Girls, what is every music genre you listen to?

Asking this since I believe girls in general have an undeveloped taste and knowledge in music compared to guys. I do know/have met some girls that are into cool genres, but it seems to be a mostly male dominated thing.

Please prove me wrong and that girls have a well-delevoped taste in music.
Well developed to me would be a knowledge and love for subgenres and microgenres. And liking a wide range of genres and eras. If you have an era preference please state that aswell.

Do not say "I like everything :)" or anything like that since it's a complete lie.
I'm really sorry if I seem harsh in this description, it's just about something I take very seriously.


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  • Alternative rock
    Punk rock
    Pop rock
    Indie rock
    Experimental rock
    Rap rock
    Classic rock
    Acoustic rock

    Those are the genres I like the most, but I like others too, just not as much. I can enjoy almost any kind of music.


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  • No one has to prove anything to you. I clicked on this question eager to tell you all about my music taste's, but screw that.

    Don't you think it would have been smarter to just judge women from behind the screen and created a question people would like to answer?

    • I'm really sorry that I upset you, I was really hoping that wouldn't happen. What I meant by the prove part is that so many girls have told me "everything", then they get mad when I send them something to test that.

      And yeah, would've been smarter. My username fits me very well.

    • I don't think you're pathetic. But what you said was ridiculous.

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    • Nice! I'm not a huge rock fan unless it's really artistic. But metal can be great. I sadly don't listen to the bands and the type of metal they make that you posted though. I'm a gorenoise and atmospheric-black-metal kind of guy.

  • Pop punk, alt rock, progressive rock, progressive metal, world, new age, neo-classical, orchestral, industrial metal, R&B, dance, hip hop, electropop.

    There may or may not be more. I'm that person who likes 1-2 songs each from an artist/ band, so it can be hard to tell. Would you consider shred its own genre?

  • Pop, country, broadway, opera, classical, jazz, edm, Jamaican dancehall... I basically listen to whatever song like no matter the genre

    • Broadway and dancehall is an interesting combo!

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    • They're just really different genres (compared to eachother, not different like "oh it's so weird") and I almost never hear them mentioned. I hate broadway stuff though lol

    • You do? Well I have only met a handful of guys who can tolerate or enjoy broadway music. Maybe it's generally not a guy thing? Oh right forgot to add R&B :). I don't know if this is a music genre but I like to listen to big band songs

  • Classical music
    Piano rock
    House music
    Rhythm and blues
    Nu disco
    Psychedelic rock
    Indie rock
    Pretty much everything 'back then' and indie music now

  • Alternative rock, Acoustic, Japanese trap music, Classic rock, Hardcore, Celtic music (rock and new age), singer songwriter, metal, house music.
    Examples are: Coheed and Cambria, Enya, Kohh, The 1975, The Eagles, Meatloaf, Pentatonix, Queen, The Beatles, The Acid, The Amity Affliction, Bastille, Black eyed peas, The Birthday Massacre, Cher, Cage the Elephant, Bombay Bicycle Club, The Dear Hunter, Die Antwoord, Defeater, Gorgon City, Gorillaz, Imagine Dragons, La Dispute, Kate Miller-Heidke and so on. I like a fuck ton of stuff from a ton of different genres.
    by the way I was so excited to share my music but like... the way you phrase the description made me not want to share it with you. I don't want to try and prove you wrong. It doesn't matter if someone has a comprehensive knowledge of genres and subgenres. People like the music they like :)

  • "Do not say "I like everything :)""

    I like everything :).

    • Who's your favorite shitfunk artist then? Who's your favorite mallsoft artist too?

      What genres are your favorites?

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    • Oh, derp. I wondered why you said that when I said not too.

    • My favorite music genres are:
      Rap (late eighties to mid-nineties)
      Classic Rock (sixties and seventies, mostly)

      I like other songs/artists/groups that don't fit into the categories I listed, because I wouldn't consider myself a fan of the genres they're in.

  • I like a little bit of everything except punk rock I mean I like rock but punk is a whole other story

  • Pagan and mystical <3

    • Interesting!

      Ever check out dungeon synth? Lots of pagan, mystical, and also medieval themes and vibes. It's a subgenre of dark ambient and is pretty cool.

  • Rock
    Alternative Rock
    Heavy Metal
    New Age
    House music
    Drum and Bass

    I do listen to a lot of music, but I definitely don't like everything.

  • My favorite bands I honestly have no clue what genres they could possibly fit into, so I'll just lost them and if you recognize them or someone knows what genre they're considered that would be helpful haha but
    The Neighborhood
    Brick + Mortar
    Bad Suns
    High Tyde
    Aaaaaand of course like any other teenage girl 5sos.

    • The only way I can describe my taste is I either like modern rap/hip hop, more beachy music, alternative indie/rock and for lorde and the neighborhood I can only describe their music as a sort of pessimistic real world kind of sound. No idea.

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