Which of y'all is the best freestyle rapper?

This is inspired by my girl, @Triss who asked about which rapper has the best freestyle

Naturally, I put down my boy, Lil' Dicky, aka flapjack, aka micropenis, aka, Jewish soft served

So @WhiteSteve, @jman46241, triss and I got into it. So it got us wondering which gagger can spit the best bars. Most creative and original freestyler gets mho. For those who need some inspiration, here's mine (The Room reference)

Bruh, you can't hit dat cause your timing's impeccable
But if you didn't get beat up on Guerrero I'd think you're highly respectable

You might think you can join in anytime you want
But get the fuck away cause my dick is ready to flaunt
I might let you borrow this bitches panties
But you ain't fuckin dis bitch so fuck off Denny

You might have a chance since dis bitch be bad
You think you might have
A chance if that's what you ask

Bitches be cheating on me and that's a no no
I'll go insane cause I'mma boutta blow... No homo

damn son you bitch more that bitches mother
She always complainin bout me sayin this, that and then the other
Da fuck dog, she thinks I need some viagra enhancers?
Bitch, shut the fuck up and maybe you wouldn't have cancer

You know not being a creepy shit is a helluva start

Also, brownie points for the most creative line πŸ˜‚

Don't worry bruh, I don't judge if you're gay
We all have our vices and that's ok
But here's a bag of dicks when you feel some typa way
Just don't expect me to pull my dick out for ya aight, Harambe?
Holy shit there were so many good ones, which made it tough to pick 2 winners! And thanks to all that actually participated cause that shit was really fun!

@redeyemindtricks for the line that had no comeback πŸ˜‚
@Kapakani won. There were like 3 or 4 that I could've picked, but rhyming your name writ punani did it for me πŸ˜‚

Once again, thanks y'all! πŸ€“πŸ€“


Most Helpful Girl

  • okay okay.

    ::reapplies lipstick::

    ::throws hair over shoulder::

    ::realizes I’ve had short hair for a month now::

    ::looks around::

    ::saves that one like a boss::




    you can call this rhyme Harambe cause I’m absolutely killin’ it /
    GAGers all the way from Bombay to Los Angeles be feelin’ it /
    y’all other suckers thank me for droppin’ rhymes for free /
    y’all motherfuckers wish you could fuck THIS mother of three <3

    ahah little boys I’ll whup yr asses like 50 Shades of Grey /
    wassat?, no, that ain’t β€˜bout the weather in yr part of the USA /
    …but speaking of, I hear this year out there was a bummer /
    both you boys took a nap and slept through the whole damn β€œsummer”


    ::goes outside::

    ::scrapes sunshine off cars in driveway::

    ::shakes sunshine off clothes::

    HIT IT!

    mah boy WhiteSteven /
    aw naww I can’t even /
    Ya rhyme like June in central Mass /
    in a red brick school /
    ain’t got any damn class /
    and DEFINITELY ain’t cool… :*

    as for you… Tommy /
    look ova’ here @ Mommy /
    boy, I feel ya pain, yo /
    might have to flaunt yr ass /
    β€˜cuz yr dick’s just too pequeΓ±o / [1]
    what? you can’t pump yr own GAS? ahahahha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    I got big tits, I got long legs /
    you got cheap sperm, I got valuable eggs /
    you may think you’re a big studly stud /
    but I’ll getcha 4 lyf with a drop of dirty blood / [2]

    now be good boys, don’t even start bitchin’ /
    I’ve already done quite enough
    ... damage /
    just get yr cute little asses into that kitchen /
    and make this bitch
    ... a sammich <3

    now c’mon y’all, don’t be a damn fool /
    let’s just end this battle
    ... early /
    β€˜cause y’all dun got straight tooled /
    by this /
    ... girly





    [1] pequeΓ±o = little

    [2] spellshelp.com/.../menstrual-blood-love-spell ahahahah


Most Helpful Guy

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  • Aha, ayo
    Who would've thought that a white boy would bring hip hop back?
    Yo, I do it for the real hip hop you know what I'm sayin'?
    Fuck Drake, real hip hop

    I'm a spiritual lyrical individual spiritual miracle lyrical individual spiritual miracle individual
    Skippin' and flippin' and dippin' and skippin' and flippin' and dippin' and illest to killest the skill is the realest
    I'm the realest of the realest
    I'm bringin' real hip hop back don't you ever forget it
    Fuck little Wayne and the government's corrupt
    Fuck the government cause I don't give a fuck
    I'm the realest in the game cause I'm underground
    Fuck that mainstream shit cause I don't give a fuck
    I'm a spiritual lyrical miracle lyrical spiritual illest of miracle lyricals flippin' and dippin'
    Real hip hop, don't you ever forget it
    It's that underground shit, it's the white boy that said it
    Real hip hop, don't you ever forget it
    It's that underground shit, it's the white boy that-

  • Alright, I can try. Looks fun

    So here I am, on GAG, trying to pass the time
    And you caught the attention of mine
    It is so different from the usual question
    Selfies, sex.. No…. but hey! For once a rap session
    People hate me, β€˜cause I gave them my opinion
    But like what can I do if you’re having tunnel vision?

    Call me out. Block me? If that makes you feel better…
    But not willing to solve your shit ain't very clever
    But okay, sure. Ignore our opinions, whatever
    At the end of the day it’s just you who stays dumb forever

    Now…How do I look? Am I fat?
    Go search β€˜fat’ on google
    The pictures that’ll pop up… might be useful
    So please go check those results. Then check the mirror
    Now compare... Are you fat? I beg to differ

    And.. Really most people who ask, ain’t ugly
    A lot of you people here look really lovely
    So please accept our answers and just move on
    Dare to ask it again and my kindness Will be gone.

    Thanks for showing me the video
    Cause that’s the reason why I’m giving it a go
    My week's been going slow, and I’m feeling low
    But you managed to cheer me up
    No joke

    Anyway, yea, that’s it. I’m done
    Was it good? Was it bad? Doesn’t bother me none
    But it was something different and fun.
    Alright! Next question!! *moving on*

  • I suck but I'll try hmmm
    I took my picture down cus there's fuckung creeps
    On this site there's only blue and pink anons who wanna start beef
    Sending me messages like can you be my mistress, I'm gonna fuck you like it's my business, this dick in my pants is so restless, and it's so fucking pathetic makes me wanna slit my wrist friend
    Okay Lol no more I suck.

    • That was aight, girl and you ok
      I know you fuck dudes up, that's all you gotta say

      I was wondering why you took down your pictures
      But like you said it's cause it's better than giving dudes stitches
      If you need me to beat em up cause I can fuckin do this
      But know you being a snitch and snitches get stitches πŸ€•

      I didn't know that you got bars
      You actually did aight and you were hard

      That's the only thing you gotta be
      When you rap just don't mess with me
      Cause you think you gonna win
      But did just say, "rest in peace"

      Im kinda done now and I think I'm done
      I just think you get my point so what else needs to be sung?
      I don't think there's any point or harm in...
      Saying the Rams suck and are softer than Charmin πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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    • yep haha just dont post any picture

    • @Bobbyhill1 I'm not Lol

  • Hahahaha the last stanza πŸ˜‚ Ok lemme try..

    I'm not a rapper, I'm a poet but I'll wow ya. Invited me to make a rhyme cuz I'm black, yeah? I've got rhyme in my blud no crip huh, I got 99 problems, they're all Bitch Bruhsβ„’

    They wanna find love but meanwhile, fake bitches are starting with a real smile. They'll honestly get swindled by a broke bitch, if they keep creeping on with dreary, desperate shit.

    aka that chinese anon who wanted to spoil his future lover with hundreds of shoes.

    • Totally forgot to respond and I had a rap but was way too lazy at the time πŸ˜’. but that was a good job! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • oh boy chill, u wanna deal?
    when i give it to u real your heart would heal!
    And break ya seal, cos it lik a prayer wheel
    for real, ma intimacy appeal is ego ideal
    it revealed, by lord privy seal

    It was from from the one I posted at my question
    It's 4 am to think about another one πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚

  • little dicky is a beast! I gotta think of something. Can I post something a little later? Takes time to get this God flow ready πŸ˜‚

    • I did this just now I'm like 20 min πŸ˜‚

      Pullin up in a ghost where Casper at?
      All these niggas my slaves where the master at?
      Ain't got no goddamn time for all these wannabe rappers
      You know I'm taking the lead, you call me Jake Tapper
      CNN joke
      Flew over your head
      You now I'm a wonder, look at all this bread
      This freestyle might be my first
      But if I keep on rappin I'll put y'all all in a hearse
      Killing these rappers, killing the game
      Getting all these dollars, you can call me Dame
      I'm like Lillard in the clutch
      But my ride like hammer nigga, you can't touch
      This that God flow
      This that "rip em all apart" flow
      This that "fine art" flow
      So you better give me that MHO hooooo

    • Why da fuck did it take you so long
      Nigga you slow, like how I fucked yo girl, all night long
      But I ain't on that pedo shit
      That's somethin that I don't fuck with
      Yo, police, please, I swear that I will quit
      But you thinkin you hard, I think you soft
      Just don't fuck with me cause boy, you'll get dropped
      You think yo flow sick
      Imma tell you real quick
      My flow is on point like a fuckin period πŸ˜‚

      I wish I wasn't too lazy to keep goin, cause I had a few more lines πŸ˜‚

    • Aye!!! Ima cancel my account πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I just got killed!

  • Alright we got some other rappers on here!

    The name is J-Man, the coldest on this site
    About to MHO with my flow so tight
    I'm going ballistic, my game is intrinsic I flip scripts with pimp shit. More on demand than Netflix.
    You couldn't beat me on easy with game genie
    I pick up more chicks than Bill Clinton believe me
    Bump and grind, nail and bail don't matter get in
    Find em, fool em, feel em fuck em, forget em..

    My brain is overloaded full of anger and doom
    othertommywiseau better back up and give me some Room!
    An old school prodigy rising up from the fog
    @redeyemindtricks can't see me with all that smog
    I'm comin like Trump, the alt-right needs to feel me
    Make @WhiteSteve fall out like Hillary..
    My raps have reached out to others, with worldwide adore
    Been rockin on the mic long before @Triss was born.

    Wish I would have seen this earlier, lol I think @SuicidalTeen may win this one

    • You...

    • Show All
    • @redeyemindtricks that's because fathoms changes it. I had a mytake I wrote recently that was totally random, but fathoms changed the title entirely. But because the take was already made and submitted, but not approved, it keeps that original title. I just don't get why, though. Unless something is totally offensive, I don't get why the feel the need to change it. Actually he told me why, but it's stupid... But I (and people) created my title for a reason. Why not keep it? It's our takes πŸ˜‘

    • Yeah he changed one of mine too..

  • It's a thrill to hear me spill, just chill if you doubt me
    I'll get ill on some pills like I'm Bill Romanowski
    Got it locked like this house key
    I got it from your spouse, B
    Ask about me, she call the dick Big Lebowski
    Explosive like propane, my flow grow like Rogaine
    I keep my nose clean, never fuck around with cocaine
    Hate to see me in the club, you know that hurts yo' game
    Catch me gettin' brain on the wall, Kurt Cobain
    Fuck a witness, it's lights out when my fist hits
    Your shit is basic, I'm scoring '0' on the litmus
    I'm pissed, kid
    So many rappers on my shit list
    Cuz they come with no gift like Muslims at Christmas
    Disrespecting is me heresy
    You can't embarrass me, fuck around and find yourself up in physical therapy
    Hot as jalapeΓ±o pepper seeds, you can't mess with me
    I'm Untouchable, Elliot Ness with leprosy

  • Ahem,
    Like the Nile my flow is different from most,
    I murdered the game all you got is a ghost,
    I'm burning it up like the top of a stove,
    and i stay on the block like i'm playing the post,
    like Mario out here ducking these shells,
    spitting this fire i'm going through hell,
    Nobody giving a fuck how i felt,
    so i turned up the beat and i stayed to myself,
    hit em with a different flow
    official yo
    im waiting till the whistle blows
    the punch lines bout to kiss em like a mistletoe
    its Hiroshima so don't make let these missiles go...
    you'll never stop what im building
    you down in the basement
    im up through the ceiling
    a hero to some
    but to most im a villain
    a dangerous killa
    im weapon concealing
    dope is the flow that im dealing
    im stuck in they mouth like a cavity sinning
    im sick on the track like they need penicillin
    y'all know im the realest on earth that is living.

    All i got. Brain fart

  • It's definitely not me rapping has never really been my thing and now I don't even like to write anymore 😐

  • I don't rap, ask me 5 years ago and i would have. I ain't interested now.

  • M8 I'll throw down some sick rhymes at any GAGer who even tries

    Boy that was a rhyme right there

  • I don't know who it is but it ain't me, dude!

  • Me lol

    • I'm better at verbal freestyle, but I didn't read the description lol, but here's a shot.

      My jeans are fat, my pockets filled with crap, cause talkin shit ain't about rap
      Heard actions hurt more than words, end of this song will cause a hundred murders
      If im the suspect then Im ready to get heavy in prison and eat the soap to spit the bars
      All you be spittin ready for jizz gettin heavy on your knees for a cum covered jaw from suckin Debbie. Little fag watchin Disney, waiting for Jessie, show gettin lit after the session got messy
      Even Nazis and the Klan wouldn't beat me, bloods and crips hiding in a chevy
      Compton called kids to fight me, expectin a party of 70 fists at a tree
      This ain't minecraft muthafukas, kill the kittens for diamonds and some free fire to throw em in
      Little dumbasses, Herobrine dont exist, praying to God for sins, devil on my side, never had a soul. Out of characters so I punched the creators. Fuck the interned and this freestyle too, I dont need to prove Im god to

    • Crappy freestyle, but I'm tired and the character limit really fucked me over xD

  • '-' ... uhhhhh.

  • J cole

  • little Dicky is shit

  • akala

  • Thanks for sharing this video, man

  • rap is not my thing at all lol. sorry

  • some random person I heard in a rap battle


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