Which Combat Sports fanboys do you find much more annoying, the MMA fanboys or the Boxing fanboys?

I honestly find the MMA fanboys to be far more annoying since they desperately like to trash any other sports in order to satisfy their own insecurities of their favorite sport (not that boxing fanboys aren't guilty of this). MMA fanboys come up with the most retarded examples of how MMA is better than boxing and how Ronda Rousey can beat any male boxers (and can beat two of them in one night). They constantly bring up Randy Couture's victory over an out of shape, blown-up Super Middleweight James Toney as their "proof" of MMA superiority over boxing yet denies the former UFC World Heavyweight Champion Tim Sylvia being KTFO by Ray Mercer in less than 8 seconds (MMA rules and match no less).

If they truly believe in their own delusions that MMA is surpassing boxing in views and popularity, then I wonder why boxing is still making more money and the rest of the world outside of Trailer Trash US of A is more familiar with Boxing than MMA? I also wonder why MMA (the UFC at least) has to constantly get on Floyd Mayweather's nuts by bringing his name up so many times in interviews to garner more attention to their sport.

This is not to say that Boxing has their annoying, retarded, trollish fanboys but the MMA fanboys tend to be much more louder on the internet.
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  • The worst thing about mma fanboys was back in my highschool days they would wear their tapout shirts and try and act tough even though they didn't know shot about fighting

    • LOL! That reminded me of a time those same Tapout-wearing UFC wannabe fighters that you speak of, when one in my high school tried to pick a fight with a dude who's an actual amateur boxer (who I used to be acquianted with) by calling him out after school, only to end up being put flat on his ass and back within 7 seconds. That MMA fanboy pretty much already made a jackass of himself even more than he already is after the ass beating that he asked for.

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    • The most Ronda can do to improve her chance against Holm in a rematch is to learn how to do double leg takedowns or any more grappling martial arts outside of Judo. Just look at Miesha Tate, who has a bit of a wrestling background along with Muay Thai (although Holms troubled her for most of the fight and only won one round on the judges' score card, until she was able to catch her in a rear-naked choke and finished it before the Decision has either gone to Holms or in a Draw).

    • Edit: *BJJ background*, not Muay Thai (Miesha Tate)

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  • Not all MMA-just those supporting Rhonda Rousey. She fought hand picked opponents and lost in a match she should have won with her eyes closed then takes a year off to train for a comeback? Yet her fans talk about how tough she is? I compare her to Tebow - whom I personally like , but he's proven not to be talented enough to produce at QB. I think Rousey is all hype little substance but he fans think she invented MMA

    • I dislike the Rousey fanboys but I find the MMA fanboys/trolls in general to be even more annoying. They claim to be fans of many martial arts yet would discredit one that they don't like (boxing in particular, since it's been very successful on it's own as a sport, long before MMA ever came along).

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