Is Crona a boy or a girl?

Is Crona a boy or a girl?
I know most say Crona's a girl, but his/her character sort of makes me think he's a boy. I don't know, I could be wrong :P

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  • No one knows or will ever know- It is one of the great mysteries of the universe
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Oh my word me and my little bro fight about this all the time Crona is a boy but in all honesty Medusa does reference to him as her daughter, I saw this as another way to torment a already confused soul. He's a boy but other then that the show doesn't say what gender he is. LIke baka n test they joke about hidioshi 's gender as his own type of gender giving him a private bathroom but putting him in girls clothes.


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  • one of the great mysteries of the universe indeed. it really doesn't help when you have different voice actors too.

  • Guy, I always thought. Whiny and sad, but a guy.


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