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On "Love is Blind" (Netflix)


I just finished watching the new episodes of the second season of "Love is Blind" and wanted to share my thoughts, spoilers ahead!

********** SPOILERS ***********

Image from Unsplash (Nikita Shirokov)
Image from Unsplash (Nikita Shirokov)

Natalie is making it harder and harder to like her

I really liked Natalie initially, she came across as quite genuine in the first couple of episodes and I understood her jealousy towards Shaina. I didn't understand her decision not to marry Shayne, I felt like she truly broke his heart, especially given that he still hasn't started dating again and that they've tried being together as many times as they say they have.

Anyways, in the new episodes she comes across as extremely manipulative, bitter and like she can't understand why Shayne would even like Shaina, which I don't understand as they'd clearly have also been a good fit. However, Shayne decided he'd go for Natalie, right? So she should've trusted him instead of constantly doubting him.

She said that there were inappropriate texts between Shayne and Shaina, but didn't show them, so I'll assume they're made up. How come she's still so bitter? I don't get it.

I can't believe nobody's together anymore!

At the very end of the final episode of season two, they showed a little text that said that both couples that decided to get married have since split up (after filming though). They then felt the need to add that "love is still blind" and honestly, can we really say that if none of the couples from season two stayed together? I don't think so.

"Love is Blind" is an entirely pointless show, although it's entertaining. Love isn't Blind, that's my personal conclusion...

What do you think?

On "Love is Blind" (Netflix)
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