The Truth Behind Being An Exotic Dancer


Exotic Dancers

Are performers, like any other dancer/performer.

Despite popular belief, they are not sex workers of any kind.

While there are some cases of dancers who will accept offers for more, the majority do not. For those that do, they potentially have other issues they are dealing with, drug addiction is common.

The Truth Behind Being An Exotic Dancer

It is a job, they are there to make money like at any other job.

Pole Dancing

To be highly successful one needs to learn this skillset and use it well.

Tips don't come in as fast if you stand there, wiggling your butt while taking it all off.

It takes months of training and practice while building up strength. You can get the basics down in about 3 months of near-daily practice, but you won't be very good at it.

You will spend a great deal of time with sore muscles early on and wonder if this is worth it.

You will fall and you will get hurt but expect to get right back up with some bruises and continue practicing.

For the more advanced moves, plan on at least another 3 months and even then you won't be able to do all the moves or be that great at them.

Practice practice and more practice and you do get better.

Only the very best can do the hardest moves.

There are pole dancing competitions, these are highly creative and artistic that take years of practice. Watch this for some crazy tough moves.

These competitions are different than being an exotic dancer, these are put together more as a routine and show of skills with no expectation of taking anything off.

As an exotic dancer, you should not be moving too fast, you want to move at a slower more sensual pace.

If You're Interested In Learning

PoleFreaks is a great place to start. She does a great job of breaking it down and making it look easier than it is.

It is a great workout to do even in your own home, even if you have no plans to ever perform.

Exotic Dancers Are Not Employees

They pay to be added to the lineup, some are considered contracted, others are considered to be self-employed and have their own business license that allows them to do private dances at other locations.

Tips are shared with bartenders and DJs. This is only fair, as they do a lot of great work to help everything come together.

My Stage Name Was Jade.

My first dance was super scary but I knew I could do this. I knew the first time would be the hardest. I was worried I'd fall on my face or something if I got too nervous and I did not want to look nervous either.

I was already used to dancing in my underwear in the dark black light at a previous club. Dance Clubbing

The difference now is it was dark everywhere except on the stage, and less flashing lights and I had the pole as a main part of the performance.

I was in the light, the center of it all. There were other stages on busy nights so might be two or three going at once, my first night was just one stage and I was on it.

I lucked out though, early on a weeknight just one guy who smiled a lot was there, but he was a good tipper.

As the night went on quite a few more people came in, and by this time I wasn't so nervous anymore. It was a great night, the other performers were so supportive we ended up becoming a very close and tight-knit group who supported each other and covered each other when needed.

What Is A Normal Work Night Like

If I was first in the lineup, I had to be there ready to start at 7 pm, but it involved a lot of prep work beforehand. Makeup, nails, and a costume approved by management for starters.

The club was open to the public from 7 pm to 4 am. Things were usually pretty slow for the first several hours, by 10 or 11 pm it would pick up.

No one is allowed to touch us without our permission.

After a dance, if someone was a good tipper, I'd go mingle with them. Talk to them, get to know them. This is how I would create regulars. For the next time, they might tip a lot better now that they knew me a bit.

The regulars were often the best tippers, since If they know you personally they want to either support you more or at least see you more. As you are no longer a stranger.

Some of those ultra busy nights it was hard to visit with all the good tippers, but I certainly tried.

If anyone touched me, without my permission bouncers would get involved. They were always watching, even following us around as we visited and greeting people, keeping their distance. They were our own personal body guards.

The bouncers were damn good at their job, only a fool would test them, they also became some of my best friends to this day.

Some nights it was a long night of requests for Lap Dances or Shower showers and I almost never made it to the stage. Had to find the perfect balance and sometimes make people wait.

The most I ever made in a single night was over $10,000 from a large party of business people who came by to have a all night party. They were big spenders.

Bachelor parties could get $6000 or so depending on size and if they wanted a dedicated performer or not.

More Than Just Pole Dancing

Lap dances are a way to make a lot of extra cash but optional for those who wanted to do them. It was never required of us. Not everyone would do them.

Seriously Most Guys did not look this good
Seriously Most Guys did not look this good

Lap dances are about confidence, having a plan, and some moves but mostly your going to be sitting on someone's lap really close while not wearing anything.

I know this varies depending on club, location, and policies but this is how it was here.

Two songs would be it, on a regular chair in the back, usually about 8 to 10 minutes.

Unless someone paid for 20 or 40 minutes for a private lap dance, in a private room.

A private room for a private lap dance was $300 for 20 minutes or $500 for 40 minutes plus tips.

There were private room options such as a giant bean bag for the lap dance, where he/she, would lay back on the bean bag in a very reclined position and I would climb on to straddle their middle.

There were also couches and other types of arrangements set up just for this, depending on what was wanted.

The private lap dance rooms had cameras to make sure no one was doing any illegal activities. No club wants to get shut down for those kinds of things.

I could often make quite a lot on those private lap dances, if someone really liked me, it was possible to get over $1,000 dollars for 40 minutes of work.

Shower shows

Were optional as well, but sometimes a great thing to have after dancing for a while and starting to get pretty sweaty.

The Truth Behind Being An Exotic Dancer

They involved no touching while washing myself in front of the person or party. Only enough room for a couple, maybe 3 people to watch.

It involved a shower with an audience, tips are still expected here. The more you tip the better it gets. No tips just meant water running and not much else. More tipping means using soap, washing hair and other body parts.

Nothing sexual was allowed. Don't ask her to spread them, it is not allowed, and don't try to reach over and touch her or slap her.

Table Dances

Won't go into too much detail on this as its pretty self explanatory when requested, to dance on tables instead of using a pole, same deal tip to strip.

What To Expect If You're Planning On Going - My Advice

Expect to bring at least a couple hundred in cash, there is also a cover charge to get in that goes strictly to the club.

Do NOT take your phone in or pull it out. This is a great way to get a fast escort out of there. Recommend to leave it in your car or turn it off and in your pocket. Even if you are not taking pictures and someone calls you, you'll be escorted out.

Once inside, no one takes it all off until the tips roll in. If you plan on coming in and not tipping, you won't see anyone take it all off. They will dance while in costume but that is as far as it goes.

You could get lucky and come in when someone already has it all off from another person who tipped, don't plan on it though.

Some creepy guys would wait for a tipping customer to come in, then they would get to see her take it all off, DON'T BE ONE OF THEM!

To get a girl to take it off, TIP AWAY...usually $50 to $80 for my top off on a slow night, with one or two people watching and double that for the bottom.

If there is a larger crowd it would go higher, not going to take it off for 20 people for that little. Once it comes off, tips usually stop coming. The faster you tip upfront the faster she loses it. If you tip towards the end of her performance and she takes it all off, you only get to watch for a short time before the song ends and it starts over with the next performer.

There are cameras everywhere, even in the private lap dance rooms and shower rooms, don't do anything stupid or illegal. Offering cash for sexual acts is illegal almost everywhere in the USA.

There are employees that go around asking if you want to buy a specific girl a drink, go for it. They are overpriced but don't feel bad if we don't drink them. It is the club's way of making more money, by overcharging for tiny drinks and working as an ice breaker.

What that does is show us that you are interested in us, we will often go talk to you. See if you want something extra, by extra I mean a lap dance or shower show, nothing illegal. It could also be to just get to know each other, and then when on stage next I face them and give them attention hoping they tip really good.

If you want a lap dance, don't stink. I never cared what anyone looked like, but if I couldn't handle your smell, I wasn't going to get that close.

If she agrees to the lap dance, don't touch her privates parts even though they are showing. Also keep all your cloths on. Best to just raise your arms and enjoy it.

She knows what she is doing and won't fall off. A hand in a nonsexual place won't stop the dance but if you grab anything in those certain spots, it is over.

In the non-sexual spots, you'll politely either be asked to move it or have it moved for you. You wouldn't want to waste all that money because you were being stupid.

It Can Be Dangerous

Some creepy patrons get obsessed with you and it can become dangerous, such as in this performer's case.

I've had what seems like more than my fair share of them. I even stopped taking my car to work and would take a taxi, as the bouncers would walk me to and from each night. Some guys just got way too obsessed.

I never considered someone might put a tracking device on my car. I did have guys hanging out in the parking lot waiting in the early morning to 'talk' when I did drive.

I also had regulars who were sweet, kind, and would request me but I never felt creeped out by or in danger.

They were the best kind of people out there, that we need more of in society. Treating others with respect regardless of anything or everything and not judging others.

Lap dances I had to be extra careful, especially in those private lap dance rooms, some men would pull it out thinking they were getting some.

I could either stop the lap dance and leave or ask him to nicely put it away.

If I left there was no refund's and it could lead to a scene and a bad rep, of his word against mine, especially if the camera didn't get the best view of what happened.

Some guys can not tell the difference between paying someone to flirt with them and giving them attention from the real thing. They get sucked into this thing that I'm their girl, that they bought me and they often get jealous. This can lead to them becoming a threat.

The Strangest Thing To Ever Happen

A self-proclaimed religious guy, paid to come in and watch, tipped me a ton of money, and then told me he was trying to save my soul, that I didn't need to be doing this. All while he got a good eyeful and tried to convert me to his religion. He came in on many occasions to try and convert a lot of us. Inviting us to attend his church.

Why Did I Decide To Become An Exotic Dancer

I loved dancing and I am an exhibitionist, I have always liked to show it all off.

However once you turn something into a job it makes it a lot less exciting and fun.

This was just a job and I no longer got turned on in most cases by showing it all off, like I do in other aspects of my life.

The Future

I feel that I left this type of work at the right moment. As my friends really took a covid hit when things shutdown.

They we're unable to perform and have lost all revenue and to this day the clubs aren't fully opened back up yet and those that have just aren't the same as before.

I still get calls asking if I want to be back on the rotation, and that someone is asking for me. I made such a good impression on so many people.

I have a pole in my house, part of my daily workout routine along with my twice daily jogs. Some great music for a great workout.

When I get in a long term relationship I'll happily perform for tips needed.

Now I know there will be some mean misogynistic people here who hate on others and are judgmental, I'll just say in need to comment if your going to be that way.

#Exotic #Dancer #Stripper

The Truth Behind Being An Exotic Dancer
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  • elizamichale1
    @Still-alive @Aerissa_Jade @Gagname Well finally someone who mentioned all the hardwork we have to put into our jobs and well explained by the way...
    You said it all right except one thing that all those who do more than stripping have other issues and may include drugs...
    Well i am proud of my work and as you mentioned for yourself i also have many admirers who ask for my strip dances n lap dances and here if they paid more they can touch as well with certain conditions though... and well as i am a good stripper i am a good prostitute too and many many people ask for me and wait for me if i am booked for the time they arrive or asked... i also leave good impressions in all situations coz i take my job really seriously n take it as my passion n i really put myself into it... and darling i have absolutely no issues at all i mean my health is fine my family is so loving n caring i never did drugs and i am not forced into this work... i just do it out of passion and love for it
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    • Gagname

      Thanks for tagging me, I provided an opinion (in multiple cut-and-pastes).

    • Kelly6

      Explained well

    • I don't know how it works everywhere, this is just how it was here. Being that prosecution is illegal and there were under cover LEO's that would come in and try to bait people.

      Those that did more, would do it after their shift, meet someone at a room at 5am or something and sometimes end up getting arrested. Club policy prevented the rest on property.

      It is interesting to see how it works in other countries.

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  • 19magic
    People are actually being nice, I've always wanted to to do it as a form of exercise, can't remember what I posted but this guy equated pole dancing to drowning someone well it's both exercise and my god I didn't know what was wrong with him.
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Gagname
    Very comprehensive myTake about “Being An Exotic Dancer” - Here are some thoughts I had while reading the myTake, and comments about the quotes included within it…

    1. “Exotic dancers are performers” & “It is a job, they are there to make money like at any other job” - Definitely, and some are putting on a better performance/show (and enjoying it more) than others.

    2. “[Exotic dancers] are not sex workers of any kind” - Well…like anything, this depends on what someone considers the definition of “sex worker” to be…some think exotic dancers ARE sex workers, and others do not.

    3. Touching in the club / “there are some cases of dancers who will accept offers for more, the majority do not.” - In my experience this depends on a few things: what the state/local regulations are regarding required dancer-customer distancing, what the individual club policy is, and what the individual dancer allows.
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    • Gagname

      ***Ok so I just had a major issue with my phone as I was cutting an pasting my other points into this opinion, and I lost points 4-20+ that I had prepared in detail!…I will try to rewrite/post additional points.***

    • Gagname

      4. Pole Dancing - My experience has been that most dancers do NOT go on the poles in a club.

      5. “Tips don't come in as fast if you stand there, wiggling your butt while taking it all off.” - Some clubs are NOT all nude, some are just topless.

      6. “[Dancers] pay to be added to the lineup” & “Tips are shared with bartenders and DJs.” - Dancers told me they had to pay a certain amount to dance each night (I think this is what went to bartenders & DJs), and they dancers also had to pay another amount if they didn’t want to go on the stages while working that night.

      7. “There were other stages on busy nights so might be two or three going at once” - Usually each club has main stage, and 2 or 3 side stages. And not every main stage has a pole but it seems that side stages usually do.

    • Gagname

      8. “The club was open to the public from 7 pm to 4 am. Things were usually pretty slow for the first I several hours, by 10 or 11 pm it would pick up.” -
      Daily hours of operation varied by club, and the best days & times to go to clubs — in terms of the hottest dancers there — were Fri & Sat nights from 11 pm -2 am

      9. Whether touching happens in a clubs depends on a few things: the local regulations regarding dancer-customer required distancing, individual club policy, and whether the dancer allows it.

      10. Tipping - 3 types go on in clubs: tipping of bartenders/waitresses, main stage tipping of dancers, and lap dance tipping.

      11. Shower shows - I only saw one club have this, but it WASN’T a private or VIP thing—there was a shower next to the main stage for “shows” for all, but it was almost never used by dancers.

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  • Anonymous
    It's mind blowing sometimes how our society and world is, that women can do this and make that kind of money so "easily". I'm not saying it's not work, but easily in that it's just off your body and looks, and for that money. Guys can't do this! Yes there are male strippers, but not as common and from what I hear, don't make nearly as much money and the women customers "get away" with a lot more! But who knows if true, just what I hear? I'm sure no women would pay to watch a guy shower though? LOL
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    • I don't make the rules, and but I've always that if society was more okay with nudity, then it would make places like this less popular.

      The comment about paying to watch a man to shower, is just hilarious, cause it is true. Since women aren't visual, but gay men might want to pay for that.

      I have heard stories of male strippers getting away with far more.

      I will say not everyone made this kind of money, some dancers didn't want to learn very good skills, and would often complain that if they only made a $500 on a busy night it was unfair and the guys were just cheap.

      They were the kind to dance and wiggle their butts and not socialize. Plus they often would refuse lap dances and shower shows, they just wanted to strip and have cash thrown at them as that is the easiest laziest thing they could do.

      Now maybe in a non club environment that worked for them, pay me and I'll show you but not what people wanted to see here. They usually didn't last long, they thought they could do this for 3 months, and get super rich in 3 months, that is barely enough time to learn basic pole dancing.

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  • ohshee
    I have a best friend. She used to be an exotic dancer and everything you said is 100% right it's a business they are Contracting out there making their own money and depending on how good they are the more money they make some girls are into it just for the quick buck so they can buy drugs or alcohol whatever they need and some girls are really smart about it and save every penny go to school better than selves or they have kids that they have to take care of it is what it is. I've dated two exotic dancers and they are just regular girls like regular girls except when they show their body and there very sensual if they know how to dance they can make lots of money but a lot of girls don't know how to dance that's the sad but funny part but they all still do good

    The girl who is my best friend she used to call me up in the middle of the night and asked me to go buy her a pair of panties. When she was working and I would say why LOL and I knew why because some days girls just get turned on why they're doing what they're doing I used to hate doing that for her but I would I always figured it was because she was wet. Or there is some guy giving her a hard time and even though security was going to walk out with her she wanted me to follow her home to make sure she got home.
    Dancing is an art form and they can be very beautiful and can be such a big turn-on to
    She's not a dancer anymore she got pregnant and had her baby now she's a hooker LOL some people's friends LOL but she's going to college and supporting her kid and it is what it is
    In life too many people judge too many people and you don't get to know who the person really is on the inside for me it is what it is being responsible taking care of her child going to school and her choices her choice
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    • If I could double upvote that I would, but I also agree some don't know how to dance or they just don't want to. They want to just take it off and expect people to pay cause they showed them.

      Then they complain that they don't get much in tips, compared to those that actually can dance.

  • Daniela1982
    You don't have to go to a strip club to see pole dancers.The Truth Behind Being An Exotic Dancer
    The Subway Club
    The Subway Club
    The Truth Behind Being An Exotic Dancer
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  • Harleigh90
    Finally! A decent post for us! 🙌

    No one fully understands how much hard it is to dance for a living. This stigma that we're well used, dirty or druggies, needs education.

    Eternally grateful for these days, they paid my way through university.
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  • DizzyDesii
    I respect the dancers who keep their clothes/bikinis on. I used to want to be a cage dancer but i’d definitely keep clothes onThe Truth Behind Being An Exotic Dancer
    Helpful 1 Person
    • Never thought about being one of them ever, why did you change your mind?

    • DizzyDesii

      because im too shy to dance in front of that many people lmao

    • That would do it, I know exactly what you mean.

  • TadCurious
    Aerissa this was really interesting to read. Thanks for sharing your experiences. As an exhibitionist, how long did it take doing this kind of work where it wasn't a turn on? And did you go jogging twice a day to stay in shape for performing? That's a lot of jogging!
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    • A couple of months tops, possibly sooner. There was still the odd time though but not common.

      I just wasn't thinking about it anymore and when your not thinking about it, it is no longer a turn on. I was thinking about the job, what I was going to do and watching to see who was there, how busy we were. Where people sitting, cheering on the other dancers and all the stuff related to work.

      I only went jogging once a day back then do to the good workout, and I didn't have a dog. Now I have a dog, so its help her get out too. Right now we aren't jogging, just walking, ice all over from the storm.

    • TadCurious

      Thank you for answering my questions. Your myTake is a good piece of work. You're a very descriptive writer. Stay warm! 🌲

  • Cozzy81
    Great story and it is an actually profession and a sport. Not all dancing is just some college girls trying to pay tuition in some back alley dump where old drunks are tossing them cash to show some T&A. But, the reputation comes with the professional sadly on television and in general strippers are the label and the reputation isn't always looked at in depth. I've met many professional dancers who are actually quite intelligent and only dance they do not strip at all and many do it because of a joy for the art. I used to think this as well until getting to actually know some people in the industry on a personal level. Many of us were I grew up were taught strippers are some trashy daddy issue women making easy money since they were too dumb to make cash any other way than taking their clothes off. I do not feel this way anymore even though some may actually for that bias this is not true of all dancers. I also actually have began following a lot of professionals and have met a lot of great talent and intelligent people.
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    • Cozzy81

      Sorry for the typos long day just realized before my English Nazis swarm the post, lol.

  • Dragonpurple
    It is amazing watching pole dancers, that kind of grip. Man I do not have that kind of strength in my hands at all.

    Great mytake, thanks for being willing to share.
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    • Yeah it took a lot of practice, still does. At least I know I could climb a pole if my life depended on it.

  • ChrisMaster69
    Good My Take and respect.

    i dated a girl that worked at a club doing similar and these days she’s works at a Hospital as a consultant.

    only a few know her past.

    Also pole dancing is hard work lol, definitely need to be fit for that and rope dancing.
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  • Neosporin
    Wow you're so beautiful, you gave me sound advice about choosing between dating sites and navigating romantic interests at my workplace, AND you used to be an exotic dancer? You're the perfect woman!
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    • Glad that worked out, or at least I hope it does.

    • Neosporin

      Can I get your critique on my dating profile please?

  • DanielBlack1904120
    You know i get its their job & all, im not naive but for real some of the coolest woman i have had conversations with were dancers. I think if i ever do love again ima love a dancing lady.
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    • Probably cause of that certain personality type. It is really hard to be a dancer if your shy. I've known a few, that could dance fine but had trouble mingling and talking to others. One of them never said a word to anyone, she would just smile.

      She also never mingled, just did her stuff and would go in the back between.

    • I dont think I've ever went to a club on my own, im always invited or some event & i love to just sit & talk about random shit... I've had more genuine conversation with dancers than on dates... buddy dragged me out for my bday recently & i may love this girl if she was into that my goodness...

    • Some guys actually do get with some dancers and they date, but they tend to end up jealous. There was this one dancer that got married and her husband would come watch every chance he got, but eventually he asked her to only go topless not take her bottom off and the tips started being pretty bad so she moved on to another job.

      We gave her a great going away party though.

      Its all good though, we like talking to people to, have to be pretty social to do it though.

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  • bamesjond0069
    Three points:

    1. "Despite popular belief, they are not sex workers of any kind." The are absolutely sex workers. Not all sex workers have sex.

    2. If you are a man and really want to have a good time go with a girl or two and not your guy friends. Trust me.

    3. Just like in escorting work there are pimps and johns. The second you just tip a girl you have made yourself a mark. The girls will treat you just like a normal paying customer. This is not saying to be a freebie gawker like was mentioned above. But if you're there to actually get to know a girl for real, hang out at the bar away from the girls on a quiet night. You will get hit up by them sooner or later and it will be a more honest interaction. You can also lead with "im not here to get a lap dance so if you have someone to hustle on i won't be offended if you get to it" then half the time the girl will still say nah she's bored or needs a break and then bam thats when you get the real girl not the hustler. Although she may still try a bit. This was what i used to do when i was into dating strippers and it worked well as i had dated and hooked up with a few.
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  • LikeALog
    I knew two strippers/pole dancers. One is a relative who used the money she earned as a dancer to put herself through medical school to become a physician. She jokes she took a cut in pay.

    The other is a girl I met at a store by accident, she unintentionally tripped me. She worked at the top club in the city and was the top dancer there. She only worked Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Her goal was to earn enough to start her own business. With the tips she was receiving, she estimated she could quit before she was twenty-seven. I stopped by the club one day and learned she quit to start her new life.
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    • I was able to buy my SUV with cash for $45,000. That sure was nice to not have to finance it.

    • LikeALog

      @Aerissa_Jade My friend also did that, paid cash for her convertible.

    • Chances are extremely high that everyone knows someone who did this, they just don't know that they did it. Some do it for short times, to pay for school or whatever their reasons and get out.

      Doing it for 3 or 6 months still counts as doing it.

  • MCheetah
    I would NOT have guessed you used to be a stripper ("exotic dancer").
    I used to be a bouncer at a strip club 10-11 years ago.
    I was the only one who didn't try to sleep with the girls, so they all assumed I was gay, which was half offensive, and half beneficial because they would get undressed in front of me and all (I wore black, which hid the erections better).

    Anyway, I don't know what to make of this. You used to be a stripper... I thought you were a nice college girl, looking to be a park ranger or something. Well, at least now I know why you said I wasn't date material! 😂
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    • I bet you were an awesome bouncer.

      Did I say you weren't date material? lol, I don't recall that... sorry, and no I don't want to be a park ranger. I'm not actually sure what I want to be, just doing a job now for a decent company until something else comes along.

  • Bogoboj
    "The most I ever made in a single night was over $10,000"
    If i could make that much money selling my body i would do the same!

    But seriously we men need to stop throwing money at women, all we are doing is making our own lives harder.
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  • genericname85
    nobody is questioning the physical fitness and skill needed to be an exotic dancer. but hat doesn't mask the fact, that its still the act of "whoring your body out to random people" even though you do not have sex with people.

    it is making money, with people that are horny for yo and i think that deserves every bit of bad reputation it gets.
    LikeDisagree 4 People
  • wankiam
    thank you for the insight. a lot of great points raised for those who might be thinking of entering the adult entertainment industry
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  • ShadezMcgee
    Good take. A lot of points in here for guys just making the plunge into the strip club world.

    Used to visit them back in the day. Learned how to talk with women better by going there.
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  • patrick677
    True its a normal work but its more in the category of erotic, and 100% of guys to see such girls we all know 100% what they wanted, and you dance and they give you money... I think lot of the girls that do this for passion finish doing escort because women like easy money nowadays.
    Disagree 1 Person
  • Satyromaniac
    An eye opener, thank you for that, I wish you and all the others in your profession best of luck for the future, and thanks a lot for your seductive service 🙂
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  • Waldoe
    In the 80's there were a few places in Oregon with Male strippers on "Ladies Night" I know from experience that women are "Crazier" than male clientele... I'm not sure why. "No touching" means nothing to a group of "Bachelorettes", but as a dancer, you learn how to "escape" their clutches. I enjoyed my time as a dancer, but it was mostly Exhausting... Women made MUCH better tips
    Helpful 1 Person
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