reactionary release of energy between the extreme cold and the extreme warm much like a hot coffee pot being placed in cold water when it explodes from the warm molecules of the coffee pot reaction to the cold molecules of the water, as well as the impact force of those cold, extremely dense, fast moving molecules,--

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  • Pterodon
    Actually that isn’t entirely true. She has been located and has had several underwater observations. She lies in two pieces approximately 170 feet from each other. The bow half is upright settled in the mud while the stern half is upside down.
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